The Fearsome Well Spirit

Kisume's usual outfit. It features a white robe and a magnificent wooden bucket.



Whisper Amplification Bucket

Kisume's costume as a guest artist for Choujuu Gigaku. Will this practice help her speak louder...?!

The Fearsome Well Spirit
Voice Lines
Temperament: Shuuchuu Gou'u

Shuuchuu Gou'u (a Touhou LW original) refers to a sudden heavy rain that occurs in a small area in a short time. This is an apt temperament for Kisume since she excels at assaulting from overhead. Kisume is endowed with Fire Phase, for using onibi, and Moon Essence, because of her dual personality.

Ability: Capable of dropping onibi

Kisume's ability as a tsurube-otoshi. Dropping balls of fire suddenly from the sky is the ability of tsurube-otoshi. Various types of phenomena are called onibi, and there are many different theories about their true natures. First of all, onibi are not exclusive to tsurube-otoshi. There are various types of onibi, ranging from those that are like balls of youkai power to those that appear to be the spirits of deceased humans. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all balls of unidentified and mysterious fire. If Kisume is also a youkai sealed in the Underworld, it is possible that she, like Yuugi and others, is engaged in some kind of work to calm vengeful spirits. If so, it is probably safe to assume that the onibi Kisume uses are closely related to vengeful spirits. Kisume, is the first deterrent for anyone who comes down from the surface and the last obstacle for anyone who tries to escape the Underworld. She could not be more suitable for these roles since she is a youkai who can move freely up and down while dropping onibi.


Water Bucket Drop

Kisume's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She drops water from a bucket over the opponent's head in this attack. Tsurube refers to a mechanism using a bucket or similar device to draw groundwater from a well. According to one theory, tsurube-otoshi are said to appear on rainy days, and as their name suggests, they are youkai with a strong connection to water.

  • Wooden Bucket Splash
  • Water Bucket Splash
  • Water Vase Splash
  • Tub Splash
  • Bucket Splash
  • Gallon Bottle Splash
Pot Drop

Kisume's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She gets into a metal pot and falls down onto her opponent's head. There are many variations of tsurube-otoshi youkai. Some drop wooden buckets down from trees. Whereas others drop severed heads or balls of fire... It is said that there are even tsurube-otoshi who bring down iron or clay pots. That sounds a lot more painful than a wooden bucket...!

  • Frying Pan Drop
  • Stainless Steel Drop
  • Iron Kettle Drop
  • Hot Pot Drop
  • Pressure Pot Drop
  • Extra-Large Pot Drop
Horror: Tsurube-Otoshi Apparition

Kisume's Spell Card. The signature attack of tsurube-otoshi youkai. There is a theory that tsurube-otoshi are tree spirits. Tsurube-otoshi cause mysterious fire to fall from trees on rainy days, and since, according to the Five Phases, water nourishes wood and wood feeds fire, their true identity could be spirits of large trees old enough to be filled with wood qi.

  • Rainy Day
  • Suspicious Fire
  • Wooden Bucket
  • Heavy Rain Day
  • Suspicious Flame
  • Spirit of a Large Tree
Well Bucket: Like a Moth to a Well

Kisume's Spell Card. She shoots bullets everywhere while violently floating up and down. Since long ago, the history of human civilization has been intrinsically linked to how humans deal with water. Water has been both a source of life and a threat to life through floods and drowning. The well is a natural water supply and an effective means of obtaining water safely, but it is also a danger that lurks in everyday life. There are many tales of strange incidents associated with wells, and they are, in fact, potential places for accidents. Don't carelessly look into a well. It's dangerous...!

  • Flickering Fire
  • Well Water
  • Path of the Well
  • Deceiving Fire
  • Enticing Fire
  • Path of Id
Onibi Carpet Bombing

Kisume's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She scatters onibi down onto her opponents from above their heads. Tsurubebi youkai share the same origin as tsurube-otoshi, and they are sometimes mistaken for each other or conflated into a single entity. Kisume probably scatters fire in such a flashy manner because her purpose is to make people fear her as a youkai. Although Kisume seems to have a quiet and gentle personality, tsurube-otoshi are human-eating youkai... so there may be aspects of her personality that no one knows about.

  • Onibi Carpet Bombing
  • Tactical Onibi Bombing
  • Indiscriminate Onibi Bombing
  • City Onibi Bombing
  • Land Onibi Bombing
  • Terror Onibi Bombing


Skill: Timidity

She may be timid, but if you underestimate her, you could be in for a world of fright.

Skill: Narrow Space Peace

She loves small spaces. You might find her under your bed or in your closet...

Skill: Skeleton Throw

It is said that she suddenly appears out of a well and throws dead bodies at people... Is this true? Isn't that too scary?

Passive: Heat Resistant
Passive: Headhunter
Passive: Destruction