The Rokurokubi Horror

Sekibanki's usual outfit. It features a black shirt, a red cape with a high collar, and a red skirt.

The Rokurokubi Horror
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kai-u

Kai-u (a Touhou LW original) refers to a phenomenon where whirlwinds blow animals and fish into the air and drop them on the ground like rain. This is an apt temperament for Sekibanki, who can float many heads in the air. Sekibanki is endowed with Fire Phase, for her hidden passion, and Star Essence for her resolute independence.

Ability: Capable of making her head fly

Sekibanki's ability as a rokurokubi. By watching how she fires her bullets, you can see that she is both the type of rokurokubi that detaches their head from their neck and the type that elongates their neck. The type that can detach its head has apparently existed for longer. A famous artist once portrayed the rokurokubi with a line connecting the head and torso to show that the head was floating in the air. However, this seems to have led to the misconception that there are rokurokubi that can extend their necks. There is a theory that the head-detaching rokurokubi originate from the hitoban youkai of China. The stories and legends of rokurokubi have been told in many different time periods and lands, and they are even a popular theme for rakugo performances. They are also the subject of many paintings, but these are not necessarily based on specific tales of rokurokubi youkai - It seems they are simply valued as a good subject for youkai artwork. Rokurokubi are one of the most well-known youkai, but there are probably very few in the outside world who actually believe in their existence. Sekibanki is a peaceful youkai who lives in the Human Village while hiding her true identity. Rokurokubi are familiar with humans to the point that they are no longer feared... and perhaps this is one way she has chosen to present herself in Gensokyo.


Rocket Headbutt

Sekibanki's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a long-range headbutt. You could say that she throws her head. It looks like she could hurt herself if she doesn't execute this attack perfectly. This is dangerous, so do not try it at home.

  • Sekibanki Headbutt
  • No-Motion Headbutt
  • Jumping Headbutt
  • Flying Headbutt
  • Running Headbutt
  • Diving Headbutt
Remote Tackle

Sekibanki's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). This time, she leaves her head behind and attacks only with her body. Tackles are more effective when done from a low stance, so this might be more powerful than it looks. Incidentally, which is the main part of Sekibanki, the head or the body?

  • Sekibanki Body Attack
  • Shoulder Tackle
  • Spear Tackle
  • Flying Body Attack
  • Diving Body Attack
  • Moonsault Attack
Flight Sign: Flying Head

Sekibanki's Spell Card. Her head floats in the air and shoots bullets. This is perhaps her most standard Spell Card attack. It may be a somewhat common sight now, but the fact that her head attacks while separated from her body gives it that creepy youkai flavor.

  • Hitoban Bullet
  • Penanggalan Bullet
  • Mushi-Otoshi Bullet
  • Chonchon Bullet
  • Rakumin Bullet
  • Hitoryou Bullet
Flying Head: Dullahan Knight

Sekibanki's Spell Card. Her head and body separate and fire a volley of bullets together. Dullahan is a type of fae spoken of in western countries. It is a headless knight that appears near people who are close to death - similar to phantoms or shinigami. If nothing else... they are terribly frightening.

  • Dullahan Laser
  • No-Neck Fairy Laser
  • No-Neck Knight Laser
  • Mysterious Laser
  • Death Knell Laser
  • Fae Laser
Sky-Splitting Fiery Gaze

Sekibanki's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This is a slightly modified version of Sekibanki's Head Spiral Laser. Firing lasers from one's head is stylistically beautiful, but now she has managed to fire spiral lasers by spinning three heads at once. This kind of technique is difficult for normal youkai to pull off, but not for Sekibanki. Spiral lasers are definitely stronger than normal ones.

  • Banki Laser
  • Fiery Gaze Laser
  • Sky-Splitting Laser
  • Super Sky-Splitting Laser
  • Super Fiery Gaze Laser
  • Super Banki Laser


Skill: Hiding in the Village

She hides in plain sight as the wonderful red-caped village girl. No one suspects that she is actually Sekibanki, the Rokurokubi Horror! Heh heh!

Skill: Extendible Neck

Her neck stretches eagerly awaiting your return.. or perhaps it's just tech neck.

Skill: Extra Heads

The first, the second, the third... which one is the real one? Oh, don't lose count.

Passive: Emergency Split
Passive: Intent to Protect
Passive: Solitary Youkai