Misumaru Tamatsukuri


Genuine Magatama-Producing Craftsman

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's usual outfit. It features a red shirt, a golden yellow skirt, and magatama.



Capsule Toy Goddess

Misumaru's Christmas Eve sales uniform by Kourindou. "Even the magatama are in Christmas colors."

Genuine Magatama-Producing Craftsman
Voice Lines
Temperament: Chirienmu

Chirienmu (a Touhou LW original) refers to smog consisting of minute particles such as dust, sand, and volcanic ash. This temperament may seem unrelated to Misumaru, but apparently, she is particularly fond of the Japanese weather symbol used for this phenomenon in the outside world. The symbol is a capital ''s'' in a circle. Not much is known about Izanagi Objects, except that they are materials that have retained mysteries from the Age of the Gods. Misumaru uses magatama and Yin-Yang Orbs crafted from Izanagi Objects, so she is probably an expert on them. Magatama are magic items. Someone's soul can be sealed inside a magatama to duplicate and preserve their abilities, temperament, and memories. Dragon gems are a type of Izanagi Object that are particularly suited for crafting magatama. It seems that Misumaru can somewhat manipulate her own temperament because she uses Izanagi Objects, so she may have a different temperament depending on the occasion. Misumaru likes and is resistant to Sun Essence because the Sun is eternally round and Moon Essence because the magatama shape was based on the Moon. However, she detests and is weak to Fire Phase and Water Phase since they have no defined shape.

Ability: Capable of making magatama

This is Misumaru Tamatsukuri's ability as the god of the Tamatsukuri clan. She is particularly skilled at making magatama out of ancient minerals such as the Izanagi Objects. Yin-Yang Orbs also seem to be a type of magatama to her. Misumaru has said that she is of the Tamatsukuri clan. This was a clan of jewel and bead artisans in ancient Japan. In addition to magatama, they also crafted cylindrical beads and disk-shaped beads, which were all generally used for rituals and magic. The beads were also used to pray for health and long life. The origin of magatama is recorded in the chronicles of Japanese mythology. Omoikane conceived and implemented multiple plans to lure out Amaterasu from the Cave of Heaven, where she had hidden away. One of these plans involved a ritual that used magatama and a mirror. The god who made the magatama for this ritual was Tamanooya, who goes by several other names and is said to be the progenitor of the Tamatsukuri clan. Presumably, Misumaru is a god with strong ties to Tamanooya, but the details of this connection are a mystery. However, since Misumaru is so knowledgeable about Izanagi Objects, she must be an incredibly old god. Also, considering the fact that she claims to have created the Yin-Yang Orbs that Reimu uses and calls Reimu the inheritor of the Yin-Yang Orbs, she could very well be one of the few beings who knows the history of Reimu and the Hakurei shrine. There are no longer any cultures that directly worship jewels or beads in the outside world. However, there are still quite a few cultures that ascribe mystical significance to round or spherical objects. And there are also many machines that only function thanks to spherical parts. You may feel the faint presence of the god of jewel-crafters if you search for spherical objects in your surroundings.


String of Magatama

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by firing her hand-crafted jewels. A misumaru is a loop of threaded jewels or beads that was usually worn as a necklace in ancient times. They were apparently a type of charm used as an implement in religious ceremonies or rituals, but they were also probably quite fashionable when worn as a normal accessory.

  • String of Magatama
  • String of Cylindrical Beads
  • String of Disk Beads
  • String of Red Beads
  • String of White Beads
  • String of Blue Beads
Plentiful Jewel-Making

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by firing her hand-made jewels. A lot of skill and determination are needed to polish stones accurately into magatama. Just like how the worth of lenses is directly proportional to how finely they are polished, magatama are probably more potent as magic items the closer their form resembles the correct spiritual shape.

  • Magatma-Crafting
  • Cylindrical Bead-Crafting
  • Disk Bead-Crafting
  • Red Bead-Crafting
  • White Bead-Crafting
  • Blue Bead-Crafting
Orb Sign: Yin-Yang Divine Orbs

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's Spell Card. She shoots multiple Yin-Yang Orbs that ricochet off the edges of the screen. Yin and yang are forces that make up everything that exists in the universe. Yin and yang is also a philosophical concept that forms the basis for all relationships between opposites. The rule in Gensokyo that humans must battle with youkai was surely modeled after the ever-changing dichotomy of yin and yang. Defining what ''the edges of the screen'' actually entails is a hot topic of debate among the dwellers of Gensokyo, but it is probably some sort of boundary. Yin-Yang Orbs are apparently famous for their ability to bounce off this boundary. They have also long been known as ''gatekeepers.''

  • Human Yang Orb
  • Male Shinto Priest Yang Orb
  • Youkai Exterminator Yang Orb
  • Youkai Yin Orb
  • Female Monster Yin Orb
  • Incident Culprit Yin Orb
Queenly Gem: Beyond the Rainbow Door

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's Spell Card. She shoots Yin-Yang Orbs of various colors in this attack. The Rainbow Dragon Cave, which Misumaru claims to own, is a dangerous place. Supposedly, there there is a zone that is devoid of oxygen deep inside. Misumaru was in the Rainbow Dragon Cave during a certain incident to warn any humans who ventured inside. Behind the door that shines with all the colors of the rainbow lies a curse... called suffocation.

  • Rainbow Yin Orb
  • Rainbow Yang Orb
  • Big Rainbow Yin Orb
  • Big Rainbow Yang Orb
  • Colossal Rainbow Yin Orb
  • Colossal Rainbow Yang Orb
Yin-Yang Planet

Misumaru Tamatsukuri's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She drops a colossal Yin-Yang-Orb on her targets. Since the whole universe is bound by the philosophical concept of yin and yang, the stars and planets in the heavens should also obey the principles of yin and yang. Incidentally, most celestial objects are spheres, and the origins of Izanagi Objects are a mystery... There is a theory that many Izanagi Objects once resided within the Izanagi Plate that has now fully sunk beneath the earth. But could they have been small celestial objects floating in space before they got there?

  • Yin-Yang Asteroid
  • Yin-Yang Dwarf Planet
  • Yin-Yang Planet
  • Yin-Yang Star
  • Yin-Yang Galaxy
  • Yin-Yang Universe


Skill: Izanagi Object Item

A magic item created with an Izanagi Object. Were tools this powerful in the past?

Skill: Imperial Regalia Spell

Part of a grand ritual prescribed by Omoikane in the Age of the Gods. The Yasakani no Magatama was on a misumaru, a necklace, with countless beads.

Skill: Mysterious Regalia

This is the jewel that was passed down along with the sword and the mirror. It has been told since ancient times that they are entrusted to the descendants of gods.

Passive: Hard Yin-Yang Orb (Yin)
Passive: Hard Yin-Yang Orb (Yang)
Passive: Anoxia Hallucination