Mystia Lorelei


Night Sparrow Apparition

Mystia Lorelei's usual outfit. It features a brown jumper dress and a feathered hat.

Lamprey Stand Chef

Grilled lamprey supposedly cures night-blindness. This outfit was actually re-tailored at Kourindou.



Choujuu Gigaku (Mystia)

One of Mystia's Choujuu Gigaku costumes. All you can hear now is the night sparrow singing!

Night Sparrow Apparition
Voice Lines
Temperament: Yosame

Yosame (a Touhou LW original) refers to rain that falls at night. This is an apt temperament for Mystia since she appears at night and inflicts humans with night-blindness. Mystia is endowed with Wood Phase, because her existence is based upon the sounds she makes, and Moon Essence, representing the black of night.

Ability: Capable of driving people insane by singing

Mystia Lorelei's ability as a night sparrow. Night sparrows and other similar youkai birds are known for making a chirping noise that sounds like a sparrow. Since there are hardly any stories of people seeing the forms of these youkai, you could say that their identity comes from their cries, in other words, their songs. Mystia's songs are apparently quite intense, so the senior youkai who also practice singing don't think very highly of them, but they are popular with the village's youth. The secret to this popularity and the reason why the older crowd can't understand the songs is probably the same - they're flamboyant and energetic. Choujuu Gigaku, Mystia and Kyouko's band, seems to take the same approach with their music. The band has garnered many fairy fans and lots of complaints about noise pollution. Mystia has another ability as a night sparrow - she can inflict people with night-blindness. The scientific name for night-blindness is nyctalopia, a symptom of several eye diseases, but it is unknown whether the condition that Mystia causes is the same or not. However, it seems very likely that the condition Mystia inflicts is nyctalopia when you consider her underhanded marketing practice of selling lamprey at her stand. The specific nutrients contained within lamprey are a known cure for nyctalopia.


Moth Scales

Mystia Lorelei's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by firing moth scales. It is said that some of the youkai birds called night sparrows have the appearance of a butterfly or moth instead of a bird. Also, moth scales aren't toxic, but the larval forms of some moths are covered in venomous spines.

  • Scale Bullet
  • Silk Moth Scale Bullet
  • Black Butterfly Scale Bullet
  • Emperor Moth Scale Bullet
  • Sunset Moth Scale Bullet
  • Hawk Moth Scale Bullet
Nightjar Song

Mystia Lorelei's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with her singing voice that she is so proud of. Nightjars, also known as nighthawks, are a family of nocturnal birds. Also, soba stalls that are set up at night are sometimes called nightjar soba because they attract customers by singing songs.

  • Night Hawk Song
  • Night Sushi Song
  • Night Tempura Song
  • Night Soba Song
  • Night Oden Song
  • Night Lamprey Song
Vocal Sign: Hooting in the Night

Mystia Lorelei's Spell Card. She attacks by hooting like an owl. Owls are carnivorous birds of prey and the most well-known nocturnal birds. Their unique cry sounds ominous if you hear it while walking outdoors at night. In Japan and China, owls were apparently called unfilial birds because it was believed that owl chicks ate their own mother.

  • Owl Hoot
  • Unfilial Bird Hoot
  • Barn Owl Hoot
  • Tawny Owl Hoot
  • Great Horned Owl Hoot
  • Boobook Hoot
Night-Blindness: Song of the Night Sparrow

Mystia Lorelei's Spell Card. She shows off her signature technique as a night sparrow. Inflicting people with night-blindness is the most distinguishing characteristic of night sparrows. Lampreys have long been known as a cure for night-blindness since ancient times, and there is even scientific evidence that supports this. Mystia runs a lamprey stand as a part of her campaign to eliminate the consumption of yakitori (grilled chicken on sticks)... However, it is not known how effective this tactic has been at reducing the popularity of the yakitori stands.

  • Night Sparrow Song
  • Night Sparrow Trumpet
  • Night Sparrow Concert
  • One Night Sparrow Show
  • Night Sparrow Song Festival
  • Night Sparrow Singing Match
Blind Nightbird

Mystia Lorelei's Last Word. Mystia displays her full power as a night sparrow in this attack. You could say that she causes the night to descend along with a rain of bullets. The coming of night marks the beginning of the time of the youkai. This boundary is dusk, a time when vision is obscured, and it is hard to identify one person from another. Dusk is also known as oumagatoki in Japanese, the time when you encounter monsters. When night comes, Mystia probably sings in joy, sets up her stand, and prepares to assault humans.

  • Boundary of Day & Night Song
  • End of Day Song
  • Evening Song
  • Dusk Song
  • Oumagatoki Song
  • Coming of Night Song


Skill: Okuri-Suzume

If you hear the song of a sparrow while walking on a mountain path at night, you must be careful not to trip and fall...

Skill: Tamoto-Suzume

This sparrow youkai sings a song that only one person can hear. But they are harmless as long as you remember the incantation...

Skill: Black Butterfly

There is a youkai that makes cries like a sparrow but has the appearance of a black butterfly. It is said to fly under people's umbrellas and cause an ear-splitting racket...

Passive: Nocturnal Youkai Bird
Passive: Night-Blinding
Passive: Maddening Song