Satono Nishida


The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers

Satono Nishida's usual outfit. It features a light pink dress with a white apron.

The All-Too-Dark Backup Dancers

Satono's mysterious band costume. There have always been collabs between bands and dancers.

The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers
Voice Lines
Temperament: La Nina

La Nina (a Touhou LW original) refers to a phenomenon in which sea surface temperatures become colder than usual in specific areas of the Pacific Ocean. This is a suitable temperament for this servant of the Matara god, as her ability revolving around Okina is an inverse of Mai's. Satono is endowed with Fire Phase, the element of myoga, and Star Essence, with her frankness. The formless and passionate Fire Phase resists Wood Phase, because wood feeds fire, but it is weak to Water Phase, because water dampens fire. The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them

This is the ability of Satono Nishida as one of the two servants who make up the divinity of the Matara god along with Okina. This ability was given to Satono by Okina. Mental energy is the strength of the mind. Nowadays, it is known that the mind is just the interworkings of the body's nervous system, but it was thought to be more spiritual in the past. This is why the mind is called seishin in Japanese, where "sei," refers to natural spiritual energy, and "shin," refers to a higher and intellectual spiritual energy. Both the "sei" and "shin" come together to form the functions of sensitivity and reason. In terms of organs, it can be said that the brain is the area of control. Myoga ginger is a herb that has been thought to have psychoactive properties since ancient times. These plants are often used in rituals and treated with mystical significance. Considering Okina's nature, the dances of Satono and Mai might be Noh or a similar type of performing dance. As time went on, Noh became widely known as a popular performance, but its roots are in sarugaku, which has a connection to kagura. The history of dancers can be traced back to shrine maidens and ultimately to Ame no Uzume, a goddess of the arts. In other words, dancing is a way to stimulate the gods to manifest their ability. It is similar to manipulating a computer by giving it commands.



Satono Nishida's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). Her bullets carry the scent of myoga ginger. Myoga ginger used to be called menoka long ago. It is said that when two types of ginger plants were introduced to Japan from China, the one with a strong scent was called senoka (lit. older brother scent), and the other with a weaker scent was called menoka (lit. little sister scent). Senoka is what is now known as common ginger or shoga in Japanese.

  • Scent of Myoga Ginger
  • Spicy Scent
  • Fresh Scent
  • A Very Spicy Scent
  • Stimulating Scent
  • Scent of Forgetfulness
Slow Wave

Satono Nishida's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She fires bullets in a pattern similar to brain waves. Slow-wave sleep is a stage of non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM), also known as quiescent sleep. It is extremely difficult to understand what goes on inside someone else's head when they are in the NREM stages of sleep. They may be experiencing a world beyond our understanding.

  • Temporary Slow-Wave Sleep
  • Deep Slow-Wave Sleep
  • Non-REM Sleep
  • Long Slow-Wave Sleep
  • Forever Non-REM Sleep
  • Forever Slow-Wave Sleep
Myoga Ginger: Forget Your Name

Satono Nishida's Spell Card. She shoots bullets that smell strongly of myoga ginger. It is said that eating too much myoga ginger makes you forgetful. However, this superstition came from a folktale called "Myoga Inn." In addition, it is thought that "Myoga Inn" was probably inspired by Chudapanthaka, a disciple of the Buddha. Chudapanthaka was exceedingly dull and was told to bear a flag with his name on it by the Buddha. A new type of plant was discovered growing upon his grave after he passed away, which was then labeled "myoga," meaning to bear a name.

  • Scented Myoga Shoot
  • Fragrant Myoga Shoot
  • Scented Myoga Flower
  • Highly Fragrant Myoga Shoot
  • Very Fragrant Myoga Shoot
  • Very Fragrant Myoga Flower
Myoga Blessing: Behind You

Satono Nishida's Spell Card. She unleashes a barrage of bullets while blessed by a secret god. This term myoga refers to a blessing that one does not know they have received. Myoga ginger has long been believed to have mystical effects because its name is a homophone with this myoga blessing. Gods are always watching over from behind. The same is true for supernatural beings who are not gods.

  • Unconscious Benefit Bullet
  • Unwitting Benefit Bullet
  • Divine Talisman of Wealth
  • Random Benefit Bullet
  • Unintended Benefit Bullet
  • Divine Talisman of Eternity
Daemon of the Six Perceptions

Satono Nishida's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack borrows the power of a divine spirit that seems to be the Hachiman deity. The "Six Perceptions" are the "Six Functions of the Human Mind" in Buddhism: "eye perception," "ear perception," "nose perception," "tongue perception," "body perception," and "mind perception." It is a concept that refers to the functions of the nervous system. The god Hachiman is a warrior god and is said to be closely related to a certain clan. The word "daemon" is an old western term for something similar to "kishin" or "spirits" and is sometimes translated as "great spirits."

  • Arrow of Vision
  • Arrow of Hearing
  • Arrow of Scent
  • Arrow of Taste
  • Arrow of Touch
  • Arrow of Perception


Skill: Sanbansou Chant

The Shiki Sanban Noh performance, commonly referred to as Okina, features a celebratory chant by the Sanbansou. It is a prayer for a good harvest.

Skill: Bell Dance

A celebratory dance by Sanbanso. The Shiki Sanban three-part ceremony retains the style of the ancient sarugaku, "Okina-sarugaku."

Skill: Kagura of the Mind

A spirited dance by Satono. It is effective against the spiritual and divine components of the soul.

Passive: Secret God's Power
Passive: Mental Care
Passive: Psychological Reinforcement