Junko's usual outfit. It features a red and black long skirt reminiscent of an imperial robe.

Voice Lines
Temperament: Mu-un

Mu-un (a Touhou LW original) refers to a clear blue sky devoid of any clouds. Junko's temperament has been purified by her ability, so she does not resist, nor is she weak to any Phases or Essences.

Ability: Capable of purifying anything

This is the ability of Junko, a being without a name. This mysterious ability does not simply act as a filter that removes impurities. According to an unknown source, it "creates gods." An example of this ability in action was seen when Clownpiece and the other Hell fairies received a boost in power. It is quite astounding that this ability could increase the strength (lunacy?) of the fairies to such an extent that they become beings of pure lifeforce. Fairies are usually seen as embodiments of nature, but this purification transforms them into a state incredibly close to unrestrained lifeforce. This lifeforce, also referred to as impurity by the Lunarians, is what threatened the Lunar Capital. This purification is thought to unlock the true nature and primeval power of everything that is affected by it. Conversely, a name is what contains this wild power. This is why Junko is a nameless being. Gods are a perfect example of this, as their original power becomes limited when they are given a detailed name. In some cases, their power can even change when their name is changed. This concept is connected to kotodama (the belief that souls dwell in language), incantations that make use of words, and the fact that human culture is predominantly built and tied together with language. Within the limits of human understanding, there are always concepts that have not been or cannot be put into words. These are sometimes called mysteries or occult phenomena and do not only exist in the far reaches of space, but also within the human subconscious.



Junko's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by unleashing the concept of Rahu. Rahu is an imaginary celestial body that is said to swallow the sun and the moon. Rahu is also known as the Dragon's Head - a malefic planet in astrology.

  • Dragon Head Bullet
  • Great Dragon Head Bullet
  • Evil Planet
  • Giant Dragon Head Bullet
  • Wicked Planet
  • Malefic Planet

Junko's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by unleashing the concept of Ketu. Ketu is an imaginary comet that is said to swallow the sun and the moon. Ketu is also known as the Dragon's Tail - a malefic planet in astrology.

  • Dragon Tail Bullet
  • Great Dragon Tail Bullet
  • Evil Comet
  • Wicked Comet
  • Giant Dragon Tail Bullet
  • Malefic Comet
Pure Light of the Palm

Junko's Spell Card. She shoots out bullets of pure light. According to a religion from the west, light was the first thing to appear when the world was created. From a scientific perspective, it has been deemed that light came into being the fastest and that this primordial light still defines the outermost reaches of the galaxy.

  • Original Light
  • Original Red Light
  • Original Blue Light
  • Primeval Light
  • Original Afterglow
  • First Photon
Pristine Lunacy

Junko's Spell Card. She emits lunatic waves in this attack. There are countless stars in space, but there is much more darkness. However, this darkness is not empty space but dark matter and cosmic background radiation. The darkness has ''substance.''

  • Unknown Light
  • Invisible Light
  • Mysterious Light
  • Lunatic Light
  • Unobservable Light
  • Unknowable Light
Original Logos

Junko's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by calling out a name that should not exist. The act of giving something a name and then calling that name out is the primeval form of magic that has existed even before the dawn of history. Giving something a name makes it distinct, and calling that name out gives the speaker control over it. Once something has been named, it can no longer return to a state where it has no name. However, it seems Junko's purification can break this curse.

  • Naming Ofuda
  • Involuntary Naming Ofuda
  • Name-Removing Ofuda
  • Name-Cleansing Ofuda
  • Renaming Ofuda
  • Strong Involuntary Naming Ofuda


Skill: Illusory Black Hair

There once was a beautiful woman with black hair called Xuan Qi. Her connection with Junko is unknown.

Skill: Nine-Tailed Fox Totem

Apparently, there was once a clan of people who worshipped the nine-tailed fox. However, there is no solid evidence of this.

Skill: Purification

She instantaneously uses her power of purification. The results are cataclysmic.

Passive: Reduction
Passive: False Vacuum Decay
Passive: Lunacy Booster