Mai Teireida


The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers

Mai Teireida's usual outfit. It features a light green dress with a white apron.

The All-Too-Dark Backup Dancers

Mai's mysterious band costume. Satono's is cool, and Mai's is cute.

The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers
Voice Lines
Temperament: El Nino

El Nino (a Touhou LW original) refers to a phenomenon in which sea surface temperatures become warmer than usual in specific areas of the Pacific Ocean. This is a suitable temperament for this servant of the Matara god, as her ability revolving around Okina is the inverse of Satono's. Mai is endowed with Wood Phase, for bamboo, and Star Essence, with her frankness. The strong and kind Wood Phase resists Water Phase, because water nourishes wood, but it is weak to Metal Phase, because metal carves wood. The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them

This is the ability of Mai Teireida as one of the two servants who make up the divinity of the Matara god along with Okina. The ability was given to Mai by Okina. Vitality is the strength of life. Nowadays, it is known that life is just the interworkings of the body's muscular system, but it was thought to be more spiritual in the past. This is why life is called seimei in Japanese, where "sei," refers to the new and vibrant vital spirit, and "mei," refers to the ordered and systematic vital spirit. Both the "sei" and "mei" come together to form the functions of shape and motion. In terms of organs, it can be said that the heart is the area of control. Bamboo is a quick-growing plant that has been thought to have high vitality since ancient times. These plants are often used in rituals and treated with mystical significance. Considering Okina's nature, the dances of Satono and Mai might be Noh or a similar type of performing dance. As time went on, Noh became widely known as a popular performance, but its roots are in sarugaku, which has a connection to kagura. The history of dancers can be traced back to shrine maidens and ultimately to Ame no Uzume, a goddess of the arts. In other words, dancing is a way to stimulate the gods to manifest their ability. It is similar to manipulating a computer by giving it commands.


Star Dream

Mai Teireida's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots stars at her opponent. Nowadays, it is known that the stars in the night sky exist in outer space, but it used to be thought that they reside in the place where all life eventually goes... the world after death.

  • Dream of a Star
  • Astral Illusion
  • Dreams of Stars
  • Astral Hallucination
  • Astral Phantasm
  • Astral Reality
Leaf Blade

Mai Teireida's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). The leaves of broad-leaf bamboo and other grasses have minute serrations along their edges, so they could cut your skin if you are not careful. Broad-leaf bamboo leaves also have antibacterial properties, so they are perfect for wrapping up rice balls.

  • Broad-Leaf Bamboo Leaf
  • Arundinaria Leaf
  • Simon Bamboo Leaf
  • Arrow Bamboo Leaf
  • Sasamorpha Leaf
  • Shiroshima Bamboo Leaf
Bamboo Sign: Bamboo Spear Dance

Mai Teireida's Spell Card. She dances while holding bamboo in this attack. There are many types of bamboo, but they are all grasses. Even so, they are very useful in a range of applications because of their strong stems. A particularly good use is for nagashi-soumen, where thin noodles are carried down a bamboo slide with ice-cold water, and people pluck them out with chopsticks before they reach the end. Bamboo also makes for good spears because the material is so sturdy and easy to work with. Just remember to take care when handling any, as they are dangerous weapons.

  • Japanese Timber Bamboo Stem
  • Moso Bamboo Stem
  • Narihira Bamboo Stem
  • Turtle Shell Bamboo Stem
  • Fishpole Bamboo Stem
  • Bambusa Multiplex Stem
Broadleaf Sign: Tanabata Star Festival

Mai Teireida's Spell Card. She celebrates the Tanabata festival in this attack. Broad-leaf bamboo, called sasa, is an indispensable component of the Tanabata festival. The main way to celebrate this festival is to write a wish on small pieces of paper called tanzaku and hang them from broad-leaf bamboo. There are many theories as to the origins of the Tanabata festival, but they all agree that it is an event that celebrates astronomy.

  • Tanzaku Wish
  • White Tanzaku Wish
  • Black Tanzaku Wish
  • Blue Tanzaku Wish
  • Yellow Tanzaku Wish
  • Red Tanzaku Wish
Daemon of the Seventh Perception

Mai Teireida's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she borrows power from a divine spirit that seems to be the Inari goddess. The seventh perception, also known as manas-vijnana, is the intuitive perception that underlies the first Six Perceptions in Buddhism. It encompasses the aspects of self-awareness inherent to intelligent living creatures that cannot be fully understood with just the nervous system. Inari is a goddess of agriculture and is said to be closely related to a certain clan. The word "daemon" is an old western term for something similar to "kishin" or "spirits" and is sometimes translated as "great spirits."

  • Japanese Millet Laser
  • Proso Millet Laser
  • Bean Laser
  • Foxtail Millet Laser
  • Wheat Laser
  • Rice Laser


Skill: Opening Chant

The Shiki Sanban Noh performance, commonly referred to as Okina, starts with the leader of the Noh performers singing a celebratory chant to everyone.

Skill: Senzai Dance

A dance by a younger performer to set the stage for the acts to come. The Shiki Sanban three-part ceremony retains the style of the ancient sarugaku, "Okina-sarugaku."

Skill: Kagura of Vitality

A spirited dance by Mai. It is effective against the life and fate components of the soul.

Passive: Secret God's Power
Passive: Vital Heal
Passive: Vitality Reinforcement