Mike Goutokuji


Lucky Charm for Prosperous Commerce

Mike Goutokuji's usual outfit. It features a white shirt and skirt with a red and orange pattern.

Lucky Charm for Prosperous Commerce
Voice Lines
Temperament: Yuudachi

Yuudachi (a Touhou LW original) refers to a rain shower that falls on a summer afternoon. This is an apt temperament for Mike, a descendant of a legendary maneki-neko who beckoned a certain feudal lord into Goutoku Temple. Mike is endowed with Metal Phase, as she brings in fortune, and Star Essence, since inviting either money or customers would lead to the detriment of the other.

Ability: Capable of beckoning in money or customers

Mike Goutokuji's ability as a maneki-neko. It is said that her ability to invite either money or customers and drive the other away is the imperfect form of a maneki-neko's ability. Attracting customers and increasing the average expenditure of each customer are essential concepts that form the basis of any business. The more customers you attract and the more they pay, the higher your profits. However, it is not easy in business to attract more customers and increase sales per customer simultaneously. It is not uncommon for one to go down when the other goes up. The former requires advertising expenses, and the latter involves research and development expenses. It would be unfortunate if the profits did not improve after paying these expenses, right? Maneki-neko are a magical sales promotion method that targets and invites customers who spend more money. It is also called targeted advertising. But Mike cannot do this. She takes it easy and repeats her usual fluctuating business methods. When many customers come, the amount spent by each customer decreases, and when she puts high-priced items on the shelves, few people will buy them. She may also have a sale once in a while. However, although the high volume of sales at low margins may look glamorous, the overall profits are markedly average. The maneki-neko at Goutoku Temple are all white cats that do not carry koban (oval gold coins). Mike seems to have had a difficult experience at Goutoku Temple because she was born a calico cat. However, Mike didn't let that get to her and learned the art of attracting customers on her own. She has now become a picture of the most commonly seen maneki-neko in Japan - a calico cat carrying a koban. There are theories that a maneki-neko's right hand attracts money and the left attracts customers, and it is also said that a maneki-neko who raises both hands brings bad luck. However, in Mike's case, the one she doesn't beckon is driven away, so perhaps she is self-taught in this area. It is generally said that maneki-neko originated from how cats were seen as lucky animals because they help exterminate rats that eat rice and silkworms. However, there is a different legend about the maneki-neko of Goutoku Temple. A cat is said to have beckoned a certain feudal lord to take shelter from the rain, which protected him from lightning strikes. Thanks to this founding maneki-neko, Goutoku Temple received a large donation and became the large and successful temple it is today. That maneki-neko was indeed a cat of good fortune that brought in luck.


Meowing Business

Mike Goutokuji's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). An attack that attracts money or customers, but she probably uses this one to attract customers. Bullets are a great way to lead someone to a specific place, and they can also be used for security, so it's two birds with one stone.

  • Flashy Beckoning Bullet
  • Rainbow Beckoning Bullet White
  • Rainbow Beckoning Bullet Black
  • Rainbow Beckoning Bullet Blue
  • Rainbow Beckoning Bullet Red
  • Rainbow Beckoning Bullet Yellow
Lucky Cat of No Disasters

Mike Goutokuji's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). An attack that attracts money or customers, but she probably uses this one to attract money. She repels disasters and attracts good fortune. This is an ideal way of business that applies to everything from bean-throwing oni exorcisms to insurance. But doesn't this method mean that someone else gets the short end of the stick?

  • Rainbow Fortune Bullet White
  • Rainbow Fortune Bullet Black
  • Rainbow Fortune Bullet Blue
  • Rainbow Fortune Bullet Red
  • Rainbow Fortune Bullet Yellow
  • Flashy Fortune Bullet
Beckon Sign: Bullet Business Boom

Mike Goutokuji's Spell Card. An attack that beckons her target to a market. Whether it is a regular market or a black market, it doesn't matter to Mike. It is a maneki-neko's nature to jump into any market and invite people regardless. This is what she does, and that will never change. She will lead customers with her bullets of booming business.

  • Beckoning Fee
  • Marketing Fee
  • Advertisement Fee
  • Beckoning Light Bullet
  • Marketing Light Bullet
  • Advertisement Light Bullet
Beckon Sign: Shoot Away Disaster, Beckon in Fortune

Mike Goutokuji's Spell Card. An attack that beckons good fortune. Business always carries risks. When unlucky, you might not be able to achieve various goals, or in some cases, you may even be robbed. It would be nice to do business happily every day, free from all such worries. Maneki-neko are imbued with these kinds of wishes.

  • Leverage Bullet
  • Cost-Effective Bullet
  • Hedge Bullet
  • Crisis Avoidance Bullet
  • Insurance Bullet
  • Casualty Insurance Bullet
No Rain, No Rainbow

Mike Goutokuji's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). An attack that creates a rainbow after the rain. Mike's ancestor must have beckoned a human into the temple because they thought some sort of trouble would befall them. This act unintentionally saved this human from disaster. Moreover, the person this cat rescued was a feudal lord, who later donated lots of money to the temple in gratitude. Of course, this also greatly improved the living conditions of the cat. It was a win-win-win result for the person, the temple, and Mike's ancestor. Winning in business does not always have to be at someone else's expense. Rain will eventually clear away, and there will be a rainbow afterward. Mike's life circumstances aren't unhappy or unfortunate at all. That's why she talked to the humans during the disturbance with the Ability Cards... And everyone knows what happened next.

  • Temple Maneki-Neko
  • Sudden Rain Shower Bullet
  • Luck Cat's Beckoning Bullet
  • Sunlight After Rain Bullet
  • Sudden Evening Rain Bullet
  • Market Opening Rainbow Bullet


Skill: Mike's Stall

Either customers or money will come. Maybe a certain antique store would have no problem with that.

Skill: Self-Taught Promotion

She could not train at Goutoku Temple, but she has continued to always stay positive.

Skill: Maneki-Neko Business

Maneki-neko have the magical power to raise people's luck to the next level. You'll be able to challenge a new business scheme!

Passive: Bullet Dealer
Passive: Adversity Is Opportunity
Passive: Hedge Investment