Urumi Ushizaki


Parental Guardian of Ancient Fish

Urumi Ushizaki's usual outfit. It features a yellow crop top and yellow shorts.



Bunny Sanzu River Guard

Urumi's bunny-eared undercover agent costume. She'll handle any prehistoric fish!

Parental Guardian of Ancient Fish
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kawakaze

Kawakaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to a river breeze. This is an apt temperament for Urumi, since ushi-oni youkai drown humans in rivers. Urumi is endowed with Earth Phase, for her ability to manipulate weight, and Moon Essence, since she can be a nure-onna or an ushi-oni.

Ability: Capable of changing the weight of everyday objects

The ability of Urumi Ushizaki as an ushi-oni. Presumably, she uses this ability to make her stone baby and some of her bullets heavier than normal. According to the legends, the youkai that forces people to carry a stone baby and makes it heavier in their arms is called a nure-onna. Nure-onna work together with ushi-oni to attack humans that get close to the water. The nure-onna forces a baby into the human's arms and prevents them from moving by making the baby heavy, then the ushi-oni emerges from the water and drags the human down to the depths. There are some variations of this tale, but that is how it generally goes. Nure-onna and ushi-oni look completely different, but some versions of the story say they sound exactly the same, indicating that they may be the same youkai. Perhaps they're like an anglerfish, with the nure-onna being the light that lures in prey and the ushi-oni being the main body. Urumi's appearance also seems to indicate that nure-onna and ushi-oni are one and the same. There are other youkai that manipulate weight, such as obariyon, who jump on people's backs and make themselves heavier, or ubume, who force people to take their babies, which later turn into heavy rocks. But when you think about it scientifically, changing the weight of something should be incredibly difficult. There aren't many abilities whose exact mechanics are so bizarre and mysterious as this one.


Cow Bezoars

Urumi Ushizaki's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She fires round balls created by cows. The stones created within a cow's body are called bezoars and were thought to be a panacea. The word for a cow bezoar in Japanese is ''go-ou,'' but depending on the kanji used, it can also refer to balls of hair on a cow's forehead. These hairballs are kept as treasures at some shrines and temples.

  • Cow Bezoar Bullet
  • Soil Bullet
  • Go-Ou-Houin Charm Bullet
  • Panacea Cow Bezoar Bullet
  • Ball of Cow Hair Bullet
  • Round Cow Bezoar Bullet
Ushi Gozen

Urumi Ushizaki's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). The resentment of Ushi Gozen is displayed in this attack. It is said that Ushi Gozen was the son of a general and that he possessed the head of a bull and the body of a spider. There is a well-known legend about how a warrior famed for his youkai-exterminating exploits was ordered to slay this creature that housed the vengeful spirit of Tenjin. Apparently, this warrior was the older brother of Ushi Gozen.

  • Angry Onslaught
  • Bitter Onslaught
  • Vengeful Onslaught
  • Envious Onslaught
  • Hateful Onslaught
  • Sad Onslaught
Stone Sign: Stone Baby

Urumi Ushizaki's Spell Card. She forces her opponent to carry heavy stone bullets. The way she stops people from moving by making them carry a stone is reminiscent of the legends surrounding nure-onna youkai. Stone babies also make one think of ubume youkai.

  • Weight of 15 Years
  • Weight of 18 Years
  • Weight of 40 Years
  • Weight of 46 Years
  • Weight of More Than 50 Years
  • Weight of More Than 60 Years
Oni Sign: Demon Siege

Urumi Ushizaki's Spell Card. She wildly fires ricocheting bullets that assault her opponents from all directions. This attack is reminiscent of the tales where ushi-oni trap their victims and drag them down into the water. Ship phantoms also sink their victims, but in their case, the victims are ships. In some regions of Japan, ship phantoms are called ''ugume,'' which is also another name for ubume youkai.

  • Ushi-Oni Net
  • Ushi-Oni Attack
  • Ushi-Oni Negotiation
  • Ushi-Oni Treachery
  • Ushi-Oni Surprise Attack
  • Ushi-Oni Destruction
Ushi-Oni Depths

Urumi Ushizaki's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She summons prehistoric fish up from the watery depths. There are various legends about ushi-oni originating from different regions of Japan, and many of those places contain a cave, waterfall, river, island, or even a town named after ushi-oni. This has solidified the ushi-oni's reputation as a mysterious beast that emerges from beneath the water. Incidentally, it's said that all terrestrial animals owe their lineage to fish that evolved to have legs, so perhaps water-dwelling youkai are closer relatives to the first creatures on Earth.

  • Pteraspis Bullet
  • Doryaspis Bullet
  • Lunaspis Bullet
  • Coccosteus Bullet
  • Bothriolepis Bullet
  • Dunkleosteus Bullet


Skill: Machikane Croc

The scientific name is Toyotamaphimeia machikanensis. It was a type of large crocodylian, but it has long since become extinct.

Skill: Futabasaurus

The scientific name is Futabasaurus suzukii. It was a type of long-necked dinosaur, but it has long since become extinct.

Skill: Utatsusaurus

The scientific name is Utatsusaurus hataii. It is the earliest known ichthyosaur, but it has long since become extinct.

Passive: Nure-Onna
Passive: Waterside Warning
Passive: Prehistoric Fish Merchant's Pride