Yamame Kurodani


The Bright Net in the Dark Cave

Yamame Kurodani's usual outfit. It features a brown jumper dress and a yellow ribbon.

Envoy From the Underworld

Yamame's thief suit evokes a yellow sickness. The arms on the back of the suit are pretty useful!



Worm Moon Earth Spider

An outfit perfect for exercise made for Yamame. "Using silk is against the rules? Don't worry, it's that type of competition."

The Bright Net in the Dark Cave
Voice Lines
Temperament: Asabare

Asabare (a Touhou LW original) refers to a clear sky in the morning. This is an apt temperament for Yamame since it is said that there will be clear skies all day if you see a spider in the morning. Yamame is endowed with Earth Phase, as a tsuchigumo, and Star Essence, as one of the people who did not obey the Imperial Court of Japan.

Ability: Capable of manipulating illness (mainly infectious disease)

The ability of Yamame Kurodani as a tsuchigumo. This is a particularly nasty ability even for a youkai of the Underworld, who are generally hated by others. However, she does not seem to want to use this ability carelessly. Tsuchigumo are probably best known for the story about how one made a famous youkai exterminator warlord sick with a fever. Long ago, in both the West and East, it was believed that diseases were caused by ''bad air,'' called miasma, which was a product of foul water. Sanitation, flood control, and urban developments such as water supply and sewage system improvements may have also been an act of youkai extermination. On the other hand, there is a theory that tsuchigumo may have been the name for tribes or clans of people who did not show allegiance to the Imperial Court of Japan. Some studies even seem to regard them, and other youkai, as the remnants of fallen ancient gods. However, even if one tries to understand the origins of youkai, the rumors about them will always be horrifying. Regardless of how they came to be, diseases are frightening, and unknown hostile forces are a threat. Yamame lives deep underground in Gensokyo with her terrifying ability.


Thread Balls

Yamame Kurodani's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she shoots spider threads rolled into balls. All spiders can produce threads, and many use viscous threads for predation. You might get eaten.

  • Fibroin Bullet
  • Fibril Structure Bullet
  • Glycine Component Bullet
  • Alanine Component Bullet
  • Serine Component Bullet
  • Tyrosine Component Bullet
Spider Swing

Yamame Kurodani's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she charges toward her enemy by swinging on her spider thread. A similar acrobatic trick is said to be used in circuses called the trapeze. It is a highlight of any circus show.

  • Ballooning
  • Trapeze T
  • Swinging T
  • Headstand T
  • Flying T
  • Spider T
Trap Sign: Capture Web

Yamame Kurodani's Spell Card. In this attack, she spreads her web. The way she crafts a web pattern with her threads is truly reminiscent of a spider. Spiders are said to detect prey by the vibration of their threads. It's almost like a wire trap...!

  • Spider Web Bullet
  • Circular Web Bullet
  • Rectangle Web Bullet
  • Round Web Bullet
  • Streak Web Bullet
  • Irregular Web Bullet
Miasma Sign: Filled Miasma

Yamame Kurodani's Spell Card. She imitates a miasma in this attack. Long ago, it was thought that diseases were caused by ''bad air,'' called miasma. Malaria is one of the world's three major infectious diseases, and its name also means ''bad air.'' A certain warlord was infected by a disease called okori by a tsuchigumo, but there is a theory that this was, in fact, malaria.

  • Underworld Miasma
  • Wetland Miasma
  • Microbe Miasma
  • Humoral Imbalance Miasma
  • Living Contact Miasma
  • Bacteria Miasma
Hizamaru Spider Slash

Yamame Kurodani's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack recreates the legendary sword that is said to have slain a spider spirit. The spider spirit, called a tsuchigumo or yamagumo, is a well-known youkai that has been depicted in various stories and plays, including Noh plays. It is said that the sword used to slay the spider was renamed Kumogiri by a warlord famous for exterminating youkai.

  • Makuragami Slash
  • Hizagiri Slash
  • Hizamaru Slash
  • Kumogiri Slash
  • Hoemaru Slash
  • Usumidori Slash


Skill: Multi-Legged

She usually hides her legs. They are very cool and useful.

Skill: Support String

Lightweight, stretchable, and durable. Where is it usually stored?

Skill: Construction

Threads are practical and can build anything. It's a power that comes in handy in the Underworld.

Passive: Earth Constructor
Passive: Trap Master
Passive: Underworld Idol