Yuuka Kazami


Flower Master of the Four Seasons

Yuuka Kazami's usual outfit. It features a white shirt with a red plaid skirt and vest.

Cheerleader of the Four Seasons

Yuuka's outfit that converts the spring weather into cheer. The large umbrella is particularly striking.

Flower Master of the Four Seasons
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hana-arashi

Hana-arashi (a Touhou LW original) refers to a strong wind blowing while cherry blossoms are in bloom as well as flower petals carried by strong winds. This is an apt temperament for Yuuka, a youkai who loves flowers. Yuuka is endowed with Wood Phase, which represents flowers, and Star Essence, which represents dreams and her uninhibited free spirit.

Ability: Capable of manipulating flowers

This is Yuuka Kazami's ability to freely control any flower. The limits and conditions for this ability are a mystery, but it seems to be fairly versatile as she has been witnessed making flowers bloom at will and making withered flowers bloom again. This ability apparently has no direct use in battle. All of Yuuka's strength comes from her sheer physical prowess and immense youkai power... or so she claims. Practically all of the information regarding abilities has come from the user's own proclamations which has been recorded in the Gensokyo Chronicle compiled by the Child of Miare. Thus, the truth could have easily been overexaggerated or concealed, unbeknownst to anyone but Yuuka herself. In terms of physical strength or durability, flowers are incredibly frail. For starters, there are hardly any plants that continue to bloom for more than one season, and flowers that do bloom are destined to wilt shortly after. But perhaps that is why, irrespective of the time or place, flowers always have been and will forever be loved. So it is quite fitting that Yuuka uses flowers as bullets in Spell Card duels as these battles are fundamentally contests to determine who can make the most beautiful attacks. Flowers are undeniably beautiful, and so are Yuuka's form and ideology when battling against strong opponents with flowers that are meant to be so delicate. Also, it seems that the reason she adores flowers is related in some way or another to dreams. If the color of flowers is truly gathered from the soil... the color may have something to do with temperament or the fragments of the souls of the dead that have sunk deep below the earth. But there is no way to tell for sure.


Flower Shooting

Yuuka Kazami's Spread Shot. She unleashes a barrage of flower bullets. They may look like pretty flowers, but they pack a punch when they connect. Being captivated by their beauty is dangerous!

  • Flower Bullet
  • Spring Flower Bullet
  • Summer Flower Bullet
  • Autumn Flower Bullet
  • Winter Flower Bullet
  • Seasonal Flower Bullet
Illusory Spring Flowers

Yuuka Kazami's Focus Shot. She fires a few large flower bullets. The flowers are beautiful, but your life could be at risk if they hit. They are as frightening as they are enthralling.

  • Large Flower Bullet
  • Springtime Large Flower Bullet
  • Summertime Large Flower Bullet
  • Autumn-Time Large Flower Bullet
  • Wintertime Large Flower Bullet
  • All-Season Large Flower Bullet
Flower Sign: Blossoming of Gensokyo

Yuuka Kazami's Spell Card. This attack causes all of the flowers throughout Gensokyo to bloom. It is a fitting Spell Card for one that can control flowers like Yuuka. She may seem to have a strong association with sunflowers due to one particular incident, but the truth is that she adores each and every type of flower.

  • Prophetic Plant Dream Bullet
  • False Plant Dream Bullet
  • Auspicious Plant Dream Bullet
  • Inauspicious Plant Dream Bullet
  • Lucid Plant Dream Bullet
  • Precognitive Plant Dream Bullet
Fantasy: The Beauties of Nature

Yuuka Kazami's Spell Card. She paints the landscape by causing a variety of flowers to bloom uncontrollably. Flowers, birds, the wind, and the moon are the things of natural beauty that are traditionally appreciated in Japan. ''Sing along with the wind and praise the moon'' is a saying in Japan about loving and enjoying the beauty of nature. But depending on how it is read, it can also be taken to mean, ''To feign ignorance to the wind and play with the moon,'' which is also kind of fitting for Yuuka.

  • Freely Sing With the Wind
  • Red Blossoms & Green Willows
  • Birdsong & Flower Perfume
  • Resplendent Nature
  • Bright Moon & Cool Wind
  • Whimsically Praise the Moon
Blooming Beauty - Master Spark

Yuuka Kazami's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She fires a massive laser ringed with flowers. This attack displays Yuuka's extensive firepower. But why is it called Master Spark? Could it have something to do with a certain ordinary magician...?

  • Blooming Beauty MS Bullet
  • Beauty of Spring & Autumn MS Bullet
  • Glorious Cherry Blossoms MS Bullet
  • Wild Spring Beauty MS Bullet
  • Seasonal Beauty MS Bullet
  • Equally Beautiful Laser & Flowers


Skill: Capillary Action

Flowers get their color by absorbing the color of the soil. No buckets or pumps are necessary.

Skill: Alkaloid

Some flowers contain toxins that affect the nervous system, and there are even some that can make people go mad.

Skill: Roses Have Thorns

Things that are beautiful and elegant are also delicate, but that does not necessarily mean they are defenseless.

Passive: Flower Master
Passive: Stern Retribution
Passive: Photosynthesis