Reimu Hakurei


Hakurei Shrine Maiden

Reimu Hakurei's usual outfit. It features the traditional red-and-white shrine maiden attire plus a big red ribbon.

Carefree Class Representative

A uniform designed especially for Reimu by Yukari Yakumo, inspired by clothing from the outside world.

Shrine Maiden of Rice and Miso Soup

Reimu wears this outfit while cooking. She is skilled at cooking simple homely meals... apparently.

Good Luck Shrine Maiden

Reimu's outfit for the New Year. Naturally, Rinnosuke is the one who designed it.

Sacred White Shrine Maiden

Reimu's Fantasy Rebirth outfit. It was fashioned at Kourindou based on information in the journal.

Hakurei Shrine Maiden
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kaisei

Kaisei refers to pleasant weather with clear skies for as far as you can see. The simple clarity is reminiscent of Reimu's honest personality. Reimu is endowed with Wood Phase, free like the wind, and Sun Spirit, from her duty as the Hakurei shrine maiden.

Ability: Capable of flight

If this were just the ability to float in the air, it wouldn't be anything special in Gensokyo, but in Reimu's case, it's more than that. Her ability sets her free from everything, resulting in its ultimate form, Fantasy Nature. When she reaches that point, nothing can defeat Reimu: not threats, not pressure, and not even gravity.


Homing Amulet

Reimu Hakurei's Spread Shot. Her miraculous ofuda (paper talismans) home in on the target. It might seem a bit unfair to her enemies, but it goes to show how powerful a shrine maiden can be.

  • Blessed Hakurei Ofuda
  • Sure-Hit Prayer Ofuda
  • Sure-Hit Hakurei Ofuda
  • Hakurei Ofuda
  • Great Ofuda
  • Sure-Hit Prayer Ofuda
Persuasion Needle

Reimu Hakurei's Focus Shot. It shoots cleansing needles of faith to attack the target. This packs quite the punch even if you're not a youkai... Kogasa should be able to replace the needles with her blacksmith skills if necessary.

  • Faith Needle
  • Youkai Extermination Needle
  • Secret Youkai-Killing Needle
  • Shining Needle
  • Faith Needle
  • Shining Youkai Extermination Needle
Spirit Sign: Fantasy Seal

Reimu Hakurei's Spell Card. Reimu's signature bullet hell attack sends a barrage of glowing globes at its target. Its beautiful brilliance seals away youkai before they can even think of resisting. According to Marisa, Reimu uses this attack a lot.

  • Fantasy Bullet
  • Sure-Hit Fantasy Bullet
  • Sure-Hit Fantasy Globe
  • Sure-Hit Fantasy Bullet
  • Sun Fantasy Globe
  • Sun Fantasy Bullet
Dream Sign: Sealing Circle

Reimu Hakurei's Spell Card. She uses her ofuda to create a barrier that encircles the target before letting loose a barrage of bullets. It's just like Reimu to have a bullet hell attack that youkai would definitely not like.

  • Sealing Light Pillar
  • Light Pillar
  • Shining Pillar
  • Resisting Light Pillar
  • Exterminating Light Pillar
  • Purifying Light Pillar
Fantasy Nature

Reimu Hakurei's Last Word. This bullet hell attack frees Reimu of all her restrictions and lets her unleash her true power. It used to be a completely outrageous technique, but after Marisa named it, it became something more suitable for just playing around with.

  • Sun Ofuda
  • Blessed Hakurei Ofuda
  • Purifying Hakurei Ofuda
  • Sealing Brilliance
  • Righteous Brilliance
  • Natural Brilliance


Skill: Prayer for Fulfillment

Praying for a wish to come true... Or perhaps it's just for a bit of a distraction. The Hakurei shrine maiden's prayers are always a spectacle to behold.

Skill: Purification Rod

Use this rod to destroy evil and purify the unclean. One of Reimu's dear possessions, though it was once corrupted, making it more powerful but harder to control.

Skill: Hakurei Charm

A blessing from Hakurei Shrine, though it is unclear what deity is doing the blessing. Whoever it is, they seem to always be protecting Reimu and her friends.

Passive: Expert in Slaying Youkai
Passive: Hakurei Shrine Maiden
Passive: Shrine Maiden of Barriers