Satori Komeiji


The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear

Satori Komeiji's usual outfit. It features a blue blouse with frills and a pink skirt.

Travel Safety Satori Youkai

Satori Komeiji's furisode for the New Year. Let there be safety in the tours to the Underworld and Koishi's walks.

Blank White Map of the Underworld


The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear
Voice Lines
Temperament: Jishin-hakkou-genshou

Jishin-hakkou-genshou (a Touhou LW original) refers to mysterious lights that appear in the sky right before an earthquake. This temperament is a reflection of the great influence Satori possesses even though she dwells underground in Former Hell. Satori is endowed with Metal Phase, with her silent and sharp insight, and with Star Essence, from her surprisingly flexible nature.

Ability: Capable of reading minds

Satori is the name of a species of youkai with the ability to read minds. She can apparently see other's thoughts through a third eye on her chest. Her ability is limited to surface thoughts. However, she makes use of her bullets to hypnotize her target to make them recall old traumas, which she can then read to replicate Spell Cards that they have faced in the past. It seems that she is even capable of replicating Spell Cards that you'd think would require specific tools or inherent abilities to perform. This ability is part of the reason why the big players on the surface are so wary of Satori, and why most of the youkai and vengeful spirits in the Underworld (seem to) despise her so much. Furthermore, those who come face to face with Satori try to pick a fight with her because they detest having their thoughts read. While Satori does not wish for any confrontation, she seems destined to receive it due to her own ability. Her kind and compassionate nature may have grown as a result of her possessing this ability. It should also be noted that she cannot use this ability to read the thoughts in the closed off mind of her little sister, Koishi. In conclusion, Satori is a being that is capable of reading everyone else's thoughts and feelings, with her beloved little sister being the only exception. Yet she also finds it extremely difficult to have her thoughts and feelings understood by others.


Cold Read

Satori Komeiji's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She pierces her targets with strange thought-reading lasers. Cold reading is an almost supernatural technique used to pinpoint someone's inner feelings without any prior knowledge or preparation. Satori is a youkai who can read minds, but it is unknown what means and manner she uses to accomplish this.

  • Mind-Reading Beam
  • Psychometry
  • High Psychometry
  • Psy-Laser
  • True Mind-Reading Beam
  • Mega Psy-Laser
Mind Hack

Satori Komeiji's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She takes over the mind of her target by shooting out strings of light. Satori's ability (probably) doesn't let her take over someone's mind directly, but she may be able to force them to do her bidding through the terror of having their mind read. However, Satori (probably) knows full well that doing this too much will cause everyone to dislike her.

  • Mind Hack Bullet
  • Psychological Bullet
  • High Mind Hack Bullet
  • Exploding Psychological Bullet
  • Double High Mind Hack Bullet
  • Psychological Combat Bullet
Recollection: Terrible Souvenir

Satori Komeiji's Spell Card. This attack involves shooting bullets of light that apparently awaken a past trauma, which she attempts to read with her ability. That is how a certain magician explained it anyhow. It's theorized that Satori uses this Spell Card to read long ago memories that she cannot normally read.

  • Mental Scar Bullet
  • Trauma Bullet
  • Deep Mental Scar Bullet
  • Permanent Mental Scar Bullet
  • Past Trauma Bullet
  • Long Forgotten Trauma Bullet
Brain Sign: Brain Fingerprint

Satori Komeiji's Spell Card. This attack sprays forth a plethora of light bullets. A brain fingerprint refers to an electrical brainwave that is elicited when the brain is familiar with an outside stimulus... In other words, it is a brainwave that occurs when you are faced with something that you know of or have experienced previously. Using this Spell Card would probably make it easy to determine the culprit of even the most difficult and complex of cases.

  • Brainwave Interfering Bullet
  • P300 Response Bullet
  • High P300 Response Bullet
  • Brainwave Meddling Bullet
  • Extreme Brainwave Meddling Bullet
  • Immense P300 Response Bullet
Divine Red Falcon Flurry

Satori Komeiji's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She makes a series of attacks with a red spear-shaped throwing weapon. Although the details of this red spear are unknown, Satori seems to be able to control its movements at will.

  • Divine Red Falcon Bullet
  • Hot Barbed Bullet
  • High-Speed Divine Red Falcon Bullet
  • Blazing Hot Barbed Bullet
  • Bombing Divine Red Falcon Bullet
  • Super Blazing Hot Barbed Bullet


Skill: Literary Knowledge

Satori loves to read. It is her hobby. She particularly enjoys novels that delve deep into the thought processes of the characters.

Skill: Animal Helpers

She loves her pets like members of her own family. Her pets also admire and love her deeply.

Skill: Third Eye

Satori is able to read the surface thoughts of others. She can even read the minds of vengeful spirits and phantoms.

Passive: Satori Understanding
Passive: Read Emotions
Passive: Read Thoughts