Yoshika Miyako


Loyal Undead

Yoshika Miyako's usual outfit. It features a red Chinese-style shirt with short sleeves and a black skirt.

Chainsaw Nurse

A pale amputation surgery nurse crawled out of the Hospital! It's just like a low-budget horror movie!

Loyal Undead
Voice Lines
Temperament: Ketsugetsu

Ketsugetsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon. This is an apt temperament for Yoshika - a moon shrouded in shadow bathing the night in blood and darkness. Yoshika is endowed with Water Phase, the element of death, and Star Essence, as she has no self-determination.

Ability: Capable of eating anything (When she takes a bite out of humans, they temporarily become jiang shi.)

Yoshika Miyako has the ability common to both jiang shi and zombies. Her ability to eat anything was confirmed in a certain incident where she was witnessed eating divine spirits (which were, in fact, spirits of peoples' desires) to recover her health. Just like in the movies from the outside world, anyone she bites will turn into a jiang shi like her, albeit temporarily. Of course, those turned into jiang shi also get an urge to bite someone, which results in more and more jiang shi. It could be problematic if that ever happens... Jiang shi are walking dead youkai from China. Their origins are quite old, but the movie industry has fabricated much about them. They can apparently be controlled by Taoist magic, which Seiga must have attained somehow. These jiang shi were popular for a time due to their movie appearances, but does anyone still remember them now?


Soul Drain

Yoshika Miyako's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She sucks up a portion of her target's soul. Absorption attacks are quite rare in battles of bullets. Soul energy is most likely sustenance for her because she is undead.

  • Absorption Attempt
  • Energy Drain
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Middle Drain
  • Soul and Spirit Absorption
  • High Drain
Nyan Nyan Strength Charm

Yoshika Miyako's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by using ofuda that she received from Seiga. Using ofuda is apparently a fundamental part of Chinese magic. The piece of paper on Yoshika's forehead is a different type of ofuda - it is a list of tasks for Yoshika to perform. This is similar to how old computers required cards to input data and function.

  • Power Amulet
  • Stiff Paper Bullet
  • Hard Amulet
  • Power-Up Ofuda Bullet
  • Boost Amulet
  • Super Stiff Paper Bullet
Poison Nail: Poison Raze

Yoshika Miyako's Spell Card. She attacks with poison-coated nails. The poison produced by decomposing corpses is mainly made up of pathogens that cause infectious diseases. This poison that has long been known to originate from corpses may have something to do with why zombies are created from infection.

  • Poison Raze Bullet
  • Hard Nail Bullet
  • Spirit-Tearing Bullet
  • Nail Bullet
  • Spirit-Cutting Bullet
  • Poison Claw Bullet
Desire Sign: Profit Desire Spirit Invitation

Yoshika Miyako's Spell Card. She sprays out bullets around her while absorbing summoned divine spirits. The blue divine spirits called Profit Desire Spirits are, as the name implies, embodiments of a desire to make a profit. These divine spirits are spirit-like entities, but they are not the same as beings like Kanako. However, there may be some sort of connection between them.

  • Spirit-Absorbing Kunai Bullet
  • Zombie Aura
  • Curved Laser
  • Zombie Kunai Bullet
  • Zombie Power
  • Circular Laser
Wind Between the New Willows Like a Comb Through Hair

Yoshika Miyako's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She spins like a whirlwind and crashes into her targets. It is extremely rare for her to ever use this attack. It is said that the idea of this attack just happened to come to her when she lost Seiga's ofuda that is usually on her forehead. It seems that she acts differently when Seiga's ofuda is not stuck on her forehead, but the reason for this is unknown...

  • Spirit Tackle
  • Hard Tackle
  • Hard Spirit Tackle
  • Spirit Charge
  • Diving Attack
  • Diving Spirit Attack


Skill: Respawn

She can come back to life whenever Seiga wills it... Though she's undead, so it's more like she is put back together.

Skill: Grave Guard

She loyally protects the place she was told to, even if she has forgotten why.

Skill: Eater of Spirits

Small divine spirits are surely floating about somewhere. Probably in places where surges of strong desires manifest.

Passive: Rigor Mortis
Passive: Purple Spirit Absorption
Passive: Green Spirit Absorption