Mayumi Joutouguu


Haniwa Lance Corporal

Mayumi Joutouguu's usual outfit. It features lamellar armor with armguards and a hidden ceramic sword.

Ceramic Bunny Rookie

Rinnosuke says this rabbit costume raises Mayumi's fighting aura. It features a different set of armor that uses the same material.

Haniwa Lance Corporal
Voice Lines
Temperament: Zentenkou

Zentenkou (a Touhou LW original) refers to weatherproof, the ability to withstand all types of weather. This is an apt temperament for Mayumi, who subdues animal spirits in the extremely harsh Animal Realm. Dwellers of the Animal Realm seem to lack the three Essences because this chaotic realm is far from Heaven. Mayumi is endowed with Metal Phase, as a strong and loyal warrior, and Earth Phase, as a haniwa. The combination of Metal Phase and Earth Phase cancels out any resistance or weakness to Fire Phase.

Ability: Capable of directly turning her loyalty into strength

Mayumi Joutouguu's ability as an idol created by Keiki Haniyasushin. The fact that her loyalty is so high and directly related to her actual competence is astounding. Mayumi is a haniwa soldier and an idol created by Keiki. Haniwa are clay figures that were made during the Kofun period. Although there are various theories about their purpose, it is thought they were placed on burial mounds to guide the buried person to peace and to distinguish and protect the place as a sanctuary. Therefore, it is likely that Keiki prepared Mayumi and the other haniwa soldiers for the peace and defense of the Primate Spirit Garden. As a being who follows orders, Mayumi's loyalty is directed toward her mistress, Keiki, and the human spirits Mayumi protects. On the other hand, Mayumi, as an idol, may also be an object of faith. This is a similar system to bunrei and the priests or shrine maidens who have become living gods. These systems of decentralized faith are also similar to how powerful clans obtained authority in the past. If faith was centralized, all faith would go toward Keiki, the producer of the haniwa, meaning that idolatry would not be possible. Idols basically stimulate local worship by using a portion of the faith offered to a god. This system is similar to local production and local consumption. Religious icons have been adapted to perform the same function and can generally be called idols too. However, we can assume that Mayumi was probably created to be an idol and was set up by Keiki. It is probably more efficient to gather faith in the Primate Spirit Garden with many idols that can be seen fighting rather than a divine spirit who is rarely seen. And it may be that the loyalty of the haniwa is a system that subsidizes the divine spirit faith for Keiki.


Hidden Earth Sword

Mayumi Joutouguu's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she slashes her opponent using the sword she always carries. According to the philosophy of the Five Phases, earth bears metal, so ceramics made from the earth are as hard as metal.

  • Mayumi's Favorite Sword
  • Hidden Earth Sword
  • Ceramic Sword
  • Leader's Sword Technique
  • Leader's Hidden Sword Technique
  • Leader's Secret Sword Technique
Haniwa Infantry

Mayumi Joutouguu's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, her haniwa infantry advances. Mayumi is the leader of her haniwa soldiers, so they should listen to her orders.

  • Haniwa Infantry Technique
  • Haniwa Infantry Strategy
  • Haniwa Combat Technique
  • Haniwa Tactics
  • Haniwa Military Instructor
  • Haniwa Advancing Technique
Haniwa: Archer Haniwa

Mayumi Joutouguu's Spell Card. In this attack, haniwa archers shoot bullets. Archers are fundamental to strategic warfare. In defensive battles, they practically determine the outcome of the battle.

  • Ceramic Arrowhead
  • Haniwa Archery
  • Ceramic Arrow
  • Haniwa Shooting Technique
  • Ceramic Arrow Feather
  • Haniwa Remote Attack Technique
Haniwa: Fencer Haniwa

Mayumi Joutouguu's Spell Card. She fights along with a haniwa swordsman in this attack. Many humanoid haniwa figures have the appearance of heroic swordsmen. It is thought that Mayumi herself is also a haniwa in the shape of a fencer.

  • Haniwa Sword Technique
  • Haniwa Katana Technique
  • Haniwa Practical Combat Technique
  • Ceramic Katana Strike
  • Ceramic Katana Strong Strike
  • Ceramic Katana Powerful Strike
Warrior of Burial Mounds

Mayumi Joutouguu's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). Mayumi herself rides a haniwa horse and fights in this attack. Haniwa soldiers are strong warriors who fight against animal spirits without needing any rest. Her days must be extremely harsh. It is a mystery what Mayumi is thinking during the days of never-ending battle. Perhaps haniwa don't have such thoughts. Only the Sculptor God (Idola-Deus) knows the truth.

  • Reinforced Earth Clothes
  • Reinforced Earth Armour
  • Crossbow Rifle
  • Crossbow Machine Gun
  • Ceramic Saber
  • Ceramic Blade


Skill: Haniwa's Focus

Concentration is the key to battle. Losing concentration means the end of your fate.

Skill: Battle Cry

A song similar to a shout that echoes across the battlefield. The voice was raised by the spiritless haniwa.

Skill: Endless Stamina

Haniwa fight forever at their best. They never wish for anything, nor do they ever despair.

Passive: Tactical Anti-Animal Spirit Weapon
Passive: Loyalty
Passive: Idol of Fortitude