Watatsuki no Toyohime


Moon Princess Who Connects Sea and Mountain

Watatsuki no Toyohime's usual outfit. It features a navy blue overall dress.

Backdrop for the Moon Companion

Toyohime prepared this costume to accompany Eirin. It's designed to make Yorihime's costume shine even brighter.

White Peach Fragrance Princess


Moon Princess Who Connects Sea and Mountain
Voice Lines
Temperament: Mochizuki

Mochizuki (a Touhou LW original) refers to the full moon and the phase of the moon on the fifteenth night of the lunar calendar. Toyohime's temperament is reflected in the light of the full moon, which can be both gentle or harsh. Toyohime is endowed with Metal Phase, with her deep-seated will of iron, and Moon Essence, with her resourcefulness.

Ability: Capable of linking the sea and the mountain

The mountains are Gensokyo and the sea is the far side of the moon. Toyohime's ability is linking the two. She uses it to go to and from Gensokyo as she pleases. Considering that she once used this ability to thwart Yukari Yakumo, it is without a doubt incredibly powerful. This is an apt ability for a moon emissary. Eirin loves her two students, Toyohime and Yorihime, and passed on the role of Moon Emissary directly to them both. Toyohime appears to have inherited Eirin's knowledge of quantum physics with her ability to connect two places and teleport instantaneously, but it is still unknown what other abilities she may possess. However, it is clear that she has an incredible intellect, just like Eirin.


Princess Beam

Watatsuki no Toyohime's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack emits pink lasers. Toyohime loves peaches so much that she once fell out of a window when trying to pluck one from a peach tree in her garden. On the moon, peach trees even grow along the coast, so you can imagine how many trees there must be in the capital and its surroundings. Incidentally, Heaven is also known for having many peach trees.

  • Yin Laser
  • Core Yang Laser
  • High Nectar Laser
  • Core Yin Laser
  • High Yang Laser
  • Nectar Laser
Shark Grenade

Watatsuki no Toyohime's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She uses some sort of grenade launcher-type item in the shape of a shark which shoots out cans of peaches. The Lunar Capital is said to be more technologically advanced than earth, so while this item may look comedic, it could actually be highly sophisticated. The shark design may refer to the ancient mythological creature called the Yahiro-wani, who was an envoy of Ryuuguu, a legendary undersea palace. It is debated whether the Yahiro-wani was a crocodile or a shark.

  • Yin Grenade
  • High Yang Grenade
  • Canned Peach Grenade
  • High Yin Grenade
  • Core Yang Grenade
  • High Canned Peach Grenade
Promise: The Path Between Land and Sea

Watatsuki no Toyohime's Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). This attack uses the ocean current to sweep away her targets. Toyohime can connect the sea (the far side of the moon) and the mountains (Gensokyo), and travel freely from one to the other. She apparently used this power to interfere with Yukari's ability to travel through gaps, which indicates how strong the power is.

  • Tidal Island
  • High Tide
  • High Tide
  • Tidal Force of the Moon
  • Low Tide
  • Low Tide
Taboo: Comb Torch of Shame

Watatsuki no Toyohime's Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). This attack recreates the flames that lit Izanagi's comb torch. Promising not to look at something is a common trope in mythology and folklore. Tsuru no Ongaeshi, or Crane's Return of a Favor, is a Japanese folk tale where a man breaks a promise not to look in on his wife. She is revealed to be a crane that he once saved and subsequently leaves, never to return. In European folklore, there are tales of a maiden who transforms into a dragon and leaves after her husband spies on her in the bath.

  • Fata Morgana Mirage
  • Inferior Mirage
  • Inferior Mirage
  • Moon Novaya Zemlya Effect
  • Superior Mirage
  • Superior Mirage
Toyotamaphimeia Machikanensis

Watatsuki no Toyohime's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack unleashes bullets in the form of an ancient crocodilian. According to the owner of a certain antique store, dragons are born in the sea and return to life in the sea, which means their bones must be somewhere in the sea too. Living dragons are nowhere to be found in the outside world, so the sea probably refers to the sea of tranquility on the moon. Incidentally, Toyohime once hosted Mizue no Uranoshimako (the assumed model for Urashima Tarou of Japanese legend) on his visit to the moon, which means Ryuuguu, the Dragon Palace, may in fact be the Lunar Capital.

  • Yahiro-Wani Transformation
  • Yahiro-Wani Tackle
  • Undersea Dragon Fossil
  • Boundary Crossing Ryuuguu Envoy
  • Undersea Dragon Fossil
  • Dragon Maiden Bathing


Skill: Quantum Teleport

Teleportation that does not require any supernatural power. Toyohime probably has excellent grades in quantum physics.

Skill: Thin Cord of Instants

A cord of femto fiber, a type of material that cannot be cut and never frays. Shimenawa, the large ropes at shrines, are also apparently made of this.

Skill: Fan of Purging

Ordinarily, this is a weapon of mass destruction that can purify a large area down to the atomic level. Its power is of course restricted.

Passive: Determinism
Passive: Quantum Calculus
Passive: Indeterminate Tamatebako