Hong Meiling


Chinese Girl

Hong Meiling's usual outfit. It is olive green and reminiscent of traditional Chinese clothing.

Chinese Maid for the Day

Meiling stands in for Sakuya when she's away. Her maid outfit is similar but has a traditional Chinese flourish.

White Rainbow Gatekeeper

Meiling's Fantasy Rebirth outfit. It was fashioned at Kourindou based on the information in the journal.

Bunny Scarlet Devil Mansion Guard

Meiling's bunny-eared undercover agent costume. No one can sneak past this gatekeeper... probably!

Chinese Girl
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kousa

Kousa refers to the fine yellow sand that is carried by the wind from the continent. It fills the sky like a mist and can even block out the sun, which makes it an appropriate temperament for Meiling, who is the gatekeeper for the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Meiling is endowed with Wood Phase, from her generous and persistent nature, and Star Essence, from her laidback personality. The strong and kind Wood Phase resists Water Phase, because water nourishes wood, but it is weak to Metal Phase, because metal carves wood. The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of using qi

The energy within the body and the aura outside of it... Normally, qi is invisible to the eye, but Meiling's ability makes it visible―or at least Meiling can see it. While this ability should only refer to the qi within her, the teachings of qigong, or qi arts, from the continent say that inner and outer qi are in continuous flow. Through Meiling's own qi, she should be able to read the qi around her and even the qi of other people... Whether she actually does so or not is a different story.


Colorful Rain

Hong Meiling's Spread Shot. She gathers the qi circulating around her and disperses it with great force. However, it is not as powerful as it could be, because Meiling is easily distracted.

  • Force Bullet
  • True Force Bullet
  • Sincere Force Bullet
  • Vacuum Force Bullet
  • Star-Pulse Force Bullet
  • True Star-Pulse Force Bullet
Fragrant Wave

Hong Meiling's Focus Shot. She draws an arc with her arms and makes the qi around her concentrate in her hands before unleashing it in a powerful wave. Meiling says her shot is instantaneous, but others say differently.

  • Qigong Bullet
  • Anti-Prankster Fist
  • True Anti-Prankster Fist
  • Earth-Pulse Qigong Bullet
  • Great Earth-Pulse Qigong Bullet
  • True Qigong Bullet
Rainbow Sign: True Intense Rainbow Fist

Hong Meiling's Spell Card. She strikes forward with qi in this physical attack, but her movements are so swift that she seems to transcend her physical body. It just looks like she's firing off a series of qi bullets!

  • Intense Rainbow Fist
  • Star-Pulse Rainbow Fist
  • True Star-Pulse Rainbow Fist
  • Anti-Trespasser Fist
  • True Anti-Trespasser Fist
  • Shooting Star Rainbow Fist
Qi Sign: Earth Sky Dragon Kick

Hong Meiling's Spell Card. She focuses qi into her flying kick and then lets bullets fly in all directions. Her regular Earth Dragon Wave does not hit enemies in the air, so she added the Sky Dragon Kick to improve it.

  • Dragon Wave & Kick
  • Earth Dragon Wave
  • Great Earth Dragon Wave
  • Sky Dragon Kick
  • Great Sky Dragon Kick
  • True Earth Dragon Wave
Crimson Earth-Shaking Star Pulse

Hong Meiling's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). It is based on Star Sign: Earth-Shaking Star Pulse and is full of Meiling's identity as the guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She manipulates her own qi to create a crimson aura, making her look more like a vampire's retainer than a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. You might think that this would make her better at her job as a guard... but you would be wrong.

  • Crimson Wave
  • Anti-Reporter Forefist
  • Anti-Reporter Star Fist
  • Earth-Shaking Bullet
  • Star-Pulse Bullet
  • Great Earth-Shaking Bullet


Skill: Martial Arts

Also called kung fu. Excellent physical skills and superior fighting techniques are the basics for gatekeeping.

Skill: Will of the Gatekeeper

You shouldn't ignore the gatekeeper like that! Guarding the gate is her duty and her reason for being.

Skill: Move One, Move All

According to the teachings of Tai Chi Chuan, all movements are connected. Whether you are reading your opponent's movements or protecting yourself, the concept is the same.

Passive: Qigong Master
Passive: Outer Force Response
Passive: Inner Force Response