Reisen Udongein Inaba


Lunatic Moon Rabbit

Reisen Udongein lnaba's usual outfit. It features a blazer and skirt.

Snow Rabbit of the Holy Night

Eirin prepared this winter costume for Reisen. These fashionable clothes from the outside world were found at Kourindou.

Rabbit Soldier

A mock military uniform that Nitori got for Reisen. It was designed for the standard lineup.

Health and Well-Being Rabbit

Reisen Udongein Inaba's furisode for the New Year. She wants to be of help to those who are sick or injured.

Special Investigation White Rabbit


Earth Moon-Rabbit

A different version of Reisen's usual outfit. It features a short-sleeved blouse and a red-orange skirt.

Lunatic Moon Rabbit
Voice Lines
Temperament: Seiran

Seiran refers to the mist that falls upon mountains on clear days. Since Reisen is an odd one out - a moon rabbit blending in with the earth rabbits - this temperament may be a good fit for her. Reisen is endowed with Wood Phase, as an unbound rabbit, and Moon Essence, showing her faithful nature.

Ability: Capable of manipulating madness

Reisen's ability to manipulate madness is an extension of her ability to manipulate wavelengths. (Reisen is reported to have this ability as well.) Her red eyes have the same effect as the full moon, and they disturb the psyche of those who peer into them. ESP waves have their own wavelengths, with longer waves being more relaxed and shorter waves more quick-tempered. If the waves are too short, it can trigger madness... Be careful not to look into Reisen's eyes.


Lunatic Gun

Reisen Udongein Inaba's Spread Shot. The attack shoots out multiple rounds of bullets. The word lunatic originally referred to madness dependent on the changes of the moon, so Lunatic Gun is both a gun of the moon and a gun of madness. Apparently, Seiran also uses the same type of gun, so it might be a common gun on the moon.

  • Yin Warhead Lunatic Bullet
  • Yang Warhead Lunatic Bullet
  • Yin Warhead Lunatic Bullet
  • Yang Warhead Lunatic Bullet
  • Anti-Moon Rabbit Defense Bullet
  • Anti-Lunarian Defense Bullet
Illusionary Blast

Reisen Udongein Inaba's Focus Shot. Reisen's dangerous eyes shoot out monstrous laser beams. For some reason, whenever anyone shoots lasers from their eyes, the lasers are always red, whether the shooter is an alien, a mutant, or something else altogether.

  • Lunatic Blast
  • Anti-Moon Rabbit Defense Blast
  • Posi-Laser
  • Anti-Lunarian Defense Blast
  • Posi-Laser
  • Critical Blast
Illusion Bomb: Myopic Fireworks (Mind Starmine)

Reisen Udongein Inaba's Spell Card. The bullet hell attack launches ESP bombs in succession, like a set of fireworks. It will tear both your mind and your body to shreds.

  • Mind Starmine
  • Rapid-Fire Barrage
  • All-Consuming Illusion Bomb
  • Ice-Breaking Fireworks Attack
  • Rapid-Fire Barrage
  • All-Paralyzing Illusion Bomb
Empty Heart: Scars of an Empty Heart (Discarder)

Reisen Udongein Inaba's Spell Card. Reisen shoots out a high-speed attack (it's practically a laser beam) from her finger to pierce her target. The attack makes the target's mind become unstable and limits their actions. You really don't want to get hit by this.

  • Discarder
  • Nega-Laser
  • Empty Heart Laser
  • Lunatic Laser
  • Scar Laser
  • Dazzling Laser
Stare of the Hazy Phantom Moon (Lunatic Red Eyes)

Reisen Udongein Inaba's Last Word. This frightening bullet hell attack continuously sends out ESP waves of madness - the ultimate technique for Reisen, who manipulates madness. If this attack hits you in a bad place, you should find someone to carry you to Eientei to get it checked out.

  • Waves of Madness
  • Waves of an Empty Heart
  • Longitudinal Wave
  • Transverse Wave
  • Longitudinal Wave
  • Waves of Madness


Skill: Wavelength Compression

It compresses ESP waves in a single burst and snatches the target's sanity from them, making the target lose control of their actions.

Skill: Red-Eye Bullet

Reisen makes her target look in her eyes and throws their mental waves into disarray. The target's body can't keep up and becomes numb.

Skill: Wavelength Expansion

It expands ESP waves in a single burst and weakens the target's will to fight, rendering the target defenseless.

Passive: Sensory Interference
Passive: Cognitive Camouflage
Passive: Perception Interference