Shou Toramaru


Disciple of Bishamonten

Shou Toramaru's usual outfit. It features a waistcloth with a tiger pattern resembling Bishamonten's statues.



Famous Detective's Famous Assistant

Shou's detective assistant outfit. The cane isn't an accessory, it's a weapon!

Disciple of Bishamonten
Voice Lines
Temperament: Rinkou

Rinkou (a Touhou LW original) refers to a Brocken spectre, a shadow surrounded by a halo of light that can be observed when you have your back to the sun and look toward an empty field or a surface of water on a foggy day. It is a fitting temperament for a disciple of Bishamonten. Shou is endowed with Metal Phase, the element of treasure, and Sun Essence, the symbol of firm belief.

Ability: Capable of gathering treasure

An appropriate ability given her status as the avatar of Bishamonten. Bishamonten is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Shou is rarely seen collecting treasure (possibly because she does it when people aren't looking). It is safe to assume that Shou's clothing and equipment are valuable, since Bishamonten is adorned with valuable treasures from head to toe. Buddhist statues are purposefully created to be ornate and beautiful in order to reflect the majesty of Sukhavati (Amitabha's Pure Land). Her pagoda, while also being valuable in its own right, has the ability to fire beams of light that transform whatever they hit into gems, leading to Shou's reputation for attracting treasure. There is nothing more tantalizing than material wealth in this modern world, which is why Myouren Temple is so popular among humans even though it is a temple of youkai. Myouren Temple's strategy of attracting followers with Shou's ability and retaining them through Byakuren's sermons admonishing those drawn to easy profits is terribly effective! While Shou's ability is to gather treasure, in a past incident, she ended up losing her treasured pagoda during the confusion of trying to gather flying treasures in the sky. However, she managed to regain her pagoda thanks to her underling, Nazrin's efforts. Shou and Nazrin have a complicated relationship, and perhaps it could be said that they become a full-fledged God of Fortune when they support each other.


Vajra of Affection

Shou Toramaru's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes the light of dharma as bullets from her Dokkosho. A Dokkosho is a type of vajra. It is used in rituals, as a weapon, and is considered a valuable treasure. It can dispel bad thoughts and smite enemies of the Buddhist faith.

  • Vajra of Cleanliness
  • Indestructible Vajra
  • Vajra of Truth
  • Vajra of Vigor
  • Vajra of Purity
  • Shining Vajra
Tiger Tamer

Shou Toramaru's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Her bullets take the form of tiger cubs and assault the enemy. It appears that tigers may have been an important symbol in the mountains that Shou originates from. Or perhaps the temple that she served at in the outside world. This symbolism was probably of the tiger from the Chinese Zodiac, which denotes the east rather than the animal itself since there are so few tiger youkai in Japan. The regional cultures that worshipped her as a symbol of their faith gave her the name and form that she still retains today.

  • Jewel Tiger
  • Gold Tiger
  • Little Tiger
  • Handy Tiger
  • Mini Tiger
  • Money Tiger
Jeweled Pagoda: Radiant Treasure

Shou Toramaru's Spell Card. Her pagoda unleashes a barrage of light. A pagoda is a kind of Buddhist tower that may be based on the idea of the sun climbing high in the sky. Shou's pagoda can fire light as brilliant as any shining jewel. Anything hit by said light will become a jewel - wonderful, but scary!

  • Pagoda's Purifying Light
  • Pagoda's Holy Light
  • Pagoda's Shining Light
  • Particle of Light
  • Particle of Purification
  • Particle of Salvation
Light Sign: Absolute Justice

Shou Toramaru's Spell Card. She fires the absolute light of justice that looks like an amidakuji (a lottery in which you connect lines between a lattice pattern to determine a winner). It also resembles the pattern of the halo behind the Amitabaha buddha, known as Amidanyorai in Japan, which is where the amidakuji may trace its origin. Like the sun's rays, this Spell Card shines light down on Earth.

  • Absolute Justice Bullet
  • Youkai Justice Bullet
  • Buddhist Justice Bullet
  • Ecumenical Laser
  • Singularity Laser
  • World-Saving Laser
Pagoda Tank

Shou Toramaru's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). A tank laden with a two-story pagoda launches an all-out assault on the enemy. While it does represent an astounding amount of force, it also follows the Buddhist teaching of ''protecting ideologies through force when necessary.'' This may appear to go against the idea of not harming others, but justice cannot be served without power to back it up, much like a country protecting itself with armed forces. It is the same mindset that any monk practicing martial arts would need to succeed.

  • Pagoda Warhead
  • Prabhutaratna Beam
  • Two-Story Pagoda Warhead
  • Prabhutaratna High Beam
  • Supreme Pagoda Warhead
  • Prabhutaratna Mega Beam


Skill: Dharmapala's Staff

A type of club meant to attack enemies of the Buddhist faith. May also dispel unfavorable thoughts.

Skill: Trident

A three-pronged spear. Shou normally wouldn't be seen using this weapon.

Skill: Prabhutaratna's Pagoda

It shoots beams of light that chase away the dourness in the world. According to legend, this pagoda was orignally some sort of flying vehicle like a UFO...

Passive: Golden Chain
Passive: Arm Guards
Passive: Jeweled Crown