Narumi Yatadera


The Magical Jizou who Manifested in the Forest

Narumi Yatadera's usual outfit. It features a bamboo hat that pilgrims wear and a really soft gray coat.

The Magical Jizou who Manifested in the Forest
Voice Lines
Temperament: Shinsetsu

Shinsetsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to deep snow. This is an apt temperament for Narumi, who is a jizou statue like those in the Kasa Jizou folk tale. Narumi is endowed with Earth Phase, since she is a stone statue, and Sun Essence, because she prays for the salvation of all sentient beings.

Ability: Capable of using magic (control of living things)

This is the ability of the jizou statue Narumi Yatadera, who is also a magician. She is not an incarnation of the bodhisattva Ksitigarbha (known as Jizou Bosatsu in Japanese), but a stone jizou statue given life by the magical energy in the Forest of Magic. Unlike Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu, Narumi is still just a statue of Ksitigarbha. She didn't gain any divine powers by accumulating faith. However, since coming to life, she has longed to liberate all sentient beings, just like the true Ksitigarbha. Perhaps this is an example of how form elicits substance, similar to how popular Buddhist practices such as reciting the name of the Buddha and going on pilgrimages are meant to bring one closer to the Buddha and enlightenment. Narumi can use this ability to control golems and instantly neutralize fairies since fairies are manifestations of pure lifeforce. It is believed that her power to manipulate life stems from the nature of her own existence. But what is life? This is one of those questions that humanity hasn't been able to solve, but if you were, to say, classify living beings using the purely biological sense of the word ''life,'' youkai like Narumi would not meet the criteria. However, scientific definitions don't hold any sway in a world of magic and youkai. Rather, they are openly challenged. In Gensokyo, if something could be considered a living being, then it is. This basically boils down to the general rule that if it moves, it's alive. The words ''animal'' and ''animation'' originated from the word ''anima'', the soul that moves the body. Narumi is a jizou statue that gained the ability to move autonomously thanks to the magic permeating the Forest of Magic. This is remarkably similar to Byakuren Hijiri's Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll, which activates of its own accord to recite spells for its owner. Byakuren made this item out of magical materials while she was sealed in Makai. It could be said that both Narumi and the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll are living magical beings that subsist on magical energy. Additionally, things such as robot pets and devices with speech recognition could also be considered living beings when viewed from the standpoint of a magician.


Spiritual Assistance

Narumi Yatadera's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). Divine spirits and souls of the dead lend their assistance in this attack. This is one of the blessings bestowed upon those who pray to Ksitigarbha, the bodhisattva, also known as Jizou Bosatsu in Japanese. Isn't it nice that beings of transcendental power are willing to help you out? It's a little confusing, but Narumi is surely a devout follower of Ksitigarbha, even though she's a jizou statue.

  • Divine Spirit Assistance
  • Spirit of the Dead Assistance
  • Great Divine Spirit Assistance
  • Great Spirit of the Dead Assistance
  • Ultimate Divine Spirit Assistance
  • Ultimate Spirit of the Dead Assistance
Deva & Dragon Protection

Narumi Yatadera's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Devas and dragons offer their protection in this attack. This is one of the blessings bestowed upon those who pray to Ksitigarbha. Isn't it nice that dharmapala and dragon kings, who reside in heaven, are willing to protect you? It's a little confusing, but this attack should let you experience Ksitigarbha's benevolence and love.

  • Dragon King Protection
  • Deva Protection
  • Great Dragon King Protection
  • Great Deva Protection
  • Ultimate Dragon King Protection
  • Ultimate Deva Protection
Magic Sign: Instantaneous Bodhi

Narumi Yatadera's Spell Card. She instantaneously awakens to the knowledge and wisdom of Buddha. Narumi was originally just a jizou statue, but she became a magician due to the magical energy in the Forest of Magic. It was like a sudden enlightenment. Perhaps new life continues to appear spontaneously within the forest.

  • Forest Enlightened One's Ofuda
  • Golem Card
  • Forest Bodhisattva's Ofuda
  • Stone Card
  • Forest of Magic Jizou's Ofuda
  • Rock Card
Magic Sign: Bullet Golem

Narumi Yatadera's Spell Card. She commands a golem made out of bullets. It seems Narumi can use her skills with life-manipulating magic to turn bullets into golems. What could be more magical than freely bestowing life?

  • Mud Golem
  • Stick Golem
  • Stone Golem
  • Log Golem
  • Boulder Golem
  • Tree Golem
Six Ksitigarbha Fusion

Narumi Yatadera's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She combines with her golem helpers. She usually only uses one golem at a time, but in this attack, she gathers them all together to fuse them with her own body. Combining focuses all of their magical energy, letting her deal out super powerful attacks. A certain war god once remarked that it would be more effective to attack with each golem in unison rather than combining into a single target, but the wind priestess refuted this, saying this was so much cooler. Narumi, however, seems to have just based this attack on Ksitigarbha, who is also known as Lord of the Six Ways.

  • Hell Ksitigarbha Slash
  • Preta Realm Ksitigarbha Slash
  • Animal Realm Ksitigarbha Slash
  • Asura Realm Ksitigarbha Slash
  • Human Realm Ksitigarbha Slash
  • Heaven Ksitigarbha Slash


Skill: Support Golem

A living stone statue that moves with Narumi's magic. Its intelligence may be questionable, but it seems awfully obedient.

Skill: Defense Golem

The word ''golem'' apparently means ''embryo.'' Coincidentally, Ksitigarbha can be translated as ''earth womb.''

Skill: Supply Golem

Golems attain life through words. Specifically, the word for ''truth.''

Passive: Prayer to Save All Beings
Passive: Magical Jizou
Passive: Life Manipulation