Soga no Tojiko


Ghost of the Descendant of the Gods

Soga no Tojiko's usual outfit. It features a green dress with a long skirt and a black eboshi hat.

Electric Nurse

A green lightning electrotherapy nurse appeared in the hospital! This shocking ghost is very caring and kind...!

Ghost of the Descendant of the Gods
Voice Lines
Temperament: Enrai

Enrai (a Touhou LW original) refers to distant thunder. This is an apt temperament for Tojiko, who is a ghost with a grudge just as strong as a vengeful spirit's. Tojiko is endowed with Wood Phase, the element of lightning, and with Moon Essence, as she accepts change.

Ability: Capable of causing lightning

Soga no Tojiko's ability as a ghost who held a deep-seated grudge. She can cause lightning to fall around her. This is a simple yet terrifying ability. Apparently, many vengeful spirits are capable of causing lightning to occur. Tojiko probably acquired this ability because she held a grudge against humans that rivaled the grudges of greater vengeful spirits. She isn't quite as resentful these days, but her ability doesn't seem to have changed, so it can be assumed that she doesn't directly cause lightning to occur through her resentful emotions. It is said that lightning has one of the highest instantaneous voltages in the observable universe. There is some scientific basis for this statement, but it is much more occult in nature. The act of causing a supernatural phenomenon with an extremely high electric power is a staple of science fiction novels. However, electricity has lost its mysticism through scientific study, so the popular tropes have rapidly changed to such things as nuclear power, subatomic particles, and astronomical phenomena. No one considers electricity mystical or mysterious anymore. It has become a part of daily life, just like water and natural gas. However, lightning still causes people to shudder with fear. Even if you know how it works, it is still terrifying.


Fierce Thunderbolt

Soga no Tojiko's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She throws balls of lightning at her target. There have been multiple accounts of people observing ball lightning worldwide, and there is even a report of someone losing their life when a ball hit them.

  • Ball Lightning Bullet
  • Lightning Ball Bullet
  • Plasma Ball
  • Luminous Ball
  • Moon-Like Ball of Light
  • Electricity Ball
Thunder Bite

Soga no Tojiko's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She crushes her opponent between two balls of lightning. It looks like the lightning bites them. The most dangerous thing to do during a lightning storm is to stay in an area with no elevated spots. If you happen to find yourself in an open space, you should immediately seek shelter inside a building.

  • Lightning Bullet
  • Lightning Strike Bullet
  • Thunder Bullet
  • Thunderbolt Bullet
  • Lightning Flash Bullet
  • Lightning Qi Bullet
Thunder Arrow: Gagouji's Cyclone

Soga no Tojiko's Spell Card. She emits piercing bolts of lightning in this attack. When the capital city was relocated to Heijou-Kyou (today's Nara), Asuka Temple, built by Soga no Umako, was also moved there and renamed Gangou Temple. The temple was apparently very large during its heyday but has diminished over time.

  • Raijin-Sent Child Story
  • Child With Superhuman Strength Story
  • Child of Gandou Temple Story
  • Oni Extermination Tale
  • Heroic Exploits
  • Buddhist Priest Doujou Tale
Thunder Arrow: Gagouji's Tornado

Soga no Tojiko's Spell Card. She creates a destructive lightning storm. It is said that gagouji (also gagoze or gagoji) is a word that refers to an oni who had the form of a monk and lived at Gangou Temple. Gagouji has become a term used by children all across Japan to mean monsters in general. However, a famous folklorist posits that the term gagoze comes from how monsters would say ''kamou zo'' (I'll bite ya) when they appear. Perhaps it is something like the Bogeyman.

  • Oni of Gangou Temple
  • Gagouji
  • Gagoze
  • Gagoji
  • Gangoji
  • Gagou
Thundering Illusions

Soga no Tojiko's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes the lightning from the Age of the Gods that was feared by all humans. The rise of science stole electricity's mysteries, making it a slave to humans. However, Tojiko uses ancient lightning - a medium for her vengeance that splits the sky and shatters the earth. Perhaps Tojiko occasionally reminisces about the time long ago when she was still corporeal and lived alongside Miko and Futo. She might also reflect on how fortunate she is to still be with them today.

  • The Age of the Gods Lightning
  • Ancient Thunderbolt
  • Mystical Thunder and Lightning
  • Mystical Thunderbolt
  • Ancient Thunder
  • Mystical Thunder


Skill: Induced Lightning

She purposefully drops a bolt of lightning. This is actually safer than natural lightning if she can also direct where it lands.

Skill: Thunderous Roar

A clap of thunder. You can see the flash of lightning before you hear it because light travels faster than sound.

Skill: Lightning Summon

She manifests lightning itself. It is rumored that lightning can have one of the highest instantaneous voltages in the universe.

Passive: Ghost of a Powerful Clan
Passive: Dependable and Caring
Passive: Vengeful Drive