Mamizou Futatsuiwa


Bake-Danuki with Ten Transformations

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's usual outfit. It features an ocher-colored blouse and a dark red skirt.

Human Disguise and Transformation

The outfit Mamizou wears when visiting the Human Village. Her usual haunts are Suzunaan and Geidontei.

White Tanuki From the Same Hole


Bake-Danuki with Ten Transformations
Voice Lines
Temperament: Akizuki

Akizuki (a Touhou LW original) refers to the full moon in mid-autumn. The word is also used as a metaphor for things that are beautiful all year round. An apt temperament for Mamizou as bake-danuki are said to be most active on autumn nights lit by a full moon. Mamizou is endowed with Earth Phase, as she easily adapts to new neighborhoods, and Moon Essence, as she loves to surprise people.

Ability: Capable of transforming things and herself

Mamizou Futatsuiwa makes use of this versatile ability in her day-to-day life as well as in battles of bullets. The ability to transform anything into anything else is most fitting for a bake-danuki. Mamizou's ability is highly adaptable and can be applied to a whole range of situations. She is known to appear in and around the Human Village disguised as a human, but this disguise is probably a result of her using this shapeshifting ability on herself. She can even transform into inanimate objects like a bonfire. She also cleverly uses this ability in battles of bullets, like how she transforms leaves into light bullets to form odd patterns and shapeshifts herself into other people to copy their attacks. Mamizou can even use her Spell Cards to forcefully transform others... The first youkai that comes to mind when you consider Mamizou's friends in Gensokyo would probably be Nue Houjuu. Their abilities are quite similar, so it is no wonder that they get along so well.


Youkai Karakasa Transformation

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's Spread Shot. She commands her tanuki underlings to transform into karakasa-obake and tackle her target. Mamizou's underlings are so skilled that they look identical to the original... apart from their tails. Karakasa-obake (umbrella tsukumogami often depicted with one eye, a long tongue, and a single foot wearing a geta) can sometimes be seen around the Human Village, so perhaps they modeled their transformations on one of them.

  • Karakasa-Obake Impression
  • 1st Fake Karakasa-Obake Squad
  • 2nd Fake Karakasa-Obake Squad
  • 3rd Fake Karakasa-Obake Squad
  • 4th Fake Karakasa-Obake Squad
  • Fake Karakasa-Obake Auxiliaries
Youkai Tsurube Transformation

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's Focus Shot. She commands her tanuki underling to transform into a tsurube-otoshi and tackle her target. Mamizou's underling is so skilled that it looks like a mirror-image of the original... though its tail is showing. It's said that tsurube-otoshi (strange youkai who drop down onto humans) can be found in the Underworld, but would tanuki really go to such lengths just to copy one's appearance?

  • Tsurube-Otoshi Impression
  • 1st Stone in the Bucket
  • 2nd Stone in the Bucket
  • 3rd Stone in the Bucket
  • 4th Stone in the Bucket
  • Rock in the Bucket
Fifth Duel: Scrolls of Frolicking Animals

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's Spell Card. She shoots out a swarm of bullets transformed into various animals. This Spell Card could be considered just a frightful mass of strange animals, but it is also kind of cute like a manga. Apparently, a similar set of picture scrolls in the outside world is hailed as a national treasure.

  • 1st Frolicking Animal Scroll
  • 2nd Frolicking Animal Scroll
  • 3rd Frolicking Animal Scroll
  • 4th Frolicking Animal Scroll
  • Partial Frolicking Animal Scroll
  • Frolicking Animal Scroll Copy
Humans Are Nice!

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's Spell Card. She and her tanuki underlings all shoot out volleys of bullets that transform into human-like shapes. They look like they're having a lot of fun! Apparently, Mamizou used to live in the outside world masquerading as a human. She probably really enjoyed all the benefits human society has to offer.

  • 1st Volley of Transforming Bullets
  • 1st Tanuki Bullet Squad
  • 2nd Volley of Transforming Bullets
  • 2nd Tanuki Bullet Squad
  • 3rd Volley of Transforming Bullets
  • Auxiliary Tanuki Bullet Squad
Belly-Drumming of Infinitely Infinite Tanuki

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's Last Word. She charges into her targets with all her eight hundred and eight tanuki underlings (the word for eight hundred also means an infinite number in Japanese), who then transform into bombs and explode (or at least, it looks like they explode). Mamizou is clearly not your average bake-danuki, as her horde of underlings rivals even the legendary Inugami Gyoubu, and her artistry and expertise in surprising people put the great tanuki of Shoujouji to shame. While she herself is humble in regards to the extent of her power, it would be foolish to underestimate her.

  • 1st Tanuki Assault Squad
  • 2nd Tanuki Assault Squad
  • Auxiliary Tanuki Assault Squad
  • 1st Tanuki Bomb Squad
  • 2nd Tanuki Bomb Squad
  • Auxiliary Tanuki Bomb Squad


Skill: Myriad Transformations

Bake-danuki are ever-changing, and their exemplary transformation youjutsu is both versatile and beautiful.

Skill: Leaf Disguise

Fox and tanuki youkai are famed for appearing when you least expect them. It's said that they transform and disguise themselves by placing a leaf on their head.

Skill: Tanuki Boss of Sado

Mamizou is the leader of a host of bake-danuki. Apparently, they number a third of the bake-danuki population in Japan.

Passive: Hungry Racoon
Passive: Tea Kettle Transformation
Passive: Shapeshifting Master