Sumireko Usami


The Secret Sealing Club's First President

Sumireko Usami's usual outfit. It features a violet plaid vest and skirt.



Psychic Higashifukami High School Student

Sumireko's Higashifukami High School uniform. Maybe it's a casual outfit with a uniform style.

The Secret Sealing Club's First President
Voice Lines
Temperament: Chemtrail

Chemtrail (a Touhou LW original) refers to a conspiracy theory about condensation trails from aircraft. This is an apt temperament for Sumireko Usami, who is an occult maniac with supernatural powers. Sumireko is endowed with Fire Phase, with her burning passion, and Star Essence, because of her curiosity and free spirit.

Ability: Capable of manipulating psychic powers

This is the ability of Sumireko Usami, a girl with real psychic powers who calls herself the first president of the Secret Sealing Club. People who claim to have extrasensory perception or supernatural powers in the outside world are mostly frauds, but Sumireko is genuinely a human who can use psychic powers. In fiction, heroes and villains with psychic powers are generally depicted as having a single type of power. But Sumireko, who has psychic powers and actually exists, has displayed various psychic powers, including manipulating objects with her mind through telekinesis and psychokinesis, traveling from one spot to another instantaneously with teleportation, manipulating energy with pyrokinesis and hydrokinesis, levitation, and flight. She is probably capable of using other psychic powers, and maybe even all of them. This might suggest that there is some sort of universal source for all the psychic powers that truly exist... Or perhaps people who can use psychic powers are like smartphones in how their functionality can expand and diversify in a myriad of ways as long as they can install the relevant app. It is incredibly difficult to differentiate psychic powers from magic or the abilities that youkai use. However, psychic powers seem somewhat appropriate for the youth, who are unique in the way that they believe they can do anything, and for children who have the potential to become anything. This ability could become incredibly potent if Sumireko trained it... but most high-school students would rather spend their youth having fun and enjoying themselves rather than train, and Sumireko is no exception. Sumireko previously tried to invade Gensokyo after discovering it on her own, but now she has a ''dreaming disease,'' which makes her visit Gensokyo only in her sleep. This was not triggered by her ability but by the unique relationship between Sumireko and Gensokyo. While the exact details are a mystery, this relationship may have something to do with the nature of the barrier that surrounds Gensokyo or Sumireko's state of mind. It is not known how long Sumireko will continue to be able to visit Gensokyo. However, as long as she remains a child, she will probably keep her psychic powers and her connection with Gensokyo.



Sumireko Usami's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She throws Zener cards with bioelectricity. This attack is kind of like a railgun because she imbues the cards with kinetic energy. Weak electricity flows within the bodies of all living organisms, and Sumireko can harness this power to create all sorts of electromagnetic phenomena... Or so she says.

  • Electrokinetic Zener Card
  • Electrokinetic Circle Card
  • Electrokinetic Plus Sign Card
  • Electrokinetic Wavy Lines Card
  • Electrokinetic Square Card
  • Electrokinetic Star Card

Sumireko Usami's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She throws Zener cards imbued with the ability to will fire into existence. Someone with this ability is also known as a firestarter. According to Sumireko, this isn't a particularly special psychic ability if you consider the five elements that make up the human body... But is that true?

  • Pyrokinetic Zener Card
  • Pyrokinetic Circle Card
  • Pyrokinetic Plus Sign Card
  • Pyrokinetic Wavy Lines Card
  • Pyrokinetic Square Card
  • Pyrokinetic Star Card
Gun Sign: 3D Printer Gun

Sumireko Usami's Spell Card. She shoots her gun, which was printed with a 3D printer. Do not copy this! Sumireko probably used her psychic powers to enhance the resolution of this replica. This Spell Card may look simple, but it might be surprisingly effective since most dwellers of Gensokyo have not experienced this particular type of shooting before.

  • Rough Gun Imitation
  • Rough Bullet Imitation
  • ESP Durability Reinforcement
  • ESP Trajectory Correction
  • ESP Bullet Velocity Reinforcement
  • ESP Spirit Power Reinforcement
Psychokinesis: Telekinesis - Radio Tower

Sumireko Usami's Spell Card. She uses powerful telekinesis to knock down radio towers. Telekinesis is probably the most famous psychic power, and it is like a foundation for all other powers that influence matter. Since Sumireko interferes with physics in this attack, she might be manipulating an unknown type of energy. However, youkai and phantoms are a common sight in Gensokyo, so this phenomenon isn't all that strange to anyone who lives there.

  • Radio Tower Fall
  • Radio Tower Collapse
  • Radio Tower Parts
  • Radio Tower Fragments
  • Radio Tower Crash
  • Radio Tower Debris
Super ESP Hypothesis

Sumireko Usami's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She temporarily materializes one of the worlds from her imagination. The Super ESP Hypothesis is the theory that paranormal phenomena (phenomena caused by beings such as spirits or monsters that surpass human comprehension) can be explained by supposing that psychic powers possessed by humans caused the phenomena. Sumireko has come up with a similar hypothesis after learning more about various supernatural phenomena and her own powers. Of course, she has lots of other theories too. However, she doesn't want to believe that the friends she made in Gensokyo are mere figments of her imagination. That is why Sumireko continues her research.

  • ESP Virtual Reality
  • World System -beta-
  • ESP Expanded Reality
  • World System
  • ESP Combined Reality
  • World System 2.0


Skill: Clairvoyance

This is the power to see things extremely far away or through time - it is the power to see what cannot be seen no matter how hard someone tries to hide it.

Skill: Inspiration

Her sixth sense instinctively teaches her what she needs to know. It is not known whether this is due to the aid of a spiritual being or not.

Skill: Psionic Assistance

She converts spiritual resources into power. This way, she can fight on equal footing with all the crazy girls in this world.

Passive: Gifted
Passive: Self-Reflection
Passive: Paranormal Sense