Suika Ibuki


Forgathering Dream, Illusion, and Thus a Night Parade

Suika lbuki's usual outfit. It features a sleeveless blouse with a purple skirt.

Vanishing Go-Home Club President

A uniform designed especially for Suika by Yukari Yakumo, inspired by clothing from the outside world.

Night Parade of 100 Maids

A maid uniform provided for Suika. It is so small that even fairies could wear it.

Forgathering Dream, Illusion, and Thus a Night Parade
Voice Lines
Temperament: Sou

Sou refers to drizzle and scattered rain. This is an apt temperament for Suika, who is capable of manipulating density. Suika is endowed with Metal Phase, the element of the oni, and Moon Essence, with her fondness for change.

Ability: Capable of manipulating density

Suika's ability allows her to alter the density of various things. She can use it to change her own body into a mist. Also, changing the density of objects lets her indirectly manipulate heat, which she uses in battle. The reason she is able to become a giant and create tiny clones of herself is presumed to also be due to this ability. Suika can apparently even create something like a black hole when she takes this ability to its extremes. This is an incredibly versatile ability that could be applied in all sorts of situations, but perhaps due to Suika's straightforward personality, she only uses it in a fairly limited manner.


Kishin's Will-o'-Wisp Art

Suika Ibuki's Spread Shot. She summons a will-o'-wisp up from the ground at her target's feet and then makes it explode. Will-o'-wisps are orbs of blue-tinted fire that appear in graveyards and swamps. They are also called hitodama (human souls), kitsunebi (fox fire), or onibi (oni fire) in Japan. It is said that will-o'-wisps are caused by the combustion of phosphorus gas produced by decaying organic material, but others say that they are caused by some sort of plasma effect. The truth has yet to be determined.

  • Onibi
  • Floating Light
  • Kitsunebi
  • Fire Orb
  • Ball Lightning
  • Hitodama
Forgathering Spiritual Flowers

Suika Ibuki's Focus Shot. She blows out a cloud of spirit power that she gathered up. The sake lees created during the brewing process are sometimes called flowers. This attack may be a byproduct of Suika's drinking.

  • Oni Sake
  • Mysterious Sake
  • Sake of Princess Blood
  • Youkai Sake
  • Divine Sake Poisonous to Oni
  • Sake of Souls
Oni Sign: Missing Power

Suika Ibuki's Spell Card. She regains her lost oni strength and attacks with reckless abandon. For some reason, Suika has lost the strength that she once had at the height of her power, but this Spell Card seems to indicate that she can regain a portion of this strength when certain conditions are met. Oni are rarely seen in Gensokyo and not much is known about what happened to the other oni or their current whereabouts...

  • Lost Oni Power
  • Toyohashi Oni Festival
  • Kijin Shrine Setsubun Festival
  • Noboribetsu Hell Festival
  • Kio Shrine Grand Festival
  • Takisanji Oni Festival
Night Parade of a Million Demons

Suika Ibuki's Spell Card. A profusion of bullets are successively shot out in this attack. The Night Parade is a procession of mysterious youkai that feature in many Japanese folktales. It is said that your life is forfeit if you ever meet the Night Parade, but some stories infer that this can be avoided by pretending to be drunk.

  • Procession of Nameless Youkai
  • Beast-Like Youkai
  • Utensil-Like Youkai
  • Human-Like Youkai
  • Bird-Like Youkai
  • Shadow-Like Youkai
Renewed Bloodsucker Doujigiri

Suika Ibuki's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack recreates the Doujigiri katana by compressing memories. A katana with the same name exists in the outside world and is a national treasure of Japan. It is thought that Suika's past is deeply connected to this katana, but the details are unclear. It's possible that this may have something to do with Suika's lost strength, her dislike of lies, and the weakness for sake that all oni have.

  • Legendary Oni-Slaying Katana
  • Yasutsuna's Katana
  • Old Sword of a Famous Leader
  • Fabled Katana of Ise
  • Kitsunebi Youkai Katana
  • Kitsune Cleansing Self-Defense Katana


Skill: Ibuki Gourd

A sake bug lives inside this strange gourd. It is apparently like a sake brewery inside.

Skill: Oni Are Never False

Oni take pride in detesting lies and venerating honesty. This is one of the main reasons why oni stopped appearing before humans.

Skill: Three Chain Weights

Each chain represents nothingness, harmony, or permanence. In other words, they are a representation of Suika and her ability.

Passive: Love for Fighting
Passive: Phantasmagoric
Passive: Ancient Oni