Merlin Prismriver


Poltergeist Trumpeter

Merlin Prismriver's usual outfit. It features a pale pink vest and flared skirt.

Prism March Sousaphone

Merlin's marching band costume. A sousaphone is a brass instrument with a twisted tube.

Poltergeist Trumpeter
Voice Lines
Temperament: Ondan-zensen

Ondan-zensen (a Touhou LW original) refers to warm fronts - the leading edge of a mass of warmer air that moves in and replaces a mass of colder air. This temperament matches Merlin's heated and energetic music. Merlin is endowed with Metal Phase, as the trumpet is her instrument of choice, and Sun Essence, with her cheerful nature.

Ability: Capable of performing maniac notes

Maniac notes are sounds that excite the listener. Listening to these notes in moderation can help cure depression, but overexposure can make the listener hysteric and aggressive. Like Lunasa, Merlin's solo performances can be dangerous, but similarly to Lunasa's music, the harmful effects are negated when the music is combined with Lyrica's illusionary notes. Merlin's maniac notes directly affect the listener's spirit to make them happy, which may explain why she is said to have the most fans out of the Prismriver Sisters. While there are many reasons to listen to music, it is safe to assume that most people listen to music for the joy it brings them.


Riverside Song

Merlin Prismriver's Spread Shot. She attacks with cheerful melodic notes in a cross pattern. Due to how rivers are formed by nature, the land next to them is often wide and flat - Perfect for performances of all kinds. Perhaps the Prismriver Ensemble also has some concerts down by the river.

  • Brass Ensemble Performance
  • Trumpet Music Bullet
  • Horn Music Bullet
  • Trombone Music Bullet
  • Tuba Music Bullet
  • Euphonium Music Bullet
Trumpet Soul

Merlin Prismriver's Focus Shot. She attacks with the cheerful music played from her trumpet spirit. The notes played by Merlin are maniac notes - notes that excite and motivate all who hear them. Fitting for a trumpeter, as they are often considered the star of the orchestra.

  • Brass Instrument Spirits
  • Trumpet Spirit
  • Horn Spirit
  • Trombone Spirit
  • Tuba Spirit
  • Euphonium Spirit
Nether Trumpet: Ghost Clifford

Merlin Prismriver's Spell Card. She attacks with music reminiscent of the legendary jazz trumpeter. It seems that quite a few musicians of relatively modern music such as jazz and rock have passed away under unfortunate circumstances. No... perhaps the same could be said of musicians from the classical era of music too.

  • Cheerful Jazz
  • Intense Trumpet Spirit
  • Hard Bop
  • Happy Trumpet Spirit
  • Cheerful Bebop
  • Jaunty Trumpet Spirit
Noise Sign: Merlin Happy Live

Merlin Prismriver's Spell Card. This attack is made up of the notes played in Merlin's solo composition and predominantly features trumpets. It's happy, a very happy attack. But what is happiness? Most likely, it's not something that can just be given to you or that comes to you out of nowhere, but something that you yourself find in your everyday life. Merlin's fans are surely reflecting on the happiness that they have found when listening to this song.

  • Energetic Music Bullet
  • Maniac Music Bullet
  • Energetic Sound Bullet
  • Maniac Sound Bullet
  • Energetic Melody Bullet
  • Maniac Melody Bullet
Final Encore - Merlin Solo

Merlin Prismriver's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). Due to popular demand, the Prismriver Ensemble hold many musical events throughout the year. The encore on the last day of these events is always the climax. Merlin's solo portion of the song provides even more excitement to the already exciting occasion, so the audience must be careful not to faint from the frenzy... Though that may be difficult as concerts, by their very nature, are exciting.

  • Bouncing Tremolo
  • Inspiring Trumpet
  • Emotive Trumpet
  • Impulsive Trumpet
  • Lively Tremolo
  • Poignant Trumpet


Skill: Jamming Tube

Huh? What did you say? The music's too loud!

Skill: Military Bugle

It can be used for communication and to increase morale. Too-to-toooot!

Skill: All-Night Noise

The main characteristic of poltergeists is that they make noise. A certain girl projected the memories of her sisters onto the noises in her mansion.

Passive: Flutter
Passive: Shake
Passive: Ghost Note