Kagerou Imaizumi


The Bamboo Forest's Loup-Garou

Kagerou lmaizumi's usual outfit. It features a long red, white, and black dress with long sleeves.

Have an Animal Cookie

Kagerou Imaizumi's exchanged outfit. It features a Sekibanki-style costume!

The Bamboo Forest's Loup-Garou
Voice Lines
Temperament: Mangetsu

Mangetsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a full moon, which occurs when the ecliptic longitudes of the sun and moon differ by one hundred and eighty degrees. This is an apt temperament for Kagerou, as she is a werewolf. Kagerou is endowed with Wood Phase as a wolf youkai, and Moon Essence for her transformational nature.

Ability: Capable of transforming into a wolf on the night of the full moon

Kagerou Imaizumi's ability as a werewolf. This ability changes her appearance into a wolf on the night of the full moon. Since she transforms into a wolf when using Spell Cards, that appearance is presumably her wolf form. If this is the case, her appearance with wolf ears on the top of her head may be her human form. On the other hand, the fact that she is concerned about how hairy she gets on the night of the full moon suggests that her appearance with wolf ears on the top of her head could be her wolf form. If this is true, then her human form would be a mystery. Perhaps she has a form that is no different from an ordinary human being. Can she only transform into a wolf on the night of the full moon? And can she remain untransformed on the night of the full moon? The answers to these questions remain a mystery because no one has ever seen what she looks like right before and right after her transformation. In addition to youkai rabbits and fairies, the bamboo forest has many youkai with a close connection to the moon. So, presumably, Kagerou must constantly demonstrate at least some magic power to protect herself and prevent other youkai from looking down on her...



Kagerou Imaizumi's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a wolf howl. Wolves howl to signal their pack. It is said that wolves are one of the few animals other than humans that communicate with their voices. This aspect might make wolves especially susceptible to becoming youkai... but there has been no indication of any werewolves in Gensokyo other than Kagerou.

  • Wolf Howl
  • Wolf Cry
  • Wolf Scream
  • Wolf Shout
  • Wolf Roar
  • Wolf Lamentation
Wolf Fang

Kagerou Imaizumi's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with her ferocious predator fangs. Everyone fears being bitten by a wolf because they have sharp fangs and a strong jaw. It is theorized that the Japanese word for wolf, ookami, originated from the word for a big bite or great god, which are also pronounced ookami.

  • Wolf Fang
  • Wolf Cuspid
  • Wolf Tooth
  • Wolf Bite
  • Wolf Chew
  • Wolf Crunch
Transformation: Star Fang

Kagerou Imaizumi's Spell Card. An attack where she dashes through and bites her opponents multiple times. Hunts conducted by wolves are sometimes short, but they usually take their time to hound their prey to exhaustion before finishing them off. The wolf might be a deliberate, cunning, and composed animal.

  • Energetic Wolf Fang Bullet
  • Running Wolf Fang Bullet
  • Dashing Wolf Fang Bullet
  • Fast-Moving Wolf Fang Bullet
  • Swift Wolf Fang Bullet
  • Lightning Speed Wolf Fang Bullet
Wolf Sign: Star Ring Pounce

Kagerou Imaizumi's Spell Card. She repeatedly pounces on her targets. Wolves may seem like tenacious hunters, but they often give up chasing their prey before they catch it. If you ever get attacked by a pack of wolves, you should be able to escape as long as you keep running. That is if you keep running for... seven hours straight.

  • Wolf Attack
  • Wolf Raid
  • Wolf Assault
  • Wolf Night Assault
  • Wolf Onslaught
  • Wolf Blitz
Legend of the Starving Wolf

Kagerou Imaizumi's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She strikes forcefully from a great height with momentum. Since long ago, people who turn into animals have been regarded as demonic beings, like transforming witches or devilish vampires. However, some believe that they were people afflicted with a strange illness or a group of people who were forced to become wild brigands through discrimination. One of the reasons why such beings have become widely known in modern times is that werewolves and vampires have become a kind of silver screen sensation. The nature of these monsters changed little by little as they gained fame through the cinema and were depicted in various other forms of entertainment, but they always remained a topic of conversation. Everyone knows about werewolves and vampires, and they are very popular, but few people truly believe that they exist.

  • Struggle For Destiny
  • New Brawl
  • Prolonged Fight
  • Serious Fight
  • Wild Ambition
  • Sign of The Hungry Wolf


Skill: Extinct Species

Scientific Name: Canis lupus hodophilax. It is said that they became extinct in the early 20th century.

Skill: Pampas and Moon

This is one of the cards for August in hanafuda. It is worth 20 points. Kagerou's dress also has the same pampas grass design.

Skill: Beast Turning

Those who transform into beasts are considered monsters. This is an ancient custom held by many cultures the world over.

Passive: Shape Shifter
Passive: Bewitching Moon
Passive: Bamboo Forest Hunter