Seiga Kaku


The Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls

Seiga Kaku's usual outfit. It features a light blue dress with short sleeves.

Social Club's Mother

Seiga's Social Club outfit. A relaxed adult style. It was created by Kourindou with materials from Yukari.

The Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kinkan-Nisshoku

Kinkan-Nisshoku (a Touhou LW original) refers to an annular solar eclipse where the moon covers the sun's center leaving the sun's outer edges visible, forming a ring around the moon. Seiga's ability to cut holes in walls makes the giant hole cutting through the sky an apt temperament. Seiga is endowed with Water Phase, as she can control sprits of the dead, and Moon Essence, with her mysterious nature.

Ability: Capable of passing through walls

Seiga Kaku's ability that she brought with her from China. She activates this ability by using her hairpin (some say it is actually a chisel) to cut through walls. However, just cutting the wall doesn't cause a hole to open up out of nowhere - she must push the cut-out bit of the wall through to the other side. The hole also disappears after a while. The practical applications for this ability are a mystery, but it is said to be very effective against nurikabe, a type of youkai that takes the form of a wall. Seiga has been witnessed using this ability to escape from those who aim to take her prolonged hermit life. This ability could also be useful for surprising people. (Seiga herself proclaims that surprising people is its only use...) It is apparent that Seiga can use other senjutsu as well. The main senjutsu being her ability to manipulate spirits of the dead to command corpses. She also makes use of Chinese alchemy to strengthen the body and is very knowledgeable about Taoism. So while she may be a "wicked" hermit, she is just as powerful as the true and righteous hermits.


Guhuo Niao

Seiga Kaku's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She commands a Chinese youkai bird to attack her target. The guhuo niao is a type of spirit of the dead that harms children and can take on the guise of a human woman. They are often considered similar or the same as an ubume, a Japanese youkai ghost of a woman who died during childbirth. They may also have some sort of connection to Urumi...

  • Guhuo Niao Blood Seal
  • Night-Going Leisure Woman Embrace
  • Young Empress Peck
  • Feather Robed Woman Possession
  • Nine-Headed Bird Caress
  • Ubametori Milk Stain

Seiga Kaku's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She commands yigui, Chinese spirits of the dead, to attack her targets. They are ghosts of people who have committed suicide that possess others to make them hang themselves. It is speculated that they make others die so that they themselves can reincarnate.

  • Yigui Grudge Laser
  • Burning Resentment
  • The Hanging Ghost's Curse Laser
  • Chilling Curse Laser
  • The Hanging Ghost's Resentment Laser
  • Spiteful Storm
Hermit Arts: Wall Runner

Seiga Kaku's Spell Card. She crushes her target beneath falling walls. Seiga's hairpin allows her to open holes in walls. However, they close up over time. She doesn't create holes out of nothing, but rather, she cuts through even the hardest walls like butter. Seiga cannot be trapped inside any room, even if it is made of steel.

  • Wall of Earth
  • Collapse
  • Jumbled Stone and Earth
  • Sharp Rock Fragment
  • Total Collapse
  • Wall of Rock
Path Sign: Tao Fetal Movement

Seiga Kaku's Spell Card. She coordinates with Yoshika to unleash a barrage of bullets by manipulating spirits. Tao means ''way'' or ''path,'' it is the central dogma of hermits and teaches about the truth of the universe and life itself. Hermits are those who have pursued the path and reached its end. If you liken normal humans to larvae, hermits would be the fully grown bugs with wings. They are transcendent beings... or so it is said.

  • Spirit Beam
  • Hermit Beam
  • Spirit of the Dead Beam
  • Tao Bullet
  • Phantom Beam
  • Embryo Bullet
Wormhole Prophetess

Seiga Kaku's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She invites her targets on a journey through a hole in spacetime. Throughout the universe, there are holes where time and space don't exist as we know it... apparently. Seiga's hairpin can open a hole in any wall. Thus, it can be assumed that she can cut through any material, no matter how hard it is. The strength of tiny intermolecular bonds determines the hardness of materials, and it is theorized that the bonds between infinitely small bits of time and space are what holds together spacetime. If used correctly, this senjutsu may just make it possible to warp through space and time.

  • Distortion
  • Exotic Burst
  • Hyperspace
  • Time Leap
  • Space Jump
  • Warp Drive


Skill: Wicked Senjutsu

Senjutsu, or hermit arts that are used for one's own ends. The techniques are the same as normal senjutsu... at least they should be.

Skill: Illusionary Arts

She creates illusions to mislead her opponents. It is a technique that directly interferes with people's senses.

Skill: Spirit Manipulation

She mainly uses this skill to manipulate spirits of the dead and command corpses. It is based on altering the balance of qi.

Passive: Indomitable Will
Passive: Meridian Booster
Passive: Ghost Drain