Raiko Horikawa


Phantasmal Percussionist

Raiko Horikawa's usual outfit. It features a red-and-black plaid shirt and a white jacket.

Prism March Snare

Raiko's marching band costume. Everyone loves the snare's lifting rhythm!

White Hybrid Drums


Phantasmal Percussionist
Voice Lines
Temperament: Rairan

Rairan (a Touhou LW original) refers to thunderstorms. This is an apt temperament for Raiko since she violently manipulates lighting with her drums. Raiko is endowed with Wood Phase, the element of lightning, and Sun Essence, as she is a ray of hope to the new tsukumogami.

Ability: Capable of making anything follow a rhythm

Raiko Horikawa's ability as a drum tsukumogami. You could also say this is her ability as a drummer. She is a drum, a tsukumogami, and a drummer. The drummer is an essential role for any band. They control the band's rhythm, and you could even say they are the heart that gives life to the whole concert's rhythm. The beat is the life of any performance - that is why it's called a beat. It is said that animals can move because electrical stimulus causes their muscles to expand and contract. This means that electricity literally controls the physical motions of human bodies. There is even a method of resuscitation that makes use of this phenomenon that involves restarting a terminated signal with an electrical stimulus. Thus, Raijin, the god of thunder and lightning, has the power to make a heart follow a rhythm. This must be how Raiko knew about the mysterious spell that lets tsukumogami transfer magic into themselves. Even if you can transfer a soul, the technique will fail if you cannot wake the soul up again. The rhythms Raiko plays may have been the key that gives new life to tsukumogami.


Snare & Hi-Hat

Raiko Horikawa's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with her snare and hi-hat beats. The snare drum is a small drum with snare wires attached to the bottom head. A hi-hat is a combination of two small cymbals mounted on a stand, so they face each other. Raiko uses her lively rhythms to lead the whole band.

  • Snare Beat
  • Hi-Hat Beat
  • Closed
  • Strainer - On
  • Strainer - Off
  • Open
Tom-Tom & Bass

Raiko Horikawa's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Tom-tom drums, or toms for short, are drums without snares. Raiko uses a high tom and a low tom. The bass drum is a large drum and is also known as a kick drum. Drum fills and grooves are really fun.

  • High Tom
  • Low Tom
  • Kick
  • High Tom 2
  • Low Tom 2
  • Kick 2
First Drum: Raging Temple Taiko

Raiko Horikawa's Spell Card. She shoots out drums that explode when destroyed. This time, she goes all out and triggers the drums herself. The miya-daiko, or temple taiko, is a type of large Japanese drum. They are played during Bon festival dances. Nagadou-daiko (long-barreled drums) get smaller whenever maintenance is performed on them, and the smaller nagadou-daiko are called miya-daiko.

  • Dual Drumming
  • Gallop Beat
  • Steady Beat
  • Natural Beat
  • Fast Beat
  • Varied Gallop Beat
Eighth Drum: Thunder God's Anger

Raiko Horikawa's Spell Card. She shoots out a vortex of thunder and lightning. Gods of thunder are worshipped all over the world as gods that deliver divine punishment. In Japan, there is a famous legend about how a vengeful spirit who sought revenge was placated by being worshiped as a god. This spirit became Tenjin, a god of sky and storms. Apparently, Raijin, the Shinto god of thunder, is depicted with drums because of the influence of China's Leigong.

  • Leigong Lightning
  • Raijin Lighting
  • Angry Lightning Ball
  • Thunder God Lighting
  • Bitter Lightning Ball
  • Vengeful Lightning Ball
Thunder and Lightning of Battle

Raiko Horikawa's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She shoots lightning lasers that writhe like serpents. Since antiquity, it has been thought that lightning is the incarnation of a god with a dragon-serpent body. Apparently, this was the same with the gods of thunder in China. This makes sense because when lightning instantaneously descends from the heavens, it looks like a snake lunging at its prey.

  • Thunder & Lightning Laser
  • Plasma Laser
  • Lightning Laser
  • Proton Laser
  • Thunderbolt Laser
  • Super Proton Laser


Skill: Backbeat

A beat that makes you want to dance along. Sounds make people feel elated - Music even more so!

Skill: Downbeat

A punk and rock kind of beat. Drummers live to make the audience follow a rhythm!

Skill: Blast Beat

Metal! Metal! Metal! There is no other instrument who puts so much heart and soul into her music!

Passive: Deep Bass Drum
Passive: Synth Drum
Passive: Revenger