The Little Dowser General

Nazrin's usual outfit. It features a grey cape and a semi-long skirt.



Genius Mouse Detective

Nazrin's genius detective outfit. Coat collars were made to be popped.

The Little Dowser General
Voice Lines
Temperament: Koubou

Koubou (a Touhou LW original) refers to phenomena such as crepuscular rays, light pillars, subsun, comet tails, and other long, thin streaks of light in the sky. This is an apt temperament for Nazrin, who makes use of Bishamonten's influence to get things done. Nazrin is endowed with Water Phase, from her nature as a mouse, and Sun Essence, as an observer.

Ability: Capable of finding sought-for items

The ability of Nazrin as a dowser. It is said that she used this ability to find Shou Toramaru's Jeweled Pagoda during a previous incident... But it is doubtful how accurate her dowsing is. Nazrin brings small youkai mice with her and carries dowsing rods and pendulums. Japanese mythology also describes mice as animals that are skilled at searching. There is evidence that similarly shaped dowsing items to the ones that Nazrin carries were used in the past. However, it is not clear how accurate they were at detecting things. Considering that dowsing is not done much anymore in the outside world, maybe they weren't very effective...? In the end, using many mice may be the most reliable method of finding things. Looking for things seems simple, but it isn't easy. Some even hire a detective to find lost items in the outside world. In computer engineering, the basis of sorting and searching is detection. It is such an incredibly deep field that you could spend your whole life studying it. Nazrin's somewhat logical and dour personality fits her job of searching for things. This also suits Nazrin's work as an observer. Instead of gazing aimlessly, she continues to observe carefully and efficiently. It's a job that can only be done by someone as wise as Nazrin.


Dowsing Rods

Nazrin's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she searches and shoots with the rods in her hands. There's a long history of dowsing with a rod, and it is believed that it originated from the custom of using a wooden staff for divine guidance. When lost at a crossroads, you can place a stick upright on the ground and then go in the direction it falls.

  • Detecting Laser
  • Treasure Detecting Laser
  • Hot Spring Detecting Laser
  • Gold Detecting Laser
  • Water Source Detecting Laser
  • Oil Field Detecting Laser
Dowsing Pendulum

Nazrin's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she searches and shoots with her pendulum. Dowsing with a pendulum is said to use a sheet or a board similar to an Ouija board. However, there is another method that only uses the pendulum's movement to determine which decisions are right or wrong. It is dangerous to swing a pendulum around, so don't imitate her. (Nazrin has special training.)

  • Offensive Pendulum
  • Amethyst Bob
  • Plastic Bob
  • Hematite Bob
  • Lapis Lazuli Bob
  • Brass Bob
Rod Sign: Busy Rod

Nazrin's Spell Card. In this attack, she wildly waves her two dowsing rods. When the rods react violently, you know that the thing you are looking for is close by. This method was once used to detect mineral veins and water sources, but there was a time when some believed dowsing could also be used to detect explosives. (Whether this is truly effective or not is unknown.)

  • Rod Laser
  • L-Rod Laser
  • Y-Rod Laser
  • Ivory Rod Laser
  • Metal Rod Laser
  • Synthetic Resin Rod Laser
Vision Sign: Nazrin Pendulum

Nazrin's Spell Card. In this attack, she shoots bullets from her pendulums. Pendulums are widely known not only for dowsing but also for fortune-telling and hypnosis. They are probably treasured as mysterious and mystical tools because they are easy to use and move in many different ways. Also, the changes in movement are easily identified. Pendulums are also used in wall clocks and seismometers... does that make them oracle machines?

  • Pendulum Light
  • Crystal Pendulum Light
  • Sapphire Pendulum Light
  • Emerald Pendulum Light
  • Ruby Pendulum Light
  • Diamond Pendulum Light
Harvest of the Mice

Nazrin's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she uses an enormous Jeweled Pagoda that was brought to her from somewhere. In the end, Nazrin's most reliable method to find things is to use countless numbers of mice. Mice are often trapped in mazes or chased by cats in the outside world. If any of Nazrin's youkai mice had such experiences in the outside world, they would be on another level when searching for the best route to take. If not, they're sure to eventually find what they're looking for as long as they collect everything...! Also, the huge pagoda might belong to Prabhutaratna?

  • Giant Jeweled Pagoda Laser
  • Gorintou Laser
  • Sekidou Laser
  • Multi-Storied Pagoda Laser
  • Houkyouintou Laser
  • Multi-Jeweled Pagoda Laser


Skill: Bishamonten Backup

Nazrin has the backing of Bishamonten. Therefore, she has a somewhat pompous attitude.

Skill: Assistant Mouse

Youkai mice assist Nazrin. Unfortunately, they don't accept cheese as a bribe.

Skill: Rarity Appraisal

She can appraise the rarity of an object. Apparently, humans have zero rarity.

Passive: Borrowed Prestige
Passive: Evidence Removal
Passive: Wise General