Youkai of Dusk

Rumia's usual outfit. It features a white shirt with a black vest and skirt.

Koakuma-Like Youkai

An outfit Rumia threaded together with youkai power. It is made in the image of Koakuma's usual outfit.

Between White Light and Black Night


Youkai of Dusk
Voice Lines
Temperament: Yoiyami

Yoiyami refers to dusk or the evening twilight, where the sun has set, yet the moon has not risen. This is the perfect temperament for Rumia ― utter darkness without a single source of light. Rumia is endowed with Water Phase, the element of the depths and dark, and Moon Essence, the symbol of night.

Ability: Capable of manipulating darkness

At first glance, Rumia's ability seems to be extremely powerful. It sounds like the sort of power that the big bad evil guy would have in a work of fiction. But perhaps this ability is only powerful if its wielder makes good use of it. While Rumia is a youkai, it is doubtful whether or not she uses her ability in the most cunning manner. Rather, to put it bluntly, it seems that she doesn't make effective use of her ability to attack humans. She isn't very strategic... that is to say, she gets bored rather quickly and doesn't have the patience to formulate or carry out any elaborate schemes using her ability. In fact, by enveloping herself in darkness, she loses her ability to see and ends up crashing into trees, which happens when it gets dark... You may think of her and her ability as adorable, but don't forget that she is a youkai. If she decides to attack you on a whim with her darkness, there is no easy way to defend yourself. The only thing that most humans can do when they are deprived of their sight ― is run around blindly.



Rumia's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She took a pattern of bullets that she often uses in Spell Cards and turned it into a Shot. Rumia uses this attack in a playful and carefree manner.

  • Dusk Bullet
  • Nightfall Bullet
  • Early Evening Bullet
  • Gloaming Bullet
  • Twilight Bullet
  • Sundown Bullet
Pitch-Black Sabbath

Rumia's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). An attack designed to be a little bit flashy. Rumia enjoys surprising and scaring people, so trapping her targets between two lasers is one of her favorite tactics.

  • Demon Party Bullet
  • Mad Party Bullet
  • Mystical Bullet
  • Manic Party Bullet
  • Evening Party Bullet
  • Banquet Bullet
Night Sign: Night Bird

Rumia's Spell Card. This attack is inspired by nocturnal birds. Most birds are famed for having poor low-light and night vision. However, nocturnal birds like owls and nightingales use their ability to be active at night to hunt and gather food more effectively. Perhaps that is also why most youkai are active at night...

  • Nightjar Bullet
  • Night Crow Bullet
  • Nightingale Bullet
  • Owl Bullet
  • Scops Owl Bullet
  • Night Sparrow Bullet
Darkness Sign: Dark Side of the Moon

Rumia's Spell Card. This attack is inspired by the other side of the moon. For the dwellers of Gensokyo, the other side of the moon refers to the inside of the moon's barrier where the Lunar Capital is located. But for everyone else, it refers to the side of the moon that is not visible from the Earth. Since ancient times, it has been fabled as a mysterious and mystical place. It is now known that the moon only shows one side to the Earth because it orbits around the planet and rotates at the same rate.

  • Hertzsprung
  • Shackleton
  • Compton
  • Korolev
  • Daedalus
  • Tsiolkovskiy
Twilight Zone

Rumia's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack is based on the time between day and night. The word twilight means double light or second light. The twilight zone is the period of time when it is dimly lit, and things become hazy, making it difficult to discern one person from another. This time is also known as oumagatoki in Japanese, the time when you encounter demons. When it starts to get dark, you should hurry home...

  • Oumagatoki Laser
  • Time of Great Calamity Laser
  • Morning Twilight Laser
  • Evening Twilight Laser
  • Dusk Laser
  • Gloaming Laser


Skill: Absolute Darkness

She surrounds her target in darkness that absorbs over 99.8% of all light! It is terrifyingly dark and horrifyingly black.

Skill: Black Mist

She envelops her party in a makeshift smokescreen of darkness, which may prove counterproductive unless their vision is excellent.

Skill: Spit-Dark

She covers herself and her target in darkness. It's like a contest to see who can cope with the dark better.

Passive: Invitation to Darkness
Passive: Moonless-Night Dancer
Passive: Dark Drain