Koishi Komeiji


The Closed Eyes of Love

Koishi Komeiji's usual outfit. It features a yellow blouse with frills and a green skirt.

The Wandering Rose

Satori made these pajamas for Koishi. She worked all night long and used the softest of fabric.

White Darkness of the Earth's Core


The Closed Eyes of Love
Voice Lines
Temperament: Jishingumo

Jishingumo (a Touhou LW original) refers to mysterious cloud formations that are said to appear before and after earthquakes. Koishi's habit of spontaneously leaving Former Hell, which is deep underground, and going to the surface is reminiscent of the unpredictability of earthquakes. Koishi is endowed with Earth Phase, with her surprising yet apparent common sense, and Star Essence, with her tendency to wander about.

Ability: Capable of manipulating the unconscious mind

This terrifying ability allows Koishi to control the unconscious minds of others. She can use this ability to go completely unnoticed by others. It is so powerful that when she went to the Youkai Mountain, she passed right beneath the noses of the tengu guards and infiltrated all the way to Moriya Shrine undetected. Satori's and Miko's powers also don't work on her because of this ability. Koishi makes use of this ability in battles of bullets to make others relive memories that they have suppressed in their unconscious mind. According to Byakuren, this ability is not a result of Koishi closing her heart off to others, but of emptying her heart almost completely of emotion. This ability may appear unbeatable at first glance, but Reisen is able to sense her presence through ESP waves.


Background Transmission

Koishi Komeiji's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out heart-shaped bullets from behind her targets. The unconscious mind is most definitely not devoid of thoughts. It merely contains thoughts that are below the level of conscious awareness. Don't you think it would be wonderful to be able to use your unconscious mind to communicate with others?

  • Background Processing
  • Transmission
  • High-Speed Background Processing
  • High-Speed Transmission
  • Far-Reaching Transmission
  • Long-Range Transmission
Embryo Dance

Koishi Komeiji's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She appears to be frantically throwing heart-shaped bullets in this attack. The way she moves makes it look like she is dancing, albeit awkwardly, and that makes her look kind of cute. Koishi can easily dance even unconscious... but why does she dance?

  • Dance!
  • Embryo Jig
  • Embryo Dance
  • Embryo Ondou Beat
  • Dance! Dance!
  • Let's Dance to the Embryo Beat
Representation: Bullet Hell Paranoia

Koishi Komeiji's Spell Card. This attack forces her target into a state of paranoia, where they believe that they're being persistently targeted. If you ever feel like you've become embroiled in a plot, or that your friends are betraying your secrets, or that you're constantly being observed... you may just be tired. That's what the person standing behind you thinks too.

  • Ego of a Bubble
  • Being Watched!
  • Being Watched Again!
  • Flood of Destruction
  • Reflection of Narcissus
  • Being Watched: The End!
Memory: DNA's Flaw

Koishi Komeiji's Spell Card. She shoots out a double helix made of heart-shaped bullets and then scatters them in all directions. DNA is a type of genetic material and is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. According to a certain notable scholar, there is a thing called the collective unconscious, which acts kind of like a genetic model and explains that common ancestry is the reason why different groups of people share similar cultures. When DNA is damaged, there is a risk of mutation. Perhaps something similar happens when the collective unconscious is damaged.

  • Adenine Bullet
  • Old Defect Bullet
  • Cytosine Bullet
  • New Defect Bullet
  • Uracil Bullet
  • Guanine Bullet
Brambly Rose Garden

Koishi Komeiji's Last Word. She blankets everything in thorny roses. They apparently have some connection with her unconscious mind. Although her unconscious mind harbors her pure and innocent feelings, it may also contain a defensive ferocity born from this innocence. The rose with its thorns could be symbolic of this. Perhaps this ferocity will fade when someone accepts her for who she is - thorns and all.

  • Garden of the Unconscious Mind
  • Rose of Envy
  • Flowers of the Unconscious Mind
  • Rose of Purity
  • Paradise of the Unconscious Mind
  • Rose of Innocence


Skill: Automatic Thoughts

Don't think - FEEL. This may be something like muscle memory, but for thoughts.

Skill: Insatiable Curiosity

She wants to see, listen, and know. Koishi is at that age when one is curious about everything.

Skill: Closed Eye

Sometimes you have to close your eyes to truly see... But what exactly can you see?

Passive: Conditioned Reflex
Passive: Clear Mind
Passive: Hype Up