Tenshi Hinanawi


Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception

Tenshi Hinanawi's usual outfit. It features a white short-sleeved blouse with a long sky-blue skirt.

Bunny Bloom Saber Major

Rinnosuke says this rabbit costume raises Tenshi's sword aura. Is the motorbike (Wind and Fire Wheels) from another celestial?

Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kyokkou

Kyokkou refers to an aurora, a natural phenomenon that occurs near the poles where lights shine in curtain-like patterns across the sky. Tenshi's Phase and Essence endowments are unusual because her qi is balanced between her own ability to manipulate the earth, which is intrinsically tied to the flow of qi, and the power of her treasured Sword of Hisou. Even though Tenshi may be looked down upon due to the means of her ascension, she is still a full-fledged celestial. Thus, she has the ultimate privilege and physical abilities of one who lives in Heaven, which makes her resistant to Sun Essence. On the other hand, the earth (Earth Phase), which she is supposed to be in control over, is her weakness because of her lingering attachments and interest in it. However, her temperament can potentially change greatly depending on the situation. (The last time this happened was due to her and her sword's abilities.)

Ability: Capable of manipulating the earth

Tenshi Hinanawi's ability as a member of the Hinanawi clan. Or, more accurately, this is the ability of the Nawi no Kami's servants. In ancient Japan, earthquakes were called nawifuru (na = earth, wi = place, and furu = shake), which later led to earthquakes just being called nawi. The Nawi clan were priests in Gensokyo who controlled earthquakes. Those in Heaven recognized their deeds, and they were welcomed to Heaven as the Nawi no Kami divine spirits. Their servants, the Hinanawi clan, ascended to Heaven along with them and became celestials. This is when Tenshi stopped being human and became a celestial, and when her name changed from Chiko to Tenshi. However, since the Hinanawi suddenly ascended in this manner, the other celestials labeled them as upstarts and inferior. They may have a point in regards to Tenshi, as she only became a celestial because her parents served the Nawi Clan, not herself. However, Tenshi's incredible power and strength prove beyond a doubt that she is a true celestial. Furthermore, while some may say she is selfish, she may well be capable of the magnanimous and noble bearing appropriate for a celestial, as she has shown a depth of prudence and wisdom toward a select few. Perhaps celestials also grow through experience and learning. It may seem strange for a celestial's ability to be related to the earth, but since ancient times, both the shaking of the earth and the shaking of the sky have been thought to be the breathing and fetal movements of the universe. The "shaking of the sky" is thunder and lightning, so earthquakes and lightning are very much connected. This may be why messengers of the Dragon Palace serve celestials.


Beams of Non-Perception

Tenshi Hinanawi's Spread Shot. She shoots out beams of light from a keystone. You may think it strange that lasers are emitted from a keystone, but it is natural for lasers to come out of minerals. Since this keystone is from Heaven, the lasers it shoots are probably quite potent.

  • Keystone Laser
  • Semiconductor Keystone Laser
  • Glass Keystone Laser
  • Ruby Keystone Laser
  • Sapphire Keystone Laser
  • Emerald Keystone Laser
Heaven and Earth Press

Tenshi Hinanawi's Focus Shot. She crushes her opponent between two stones - one from above and one from below. This is a special version of the attack which uses keystones. Be careful because it looks like the stones would hurt even more if they just caught the tips of your fingers or toes...

  • Ground Press
  • Earth Press
  • Fertile Earth Press
  • Air Press
  • Sky Press
  • Sky of Fruitful Rain Press
Earth Sign: Sword of Unletting Soil

Tenshi Hinanawi's Spell Card. In this attack, she awakens the earth and uses it as a sword. This may be similar to feng shui techniques that alter the landscape by stimulating the rivers of flowing qi beneath the surface, known as ryuumaku. A certain ancient record states that ''Mount Tai became so big because it did not relinquish any soil.'' This is said to be a metaphor meaning that one has to be open-minded and accepting in order to acquire power and glory. At first glance, this philosophy may seem completely at odds with Tenshi's character, but not if you look closely at her actions. (Though she does not have many sympathizers who are willing to do so.)

  • Earth Slash
  • Normal Fault Slash
  • Reverse Fault Slash
  • Dextral Fault Slash
  • Sinistral Fault Slash
  • Tensile Fault Slash
Sky of Scarlet Perception of All Humankind

Tenshi Hinanawi's Spell Card. She gathers the emotions of humans as qi to fire a powerful and highly-concentrated laser. This attack seems to be intrinsically linked to the Sword of Hisou's ability, as the expelled qi is the color of scarlet. According to a certain crow tengu, Tenshi mainly gathers negative emotions. However, the celestials living in the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception believe that humans should abandon any and all emotion, so what they think of as ''negative emotions'' might be different.

  • Birth & Aging Duhkha
  • Illness & Death Duhkha
  • Separation From the Loved Duhkha
  • Association With the Unbeloved Duhkha
  • Not Getting What is Wanted Duhkha
  • Five Aggregates of Clinging Duhkha
Trillion Ton Keystone Drop

Tenshi Hinanawi's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She drops a colossal keystone from an extremely high altitude. (It's a mystery as to where she gets it from.) No matter the object, be it a keystone or the staff of a god, it has plenty of destructive power solely due to its mass when dropped from a great height. Incidentally, even if this Last Word is used in the Underworld or on the moon, it shows some sort of vision where a keystone falls down onto a Gensokyo-like place. Perhaps this is related in some way to what Tenshi thinks of Gensokyo... and Yukari Yakumo, who dwells there.

  • Ten Billion-Ton Keystone
  • Forty Billion-Ton Keystone
  • Sixty Billion-Ton Keystone
  • Seventy Billion-Ton Keystone
  • One Hundred Billion-Ton Keystone
  • Two Hundred Billion-Ton Keystone


Skill: Sword of Hisou

An artifact of Heaven. Tenshi adjusts its power as she fights and uses any excess qi to heal herself.

Skill: Immortal Fruit

These peaches are all over Heaven. Since they are grown in Heaven, they should still taste good even if that's all you eat.

Skill: Keystone Technique

This Hinanawi technique probably originated from the Nawi clan's priests. She may be called a brash and irresponsible celestial, but her skills are something to behold.

Passive: Celestial Body
Passive: Wisdom of Heaven
Passive: Nawi no Kami Servant