Keine Kamishirasawa


Half-Beast of Knowledge and History

Keine Kamishirasawa's usual outfit. It features a blue dress with a long skirt and a red ribbon.

Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher

A uniform designed especially for Keine by Yukari Yakumo, inspired by clothing from the outside world.

History Lecture

Keine's Social Club outfit. Adult style on a historical level. It was created by Kourindou with materials from Yukari.

Half-Beast of Knowledge and History
Voice Lines
Temperament: Koukan

Koukan (a Touhou LW original) refers to a corona, an optical phenomenon where a circle of light surrounds the sun or moon due to diffraction. An apt temperament for Keine, who records history according to the cycles of the sun and moon. Keine is endowed with Earth Phase, with her acceptance and creation of history, and Sun Essence, as she strictly adheres to rules. The encompassing and regenerative Earth Phase resists Fire Phase, because fire produces earth, but it is weak to Wood Phase, because wood parts earth. The alluring and arrogant Sun Essence resists the diverse and uncooperative Star Essence, but it is weak to the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of eating history

Editing history is Keine Kamishirasawa's ability as a were-hakutaku. In her human form, she is capable of "eating" history, whereas in her hakutaku form, she is capable of "creating" history. This ability is most likely derived from how Chinese mythology portrays the hakutaku as an auspicious beast that appears before monarchs. Perhaps a monarch's power to edit the history books is reflected in this ability that instantly alters history with magic. Records and accounts transcribed into history books that stand the test of time are readily accepted as truth, regardless of their accuracy. Conversely, history books that may actually be true but do not withstand the test of time by either being burnt or expunged in some other manner are thus forgotten and no longer recognized as history. The people of subsequent generations have no other means of knowing what happened in the past, except through the history books that are still available to them, leaving them utterly oblivious to any records that have been erased. This is how the truth is edited. It appears that Keine uses her ability solely for humans. She carefully edits history in order to prevent the occurrence of needless conflicts and disputes. Also, since she only takes the form of a hakutaku when the moon is full, she does all her history editing on this single night each month. (She probably doesn't get much sleep.) While editing history, Keine can recall the truths that she once ate (hid) in her human form, and can edit them back into history if she so wishes. It is assumed that when Keine eats history, those who knew the details that were eaten by Keine pertaining to that particular moment in history forget those details. However, someone older who knew the same details from an earlier moment in history retains that knowledge. It may be possible for Keine to alter the memories and perceptions of specific people by eating different parts of history, which makes this ability an effective tool for protecting humans from youkai.


Anti Methuselyzation

Keine Kamishirasawa's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). An attack that may reduce the lifespan of the target. In various mythologies throughout the world, there are many tales of people with unnaturally long life spans, which could indicate that the lifespan of humans has deteriorated since the age of myth. However, it is theorized that these historic legends were modified so certain people could seize or maintain power.

  • Lifespan Shortener
  • Telomere Cut Bullet
  • Ephemeralization Bullet
  • Lifespan Reduction Bullet
  • Anti-Immortal Bullet
  • Anti-Longevity Bullet
Three Deities of Creation

Keine Kamishirasawa's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack portrays the three oldest gods in Japanese mythology. The creation of heaven and earth is detailed in the Kojiki, an ancient chronicle of Japanese myths. However, it is speculated that this part of the text was added generations after the chronicle was first compiled.

  • Ame no Minakanushi's Supremacy
  • Takamimusubi's Heaven
  • Kamimusubi's Earth
  • History of Takamagahara
  • History of the Three Creation Gods
  • History of Kotomatsukami
Land Sign: Three Sacred Treasures - Sword

Keine Kamishirasawa's Spell Card. This attack is based on the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi―one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. This sacred sword is also known as Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the grass-cutting sword, and it is a repository of the great god Amaterasu's divine spirit. According to legend, the sword was found in the body of Yamata no Orochi, the eight-headed serpent, by the god Susanoo when he cut off one of its tails.

  • Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi's Shimmer
  • Regalia From Heaven
  • Treasured Regalia
  • Supreme Regalia
  • Kusanagi no Tsurugi's Shimmer
  • Sacred Regalia
Light Sign: Amaterasu

Keine Kamishirasawa's Spell Card. This attack recreates the radiance of the god, Amaterasu. She is the supreme deity in Japanese mythology and the goddess of the sun. Thus the light emitted in this attack is the light of the sun, meaning it is exceptionally bright!

  • Shrine to Amaterasu
  • Bronze Mirror's Shimmer
  • Left Eye of Izanagi
  • Wakahirume's Weaver
  • Pervading Radiance
  • Light That Illuminates the Earth
Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun

Keine Kamishirasawa's Last Word. Lasers and bullets of light portraying the rising sun are unleashed in this attack. The earliest known usage of the term "land of the rising sun" was in a letter addressed to the Sui Emperor by Prince Shoutoku, where he referred to Empress Suiko, the sovereign of Wa (ancient Japan) as the sovereign of the land of the rising sun. Miko uses a Spell Card with a similar name.

  • Legendary Prince Shotoku
  • Legendary Buddhist Regent
  • Legendary Regent of Virtue
  • Legendary Toyosatomimi
  • Legendary Prince Umayado
  • Legendary Kamitsumiyaou


Skill: Lecture

Knowledge is not just written into books and scrolls―it is also written into the minds of everyone who is taught.

Skill: Manuscript

The only sure way to eternally preserve books and knowledge is to continuously make more copies.

Skill: Auspicious Omen

It is said that pictures of hakutaku can ward off diseases and cleanse evil. Keine protects the Human Village unbeknownst to the dwellers living there.

Passive: History Collector
Passive: Headbutt
Passive: Compiler