Mermaid Living in Fresh Water

Wakasagihime's usual outfit. It features a dark green kimono.

Secret Kohakutou Candy Collection

Wakasagihime's exchanged outfit. It features a Kagerou-style costume!

Mermaid Living in Fresh Water
Voice Lines
Temperament: Asagiri

Asagiri (a Touhou LW original) refers to morning mist. This is an apt temperament for Wakasagihime since she lives in the Misty Lake. Wakasagihime is endowed with Water Phase, since mermaids can breathe underwater, and Sun Essence, as she harbors untold youkai power.

Ability: Capable of growing in power when underwater

Wakasagihime's ability as a mermaid. This is an apt power for a water-dwelling youkai, but it doesn't really help her in battles of bullets since they are mostly conducted in the sky. Perhaps she is known as a gentle youkai because she is comparatively less powerful out of the water. There are many tales all over the world about the species known as mermaids. The most famous story is probably the fairytale about a little mermaid written by a renowned author. The ancient legends of mermaids depict them as beautiful, long-lived, otherworldy creatures in a similar vein to fairies. In Japan, the most famous mermaid tale is that of Yao Bikuni, which is about a girl who became a nun after acquiring immortality by mistakenly eating the flesh of a mermaid. There are legends where mermaid meat was served in other worlds like the Dragon Palace, and it is depicted as a type of panacea that grants eternal youth and longevity. Regardless of origin, tales of mermaids generally seem to agree that they are ephemeral creatures. Even in this modern day, the ocean remains a treasure trove of mysteries to the humans who live on land, and the water's edge is a barrier that separates these other worlds. Perhaps all beings who live on this barrier are ephemeral and delicate.


Tail Slap

Wakasagihime's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out scales with a powerful tail slap. Fish scales are composed of dentin and enamel, and it is theorized that fish developed teeth through the evolution of scales close to the mouth. Wakasagihime's scales might be her hidden fangs.

  • Flutter Kick
  • Butterfly Kick
  • Whip Kick
  • Frog Kick
  • Two-Beat Kick
  • Dolphin Kick
School of Medaka

Wakasagihime's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a school of fish. Wakasagihime is probably loved and respected by the fish in the lake because she is a beautiful and gentle youkai. They will put their lives on the line to protect her.

  • Black Medaka
  • Yellow Medaka
  • White Medaka
  • Blue Medaka
  • Albino Medaka
  • Shiny Medaka
Scale Sign: Scale Wave

Wakasagihime's Spell Card. She attacks with waves of scales. Wakasagi fish, also known as Japanese smelt, are known for their smooth, lustrous scales, but there are slight differences between individual fish. Their habitat also affects how they look. It seems that the world of fish is surprisingly complicated.

  • Princess Scale Bullet
  • Shark Placoid Scale Bullet
  • Sturgeon Ganoid Scale Bullet
  • Flounder Leptoid Scale Bullet
  • Sardine Cycloid Scale Bullet
  • Mackerel Ctenoid Scale Bullet
Tide Sign: Tidal Wave of the Lake

Wakasagihime's Spell Card. She creates a colossal wave in this attack. ''Tidal wave'' is a colloquial term for a massive wave because it resembles a rapidly rising tide. However, the term ''tsunami'' is generally used nowadays. This Spell Card may provide a glimpse at the depths of Wakasagihime's hidden youkai power since lakes do not usually have such large waves.

  • Colossal Wave Bullet
  • 376th Wave Bullet
  • 93rd Wave Bullet
  • 98th Wave Bullet
  • 44th Wave Bullet
  • 389th Wave Bullet
River Fish Sacrament

Wakasagihime's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She sheds a single mermaid tear. There are legends that mermaid tears can become pearls or even bestow immortality. Apparently, mermaid flesh and blood also have mysterious properties. Perhaps it is the fate of all mermaids to be hunted, considering that even Kagerou once tried to eat her in the past.



Skill: Porous Stone

A stone in Wakasagihime's collection. It is a sedimentary rock made of volcanic ash called tuff.

Skill: Smooth Stone

A stone in Wakasagihime's collection. It is a sedimentary rock made of silicon called chert.

Skill: Dark Stone

A stone in Wakasagihime's collection. It is a sedimentary rock made of mud called mudstone.

Passive: Whitewater Swimming
Passive: Stone Collector
Passive: Lake Diva