Minoriko Aki


Symbol of Abundance and Plenty

Minoriko Aki's usual outfit. It features a yellow top with loose sleeves and a red apron.

Sweet Sister God

Shizuha made this dress wear for Minoriko. This altered yukata took her all night long to make.

Platinum-White Autumn


Symbol of Abundance and Plenty
Voice Lines
Temperament: Akibare

Akibare (a Touhou LW original) refers to the clear skies of autumn. This is an accurate representation of Minoriko's benevolence as the god of harvests. Minoriko is endowed with Metal Phase, the element of autumn, and Star Essence, from her carefree and cheerful personality.

Ability: Capable of controlling plentiful harvests

Minoriko is the god who controls the success and failure of crops in Gensokyo's autumn. Her power is apparently limited to only the crops that are harvested in autumn. Additionally, she has to painstakingly invest her power into each and every plant for it to take effect, meaning she can only use this power on a limited area. The more followers she has, the more crops she has to grow and the busier she gets. She must be an extremely diligent and hardworking god, considering how she goes from field to field during the growing period of spring and summer.


Rice Spirits

Minoriko Aki's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This is an attack that uses the power of the divine spirits who live in rice fields. The rice spirits determine whether a rice crop has a bountiful harvest or not.

  • Grain Bullet
  • Sake Rice Bullet
  • Rice Grain Bullet
  • Pure Sake Rice Bullet
  • Grain Bullet
  • Cleansing Rice Grain Bullet
Bumper Crop

Minoriko Aki's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). An attack which drops fresh crops (pumpkins) from the sky. The Japanese word for pumpkin, kabocha, is said to have come from the Portuguese word camboja, which means Cambodia.

  • Pumpkin Bullet
  • Ripe Pumpkin Bullet
  • Fertile Soil Bullet
  • Dense Pumpkin Bullet
  • Pumpkin Bullet
  • Fruits of the Earth Bullet
Autumn Sign: The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart

Minoriko Aki's Spell Card. This attack unleashes a barrage of bullets in the shape of rice grains. The clouds in the autumn sky are said to be transient. It is unclear whether or not Minoriko's maiden heart is the same. If it is, she may actually be a rather whimsical god.

  • Smiting Rice Bullet
  • Rice Flour Bullet
  • Cleansing and Smiting Rice Bullet
  • Rice Flour Bullet
  • Cleansing and Smiting Rice Bullet
  • Grain Bullet
Bumper Crop: Promise of the Wheat God

Minoriko Aki's Spell Card. This attack emits spear-like laser bullets that look like the ears of a rice plant. Usually, one must pray to Minoriko before the harvest season starts in order to receive a bumper crop from her. This is most likely because she will not be able to improve the growth of the crop unless she is informed early on.

  • Guardian of Abundance Laser
  • Harvest Laser
  • Blessing of Abundance Laser
  • Harvest Laser
  • Blessing of Abundance Laser
  • Abundance Laser
Toyosuki's Hainuwele Legend

Minoriko Aki's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). A large assortment of autumn crops rain down from the sky. Dema deities are mythological figures that form the basis for crop origin myths, like the Hainuwele legend. The story of how crops came to be in Japanese mythology is a type of dema deity myth.

  • Anti-Evil Offering Bullet
  • Anti-Evil Tribute Bullet
  • Cleansing Offering Bullet
  • Cleansing Tribute Bullet
  • Hard Pumpkin Bullet
  • Super Hard Pumpkin Bullet


Skill: Eager Wait

It feels like an eternity passes before autumn comes round again. People long for autumn because of all the delicious food.

Skill: Autumn Enshrining Day

This is a day in mid-autumn in which local gods are prayed to. All crops sprout from the earth which is protected by these gods.

Skill: Prayer for Abundance

The success and failure of crops is a matter of life and death. The autumn harvest just before the onset of winter is particularly important.

Passive: God of Fields and Mountains
Passive: Rice Reaping
Passive: Selective Breeding