Sagume Kishin


Goddess who Invites Unfortunate Slips of the Tongue

Sagume Kishin's usual outfit. It features a purple blouse and skirt with a white jacket.

Angel of Taboos

Eirin prepared this costume for Sagume. It was modeled after a divine messenger who appears in a holy story.

The White Wheel of Fate


Goddess who Invites Unfortunate Slips of the Tongue
Voice Lines
Temperament: Sakazuki

Sakazuki (a Touhou LW original) refers to the dish used to drink sake and the reflection of the moon in this dish when it has sake in it. Also, when the two Japanese characters for sakazuki are combined into a single character, it forms a new word which means to go against the current. This is a fitting temperament for Sagume with her ability to reverse fate. Sagume is endowed with Earth Phase, and Moon Essence, two conflicting elements that maintain a balance within her.

Ability: Capable of reversing a situation with her words

Sagume's ability is incredibly perplexing and powerful. The power of the Lunarians is on par with gods, so perhaps it is fitting that Sagume can manipulate fate with mere words. However, the mechanics of this ability are extremely difficult to comprehend, which is probably why Sagume takes great care to avoid saying anything unnecessary. The following are aspects of Sagume's ability that have been observed and are understood. - Her ability appears to get triggered whenever Sagume talks about some kind of matter or event. - Only fates that have not yet come to pass are reversed. The past cannot be changed. - Her ability does not cause the reverse of what she said to occur. It causes the reverse of the event that was going to happen to take place instead. However, if she correctly says a prediction of what will happen, it may look like the reverse of what she said occurred. - Judging by the results of her ability, it can be assumed that it is not only the good and bad that are reversed - everything is. When Eirin still lived on the moon, she taught Toyohime quantum mechanics. According to quantum principles, the future is defined by a probability distribution of different possible outcomes. So perhaps Sagume's ability to reverse the future is, in fact, inverting these probability distributions...


Taboo Words

Sagume Kishin's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out ofuda with taboo words written on them. These taboo words are ominous words that cause disasters to occur when spoken. It seems that Sagume takes great care not to speak any words in vain because of her ability.

  • Taboo Word Ofuda
  • Taboo Card
  • Naming Taboo Ofuda
  • Forbidden Ofuda
  • Vengeance Ofuda
  • Prohibited Word Card
Naval Mine Yin-Yang Orbs

Sagume Kishin's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out yin-yang orbs directly into her target. These yin-yang orbs are similar in appearance to the ones utilized by Reimu. Sagume's use of these orbs that feature yin and yang's duality and interconnection hint at her dual nature.

  • Naval Mine Yin-Yang Orb
  • Moon Yin-Yang Orb
  • Red & Blue Yin-Yang Orbs
  • Reflecting Yin-Yang Orb
  • Specular Yin-Yang Orb
  • Depth Charge Yin-Yang Orb
Orb Sign: Disorderly Flock's Duplex Curse

Sagume Kishin's Spell Card. Yin-yang orbs shoot out a barrage of ofuda bullets. A disorderly flock is a flock that lacks cohesion, like a murder of crows. However, this Spell Card is so precise that it is beautiful. According to a certain individual, this Spell Card is ''incredibly cool.''

  • The Moon's Sealing Ofuda
  • Offensive Ofuda
  • The Moon's Purifying Ofuda
  • Specular Ofuda
  • The Moon's Righteous Ofuda
  • Debuff Ofuda
One-Winged White Heron

Sagume Kishin's Spell Card. As the name implies, this is an attack composed of light bullets in the shape of a single wing. The attack also looks like the silhouette of Sagume herself. According to a certain teenage girl, this Spell Card is ''delightfully edgy.''

  • White Heron Feathers
  • Feathers of Light
  • Silver White Heron Feathers
  • Feathers of Shining Light
  • White Heron Flight Feathers
  • Feathers of Flashing Light
Arrow of Evil-Slaying

Sagume Kishin's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). An arrow pierces through the shadow of a pheasant in flight, causing countless arrows to rain down from the heavens. In Japanese mythology, a goddess named Ame no Sagume asked Ame no Wakahiko to shoot a pheasant called Nakime, an envoy of the gods, incurring divine punishment upon Ame no Wakahiko. This Spell Card is probably based on this story, but it is unclear whether there is any connection between Sagume and this goddess. Incidentally, Nakime was an envoy of the god, Omokane, whom Yorihime summons when using one of her skills.

  • Forbidden Arrow
  • Return Arrow
  • Arrow Shot in Haste
  • Return Arrow of Wrath
  • Evidence Destroying Arrow
  • Exposing Return Arrow


Skill: Sage's Trial

She tests those who have promise, and she makes sure to always hold back... most of the time.

Skill: Silent Heron

Sagume takes great care not to speak needlessly, as there are some fates that she doesn't want to reverse.

Skill: Fate Reversal

The wheels of fate and fortune turn backward! The direr the circumstances, the greater effect this skill has.

Passive: Half-Heaven Half-Earth
Passive: Divine Envoy
Passive: Slip of the Tongue