Sannyo Komakusa


Highland-Dwelling Yamajorou

Sannyo Komakusa's usual outfit. It features a red kimono and jacket with a purple skirt.

Bunny Rainbow Dragon Cave Guard

Sannyo's bunny-eared undercover agent costume. Her bunny ears are actually a ribbon!

Highland-Dwelling Yamajorou
Voice Lines
Temperament: Shien

Shien (a Touhou LW original) refers to purple-colored smoke, particularly the smoke from tobacco. This is an apt temperament for Sannyo, who smokes while running her gambling den. Sannyo is endowed with Fire Phase, the element of smoke, and Sun Essence, since she maintains order in her gambling den. The formless and passionate Fire Phase resists Wood Phase, because wood feeds fire, but it is weak to Water Phase, because water dampens fire. The alluring and arrogant Sun Essence resists the diverse and uncooperative Star Essence, but it is weak to the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of controlling people's minds with tobacco smoke

Sannyo Komakusa's ability as a yamajorou. She can apparently use tobacco smoke to control the mood of a place and manipulate the minds of everyone there. This is quite a strong ability, evidenced by how it affects not only kappa and yamawaro but tengu as well. Sannyo is also called Komakusa-dayuu, presumably as a title of respect for her position as a gambling den owner. Altering minds by burning incense has historically been the purview of shamans. They burned incense for religious rites and rituals, to heal people, and, presumably, to further political agendas. Considering the relationship between gambling houses and shrines, as well as the connections between yamajorou and shrine maidens, Sannyo Komakusa's ability may derive from the bygone shrine maiden profession of an earlier age. Yamajorou youkai and yamanba are closely related, and they are often thought to be either the exact same type of youkai or variants of the same species. They are also called yamahime or yama-onna. However, in all the tales and legends, only yamajorou are said to love tobacco. Apparently, you can even buy some time to escape from a yamajorou by scattering tobacco as a distraction. Similar to yamanba, many tales depict yamajorou as being kind to children. There is a yamanba named Nemuno Sakata in Gensokyo who prefers to live in isolation and refuses to let others enter her territory. Sannyo, on the other hand, holds gambling events in various places all over Gensokyo, including the Human Village. It's quite astounding how two similar youkai can be so different. Also, please note that humans shouldn't visit Sannyo's gambling den on the Youkai Mountain under any circumstances. Wait patiently until an event is held in the village.


Distant Memory

Sannyo Komakusa's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). Kumomagusa bloom in this attack. Kumomagusa, a type of rockfoil plant, means "a distant memory" in the language of flowers... It's such a sad and emotional message.

  • Yamajorou's Memory
  • Yamahime's Memory
  • Yama-Onna's Memory
  • Niiyomejo's Memory
  • Mountain God's Memory
  • Yamanba's Memory
Flowers High Out of Reach

Sannyo Komakusa's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Komakusa bloom in this attack. Komakusa is called the queen of highland plants because its glorious pale pink flowers bring color to the desolate mountaintops. Komakusa means "something unobtainable," "a prize out of reach," or "supreme beauty." It was named komakusa with the kanji for "horse" and "grass" because the shape of the flowers resembles a horse's head. They have been used as ingredients in divine remedies since ancient times, even though they are toxic.

  • Remote Flower
  • Reclusive Flower
  • Transcendental Flower
  • Independent Flower
  • Self-Reliant Flower
  • Supreme Flower
Mountain Sign: Heaven-Shaking Kumomagusa

Sannyo Komakusa's Spell Card. Kumomagusa flowers dance in this attack. These plants were named kumomagusa with the kanji for "cloud," "opening," and "grass" because they grow so high up on the mountains that you can see them through the gaps in the clouds. Kumomagusa have small white flowers and are resistant to the cold. However, they are exceedingly rare and are at risk of becoming extinct.

  • Remote Kumomagusa
  • Reclusive Kumomagusa
  • Transcendental Kumomagusa
  • Independent Kumomagusa
  • Self-Reliant Kumomagusa
  • Supreme Kumomagusa
Mountain Flower: Komakusa of Massacre

Sannyo Komakusa's Spell Card. She fires bullets tinged with the scent of komakusa smoke. Incense and tobacco share a common origin in that they were both heavily used in shamanistic rites and rituals. Considering how the chemicals in smoke can affect people's minds, it makes sense that those of the ancient past thought it was magic. Incense was also used as a kind of inhaled medicine. Yamajorou youkai and shrine maidens are closely connected, so perhaps it is only natural that Sannyo would use smoke and incense in her attacks.

  • Lofty Komakusa
  • Proud Komakusa
  • Mountain Komakusa
  • Noble Komakusa
  • Queenly Komakusa
  • Precious Komakusa
Purple Haze Dragon

Sannyo Komakusa's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a great cloud of smoke that takes the form of a purple dragon. Is it just an illusion, or is it as good as the real thing since you can see and touch it? Interfering with someone's mind is practically the same as altering that person's perception of reality. Their only hope is to wake up before it's too late...

  • Purple Smoke Dragon
  • Purple Smoke Serpent Dragon
  • Purple Smoke Scaled Dragon
  • Purple Smoke Becomes the Dragon
  • Purple Smoke Winged Dragon
  • Purple Smoke Responsive Dragon


Skill: Mind-Numbing Smoke

A smoke that makes people sleepy. This smoke may be the most suited for medical use.

Skill: Vitalizing Smoke

Inhaling this smoke induces a state of elation and fills you with energy. It might be good for whenever you're feeling down.

Skill: Debilitating Smoke

This smoke saps your energy. Perhaps it could be used to calm people who are frenzied or hyperactive.

Passive: Smoke Clouds
Passive: The House Always Wins
Passive: 5 Highland Grasses of Dreams