Okina Matara


The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God

Okina Matara's usual outfit. It features an orange tabard resembling a kariginu and a green skirt.

Student Leader Behind the Scenes

A uniform designed especially for Okina by Yukari Yakumo, inspired by clothing from the outside world.

Good Evening From the Back Door

Okina's costume designed to look like Lord Daikoku. Is this truly what Lord Daikoku wore, Mister Rinnosuke?

The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God
Voice Lines
Temperament: Enkaku-soukan

Enkaku-soukan (a Touhou LW original) refers to teleconnection, the correlation of atmospheric pressure between faraway regions. This is an apt temperament for the secret god who affects Gensokyo through her two servants. Okina is endowed with Earth Phase, as she rules from the other side, and Star Essence, with her myriad aspects.

Ability: Capable of creating doors on the backs of anything

This is Okina Matara's ability as the secret god who lurks in the back door. This ability is shrouded in mystery, and its full scope is still unknown. There is a world that exists alongside Gensokyo called the Land of the Back Door, where Okina and her two servants reside. It is assumed that this world was created and is maintained by Okina's ability. Through her two servants, she used this ability to unleash the latent power residing in various beings and objects during a past incident. The doors she creates on the backs of everything (the back doors) may serve as entrances, allowing Okina to access that being's hidden information such as its secrets, wild nature, or latent consciousness, etc. She instigated the past incident by amplifying the divine nature, or temperament, lurking within beings through these back doors. By using this ability on the land of Gensokyo itself, it is theorized that Okina can travel between Gensokyo and the other side. Perhaps the other side is a place like an underground oil field filled with an unknown resource or a waiting room backstage that no one knows about... It is hard to think of Okina as a single divine being. She has aspects of gods from Shinto as well as primordial divine spirits, Taoism, and Buddhism. But perhaps her most defining feature is that she has inherited the folk beliefs of different groups of people throughout the ages. She is truly an amalgamation of countless beings of worship. An example of something similar can be seen with gods whose different aspects coexist simultaneously - the aspect of the god that is outwardly worshipped at shrines and that which is worshipped in private. When specific gods are culled from the pantheon, they are not simply eradicated but absorbed by other gods and continue to live on inside them. Divine natures overlap, increasing the number of aspects that a single god possesses while hiding the true aspect for which that god was originally worshipped. This is how secret gods are brought about, and this was not at all unusual for the gods of the distant past when everyone was particular about who must worship which exact god. The nature of Okina Matara as a god is somewhat similar to the nature of Gensokyo itself.


Unusual-God Laser

Okina Matara's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She harnesses an unusual power that differs from the powers usually associated with gods into a bombardment of lasers. Okina's divinity cannot be fully defined by common sense or any one religion. She has inherited, merged, and altered the souls of different native gods to become a distorted yet legitimate divine being. This may, in fact, be the original form that many gods take.

  • Shukujin God Laser
  • Star God Laser
  • Earth Mother Goddess Laser
  • God of Silkworm Breeding Laser
  • God of Noh Laser
  • God of Hindrances Laser

Okina Matara's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Flames erupt from behind her opponent in this attack. A door is a barrier with a switch. When it is open, it allows entry, and when it is closed, entry is denied. When you open a closed door, you are unveiling the unknown, as no one truly knows what is lurking on the other side...

  • Enclosed Hot Bullet
  • Hidden Closed Room Bullet
  • Enclosed Superhot Bullet
  • Full Closed Room Bullet
  • Enclosed Explosive Bullet
  • Unveiled Closed Room Bullet
Back Sign: Halo of the Secret God

Okina Matara's Spell Card. The secret god Okina unleashes a barrage of mysterious light. A halo is an aura of light that radiates out from behind a being portrayed in art to indicate that they are divine or holy. Halos have been used in the iconography of many religions throughout the world, including Buddhism. It is unknown what a secret god's halo symbolizes due to their convoluted origin.

  • Secret God Halo
  • Secret God's Radiance
  • Secret God's Aureole
  • Secret God's Heavenly Light
  • Secret God's Double Halo
  • Secret God's Burning Light
Hidden Spring: Magician of Abnormal Falling Petals

Okina Matara's Spell Card. She attacks by scattering petals about in an abnormal manner. It is natural for all flowers to wither and their petals to fall. The falling of the cherry blossoms, in particular, is a symbol of spring in Japan. These falling petals are abnormal because they are made to fall with magic. Spring and cherry blossoms are of the Wood Phase, whereas summer, the season that puts an end to spring, is of the Fire Phase. So it should be safe to assume that fire is incorporated into this attack.

  • Early Falling Petals
  • Petals Falling From Disease
  • Petals Falling From Magic
  • Petals Falling From Insects
  • Petals Falling From a Curse
  • Petals Falling From Birds
Fantasy Simulation Hypothesis

Okina Matara's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by forcefully placing the targets under her domain. Okina is in charge of maintaining balance in Gensokyo and protecting it from the outside world, from the other side. It is speculated that Okina hosts a range of powerful abilities since she is a secret god. However, the fact that she maintains all of Gensokyo by herself (and her two servants) indicates that she has a power on par with providing non-stop air traffic control for the whole region. It seems that Yukari and her shikigami are skilled at mathematical computation, but perhaps Okina and her two servants hold a similar ability between them. Although a barrier does surround Gensokyo, it is most likely only thanks to Okina's efforts that Gensokyo is protected so securely from the outside world and its stability maintained so well despite all the various incidents.

  • Fantasy Simulator
  • Virtual Gensokyo
  • Fantasy Emulator
  • Expanded Gensokyo
  • Fantasy Reproduction
  • Composite Gensokyo


Skill: Mental Energy Manipulation

Out of all the different beings in Gensokyo, youkai are said to have the most mental energy. Okina can even create new youkai... apparently!

Skill: Life Energy Manipulation

Fairies are embodiments of life energy. They also appear to have a strong connection to temperament.

Skill: Back Door Opening

It is still unknown how back doors operate and what exactly occurs when one is opened.

Passive: Hidden God
Passive: Shukujin
Passive: God of Noh