Komachi Onozuka


Guide of the Sanzu River

Komachi Onozuka's usual outfit. It features a blue dress styled like a kimono.

Happy-To-Listen Cheer-Up Guide

Komachi's specialized outfit for generating cheer. Rinnosuke made this based on information from the outside world.

Guide of the Sanzu River
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kawagiri

Kawagiri refers to the mist that appears above the surface of a river. This is an apt temperament for Komachi, whose livelihood is made traveling the Sanzu River. Komachi is endowed with Water Phase as she dwells in Higan and Star Essence for her leisurely attitude.

Ability: Capable of manipulating distance

An ability that Komachi uses during her work as a shinigami. It is said that the width of the Sanzu River is decided by the good deeds that the spirit has done while alive, but the truth is that the journey's length is decided by the shinigami with this power. They can freely change the distance between themselves and their target destination. Komachi uses this power to perform instant teleportation and to bypass the fangshu that protects hermits' houses. In addition, she can enlarge small spaces and gain an understanding of their inner workings. Her power is, in a word, all-purpose. Her ability to manipulate space also means that she indirectly has some control over time. In the same way that she can move about instantly, She may also have the power to take her time traveling by increasing the distance between her and her destination. The reason she is so lax and slacks off in Gensokyo is because she can return to her work at any time if needed (and if caught, she will likely get a lecture).


Tip of the Shinigami

Komachi Onozuka's Spread Shot. A Shot that unleashes coin bullets that spread around the battlefield. The Sanzu River has a fare of 6 mon coins (an obsolete currency) required for the dead to cross it. In truth, it isn't a crossing fare - it is an offering in the name of Ksitigarbha (a guardian of children known for his vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all beings in the six worlds). In recent times, the dead have been sent across with paper money as a substitute.

  • Rowboat Fare - 1st Coin
  • Rowboat Fare - 2nd Coin
  • Rowboat Fare - 3rd Coin
  • Rowboat Fare - 4th Coin
  • Rowboat Fare - 5th Coin
  • Rowboat Fare - 6th Coin
Ties With the Deceased

Komachi Onozuka's Focus Shot. A Shot that attacks her target from all directions. Coins were originally buried with the dead as a burial accessory. In modern times, substitutes have been used because of recent laws and the logistics of cremation. This has resulted in it becoming more common for the dead to cross over without any money. Shinigami probably hear out the sorrows of those in such a situation.

  • 683 CE Coin Bullet
  • 708 CE Coin Bullet
  • 760 CE Coin Bullet
  • Military Currency
  • Commemorative Coin Bullet
  • Cryptocurrency Bullet
Malice Sign: Regretful Bound Spirits

Komachi Onozuka's Spell Card. She calls upon evil spirits to hound her opponents. Where these spirits come from is unknown, but they may be related to the sinners bound in Hell. (Does she have the authority to do this?) These evil spirits do not have any desires of their own to attack, but the effect remains the same... considerable damage to both the opponent's spirit and mind are inevitable.

  • Evil, Malicious Spirit
  • Evil, Reluctant Spirit
  • Evil, Jealous Spirit
  • Evil, Regretful Spirit
  • Evil, Envious Spirit
  • Evil, Deplorable Spirit
Death Sign: Scythe of Final Judgment

Komachi Onozuka's Spell Card. She wields her scythe and unleashes a powerful pulse wave to strike her enemy. This attack is very much in line with shinigami, but Komachi is a shinigami in charge of ferrying souls, not reaping them. She does not go after the souls of those whose time has come... or so she says. But judging by the grace with which she wields her scythe (whose original purpose was to give the dead a performance worthy of joy), it is unclear if what she says is true.

  • Normal Slash
  • Forward Slash
  • Side Slash
  • Back Slash
  • Boost Dash Slash
  • Unique Slash
Samsara Tunneling

Komachi Onozuka's Last Word (A Touhou LW original). A noble of an imperial court used a well in a temple connected to the Underworld to travel between Hell and the world of the living at night. He did this to act as the advisor to the judge of the afterlife called the Yama. This story is chronicled in a cultural work called ''Yata Jizou Engi.''

  • Celestial Great Blast
  • Human Great Blast
  • Shura Great Blast
  • Beastial Great Blast
  • Ghoulish Great Blast
  • Hellish Great Blast


Skill: Spirit's Calling

Komachi listens to the words of the voiceless phantoms. But before long, the phantoms will be forced to listen to Komachi talk on and on.

Skill: Distance Control

No path is too long for her to travel. This ability is used by Komachi to complete her job.

Skill: Shinigami Eye

Allows the user to see the lifespan of an individual. Is this useful for a guide shinigami?

Passive: Master Slacker
Passive: Crossing the Sanzu
Passive: Slow Start