Toyosatomimi no Miko


Shoutoku Taoist

Toyosatomimi no Miko's usual outfit. It features a sleeveless light purple top, purple skirt, and a cape.

Dojo Safety Saint

Toyosatomimi no Miko's furisode for the New Year. I will ensure the dojo's safety. Accepting applications for students.



Stable Door Prince's Harmony

Toyosatomimi no Miko's fancy military outfit. Seeing her in this could make anyone want to convert to Taoism.

Shoutoku Taoist
Voice Lines
Temperament: Goraikou

Goraikou (a Touhou LW original) refers to a sunrise seen from a place up high, such as from atop a mountain. This is an apt temperament for Miko, who was an advocate for Buddhism in public while following Taoism privately. Miko is endowed with Water Phase, as she is sharp-eared and amiable, and Sun Essence, with her ability to bring the people together.

Ability: Capable of listening to ten people's conversations at the same time

The ability of Toyosatomimi no Miko takes after the legends of the famous Prince Shoutoku. Not only can she listen to and comprehend ten people speaking to her simultaneously (the literal meaning of this ability) but can also perceive their disposition by listening to each of their ten desires all at the same time. Apparently, this also allows her to see the past and the future. However, her predictions are more likely to err when someone lacks one or more of these ten desires. It seems that in order to see the past or future from the ten desires, she must listen to all ten at once. She must process them simultaneously, not one after the other. This is because the speaker's thoughts and emotions that they put into their words will change over time if their desires are heard sequentially. Perhaps the true strength of this ability is that it allows Miko to observe and perceive someone with next to no interference or contact with them. Desire spirits, also known as "little divine spirits," are apparently born from the wishes and prayers... the desires of people. It is not known whether these are the desires of the living or released when someone passes away. From all the information available, it seems that both theories are plausible. This means that desire spirits may be spirits of the dead or spirits of the living. It is not all that unusual to mistake desire spirits for phantoms of the dead; in fact, they may even be a type or subspecies of phantom. Also, since phantoms, ghosts, and the like can ascend to divine spirits by gathering faith, calling desire spirits "little divine spirits" may not be so far off the mark. In a particular incident, Miko was seen accepting (or perhaps absorbing) desire spirits into herself and becoming one with them, which may be an example of the process that mere souls take when ascending to divine spirits. And perhaps this is also a primordial example of syncretism between faiths.


Influence of the East

Toyosatomimi no Miko's Spread Shot. Miko's power and influence materialize in this attack. Throughout history, the people are always subjected to some form of influence - be it by words or appearance. Nowadays, influence is generally considered to be something that is spread from person to person.

  • Policymaker's Authority
  • Authority of the Wise
  • Influencer Bullet
  • Saint's Authority
  • Charismatic Bullet
  • Parliamentary Authority
Cipangu the Golden Sword

Toyosatomimi no Miko's Focus Shot. Massive golden swords appear out of nowhere in this attack. There is an old book that is incredibly popular among the western world that named Japan, Cipangu and described it as a legendary country with vast resources of gold. The information on Japan was apparently based on tales heard in China and is reminiscent of legends concerning an island of immortals that is said to be far to the east.

  • Hourai Slash
  • Fangzhang Slash
  • Island to the East Slash
  • Fusang Slash
  • Country of Black Teeth Slash
  • Country of Dwarfs Slash
Discernment: Laser of Seventeen Articles

Toyosatomimi no Miko's Spell Card. She shoots out seventeen lasers and countless ofuda bullets, probably inspired by ancient Japan's Seventeen-Article Constitution. This document was heavily influenced by Confucian philosophy from China and also took ideas from Legalism and Buddhism. The understanding and acceptance of the latest philosophies of the time shown in this document hint at Miko's incredible ability to adapt and innovate. However, perhaps the constitution was only put into effect thanks to Seiga's advice.

  • Harmony Is to Be Valued
  • Reverence the Three Treasures
  • Obey Imperial Commands
  • Ministers Should Be Decorous
  • Cease Gluttony and Abandon Desires
  • Chastise Evil and Encourage Good
Light Sign: Halo of the Guze Kannon

Toyosatomimi no Miko's Spell Card. She unleashes bullets of light, reminiscent of the halo behind the Guze Kannon statue. Prince Shoutoku founded the famous Houryuu Temple in Nara, and the statue of the bodhisattva Guanyin (known as Kannon in Japan) within the Hall of Dreams supposedly represents the prince and is held as a sacred treasure. There is a famous legend regarding the prince's birth, where the prince is conceived by Guanyin entering his mother's, Princess Anahobe no Hashihito's, mouth... This tale, along with the legend about Prince Shoutoku being born in front of a stable door, might be embellishments of the truth that Miko purposefully propagated.

  • Halo in the Hall of Dreams
  • Guze Kannon's Halo
  • Light of Salvation
  • Light of Kannon
  • Divine Spirit's Halo
  • Light of Potalaka
Heed the Commands with Absolute Care

Toyosatomimi no Miko's Last Word. She displays her leadership and authority with a blade of blinding light. This name comes from the third article of the Seventeen-Article Constitution, which deals with the relationship between the sovereign and their subjects. The article can be interpreted to mean that all orders from the sovereign must be obeyed without question. Miko is not just an intelligent and wise ruler but also listens to the voices of many and possesses extraordinary foresight, so perhaps this political system would create the most prosperous nation... Or perhaps this article stems from Miko's boundless conviction that wisdom and talent are merely the means to form an unyielding authority.

  • The Lord is Heaven, the Vassal is Earth
  • Heaven Overspreads, and Earth Upbears
  • The Four Seasons Follow Their Due Course
  • If Earth Tries to Overspread, Heaven Will Fall
  • Thus, the Lord Speaks, the Vassal Listens
  • Carry Out Imperial Commands, Else Ruin


Skill: Shoutoku's Swords

Shichiseiken and Heishishourinken are the names of the two swords said to be possessed by Prince Shoutoku. Apparently, they utilize Lost Technology or something.

Skill: Tatsuta Protection

Tatsuta is the guardian god of Ikaruga, who indicated where Houryuu Temple should be built. It apparently took the guise of an old white-haired man.

Skill: Tsunashiki Shaku

She was granted this ritual baton when sanctifying the granite from Mount Rokkou for Tsunashiki Tenmangu Shrine. "Enough playing around!" *smack*

Passive: Divine Spirit Galaxy
Passive: Wise Saint
Passive: Desire Spirit Absorption