Yuuma Toutetsu


Undefeated Matriarch of the Gouyoku Alliance

Yuuma Toutetsu's usual outfit. It features a taotie-patterned dress and a giant spoon.



All-You-Can-Devour Banquet

Yuuma's Social Club outfit. She's also undefeated at the banquet table. With this Chinese-style outfit, she's ready to feast.

Undefeated Matriarch of the Gouyoku Alliance
Voice Lines
Temperament: Sekiyu Ryuushutsu

Sekiyu Ryuushutsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to oil spills, incidents where petroleum hydrocarbon is released into a natural environment due to human activity. This is an apt temperament for Yuuma, who seeks to benefit from the conflicts raging in the dog-eat-dog world of the Animal Realm. Dwellers of the Animal Realm seem to lack the three Essences because this chaotic realm is far from Heaven. Yuuma is endowed with Water Phase, since she can read the ebbs and flows of any situation and adapt accordingly, and Metal Phase, since fossil fuels are produced underground. The combination of Metal Phase and Water Phase cancels out any resistance or weakness to Earth Phase.

Ability: Capable of absorbing anything

The ability of Yuuma Toutetsu, the taotie - a divine beast capable of devouring anything. Yuuma senses current trends and flexibly adjusts her battle tactics without prioritizing one fighting technique over another. She can also devour absolutely anything, absorbing its essence. It seems doing so even affects her personality. It's only a matter of time until records emerge of someone seeing Yuuma with a different power and personality after she has absorbed something other than oil. In the Animal Realm, which is ruled by violence, it's said that people like Yuuma, who wait for opportunities to present themselves before taking action, are rare. While avoiding risk, she seeks to take her enemies unaware, making Yuuma, too, a violent individual. Yuuma claiming an advantageous position with regard to controlling the oil shows that her way of doing things has its benefits. Together with her ability to absorb anything and make its essence her own, Yuuma's subordinates trust her completely and revere her as the strongest being in the Animal Realm. However, Yuuma rarely uses her subordinates, and the Gouyoku Alliance is supposedly comprised of members acting of their own volition. Yuuma's ability and the alliance's policies are more than a match for the ultra-powerful Saki Kurokoma and the will-breaking Yachie Kicchou. The alliance has received outside criticism, with some saying for all its pride, it's weaker than the other organizations, and others claiming its leader, Yuuma Toutetsu, is a vile individual driven only by her own desires and that her subordinates are most unfortunate. However, it seems all such criticism was made intentionally to damage the alliance's reputation. And with that, the leaders of the three organizations of the Animal Realm, the Keiga Family, the Kiketsu Family, and the Gouyoku Alliance, have come to light. It's thought that there's another organization, whose existence is as of yet unknown. If new information is found, perhaps the truth will reveal itself.


Greedy Mining

Yuuma Toutetsu's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She mines greedily in this attack. Humans have found many natural resources by digging. To the Earth, humans are like insects, devouring all that it possesses. The taotie is an ancient mythological creature, also known as the fiend of gluttony. What must it have thought when it saw the bottomless nature of human greed? Perhaps it saw humans as its kin since they were both born from the pits of greed.

  • Greedy Mining
  • Covetous Mining
  • Avid Mining
  • Avaricious Mining
  • Hungry Mining
  • Eager Mining
Gluttonous Spill

Yuuma Toutetsu's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes her infinite greed in this attack. Long ago, boundless desire was deemed sinful, and all were warned not to succumb to it since it has the potential to harm others. However, in modern society, a desire for more motivates the workforce, and those who display that desire are in high demand. You could say modern society is one that centers around desire. Yuuma won't have to worry about running out of sustenance for as long as it remains that way.

  • Gluttonous Spill
  • Full-Bellied Spill
  • Post-Gorge Spill
  • Over-Indulgence Spill
  • Satiating Spill
  • Ravenous Spill
Extraction: Black Water that Changes the Ways of the World

Yuuma Toutetsu's Spell Card. She extracts the power of crude oil in this attack. There were once two theories regarding the origin of oil. One that said its origin lay in organic life, while the other said it lay in inorganic gas produced by the Earth. Eventually, the organic life theory gained wide support, with the formation of kerogen being seen as a critical step in oil's production. The theory states that the remains of creatures from long ago amassed underwater, where they carbonized. Then, due to the Earth's heat and pressure, they transformed into oil. In that sense, oil is nothing more than a concentrated solution of the dead's resentment and vengeful thoughts.

  • Oil Field Crude Oil
  • Oil Shale Crude Oil
  • Oil Sand Crude Oil
  • Tar Pit Crude Oil
  • Sweet Oil
  • Sour Oil
Distillation: Forcible & Immature Distillation Device

Yuuma Toutetsu's Spell Card. She extracts the components of oil in this attack. The great advancements of modern human civilization were largely brought about by the use of oil. Long after first discovering and learning to use fire, humans developed the steam engine during the industrial revolution. However, when they transitioned from using coal to oil as a fuel source, they perfected the highly efficient internal combustion engine. In doing so, humans set themselves cleanly apart from all other lifeforms on Earth. All of these technological advances were driven by greed.

  • Natural Gas Layer
  • Gasoline Layer
  • Naphtha Layer
  • Kerosene Layer
  • Light Oil Layer
  • Heavy Oil Layer
Strange and Sinful Tale of Zhuolu

Yuuma Toutetsu's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack symbolizes a brutally violent war that was fought long ago. In ancient China, there existed a beast god of immense power, said to devour stone and even iron. It combined forces with the youkai, becoming a true calamity that battled against rival gods. It was subsequently defeated and beheaded, and its head is said to have become a ding, an ancient Chinese cauldron, inscribed with the taotie's face.

  • Desires of 81 Kin
  • Alliance of Evil Aberrations
  • Zhuolu Field Wind
  • Zhuolu Field Rain
  • Zhuolu Field Smoke
  • Zhuolu Field Mist


Skill: Threats and Offers

Yuuma's go-to courses of action to win without conflict.

Skill: Feigned Alliance

Yuuma's next course of action. She feigns alliance and waits for an opportunity to present itself.

Skill: Tactical Retreat

Yuuma's final course of action. If it fails, all-out war is inevitable.

Passive: Organic Devourer
Passive: Inorganic Devourer
Passive: Spirit Devourer