Kaguya Houraisan


Moonlit Festival!

The usual outfit of the Kaguya who has almost reached the end. Her Arcus Mass Driver is the Lunar Capital Expo.

Moonlit Festival!
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Temperament: Blue Moon

Blue Moon (a Touhou LW original) refers to a visually blue Moon or the third full moon of a season that has an extra fourth full moon. This peculiar temperament is fitting for this world's Kaguya since she follows a fateful cycle separate from the cycle of reincarnation through her ability to manipulate eternity and the instantaneous.Kaguya's temperament has been completely reconstructed. Her being has more or less fused with the Arcus Mass Driver, practically making her a manifestation of the full moon. She also acts like the Moon is the true ruler of the heavens. (Strong against Sun Essence and Metal Phase.)However, she has also accepted her fate to live on the Earth as an eternally impure person of Hourai. (Weak to Earth Phase.)

Ability: Capable of manipulating eternity and the instantaneous (Lost)

The ability of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Kaguya completely lost this ability due to a Lost Word. She is currently regaining it little by little, though not through restoring or replicating her old ability, but with a newly constructed original ability that formed a core to build upon. She has continued to travel across worlds to try and end the Lost Word Incident.Even if a Lost Word could erase a person of Hourai by erasing spacetime or the whole people of Hourai concept, Kaguya Houraisan alone has the necessary attributes to come out on top―namely her ever-mysterious ability. Perhaps the main reason why it is so mysterious is because there is no conceivable situation where she could use it to its full potential. However, this world's Kaguya has come face-to-face with the Lost Word Incident.The concepts of eternity and the instantaneous can be explained by the world of Planck units. These units of measurement are named after the illustrious physicist who first proposed them. They include Planck time, Planck length, Planck mass, Planck charge, and Planck temperature. Planck time is of particular note as it represents the shortest possible interval of observable time. The fact that time is not a continuous flow but a series of disconnected moments, like the pages of a flip book, breaks down all our intuitive conceptions of reality. It reveals that the vast world we see and feel around us is mostly empty due to all the holes perforating space and time. The instantaneous can be understood as the infinitesimally small intervals that make up reality, while eternity is the infinitesimally large voids between them. Offsetting a clock that ticks in time with the instantaneous, even just a little, will reveal a world of infinite nothingness. By escaping into this world, you can avoid any and all influences, preventing your history from being recorded. Things secreted away into this world can be retrieved from any time or place without suffering any wear or tear due to the passage of time. These are the effects and uses of this world's Kaguya's ability to manipulate eternity and the instantaneous. However, the abilities possessed by the other Kaguyas might be different.''God is in the details.'' ...No, in this day and age, perhaps it's more accurate to say that ''Gods have been forced to live in the quantum fluctuations.'' With the pervasion of scientific knowledge, modern-day humans have relegated the old-fashioned concepts of gods to the fanciful imaginings of children. However, the ''real'' world they perceive is nothing but an ''instant''―a single thread of the infinitely expanding tapestry that depicts the truth of every world combined. This truth far transcends the understanding of humans.Unfortunately, Kaguya did not possess the wisdom of Eirin. Nor the vindictive tenacity of Mokou. Again and again, no matter how many times history repeated, each time she came face to face with a Lost Word, she survived... and was left all alone. She hates it. That's why she refuses to give up and is determined to overcome the danger that currently lies in her path, regardless of how impure and sinful she becomes with each successive iteration. This should come as no surprise because Kaguya is the most selfish and stubborn princess in existence.Arcus Mass Driver: This manifestation of the Lunar Capital Expo is powered by Kaguya Houraisan's own thoughts and feelings. That's why it has taken the form of the bow that Eirin wields. The items recorded in it are not limited to the Moon treasures displayed at the Lunar Capital Expo but also include treasures that Kaguya used to own, such as the Jeweled Branch of Hourai, along with every item possessed by the Lunar Capital... In fact, it has recorded every aspect of the Lunar Capital's culture. This amounts to quite a wealth of information, but Kaguya's use of it is limited since tools only function in accordance with the magical power of the wielder. In the Lunar Capital, information is hidden from or doctored to suit one's station, so there should be a fair amount of data recorded in the Arcus Mass Drive that Kaguya can't access. However, a certain incarcerated goddess, who is also recorded in this device, helped Kaguya jailbreak it. Now that they're secretly working together, it is only a matter of time―proper time―until Kaguya reaches the place where the Lost Word Incident originated. Incidentally, the name Arcus Mass Driver doesn't just refer to a bow that shoots mass but also a robust arch-shaped structure and a leader of people―a driver of the masses.


God-Summoner Sword

The Spread Shot of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Kaguya fires Yorihime's favorite sword with her bow. Yorihime is a Lunarian with the ability to summon gods and can often be seen carrying an old-fashioned notebook and a Japanese sword. She and Kaguya are both students and admirers of Eirin Yagokoro. Unlike the impulsive Kaguya, Yorihime has inherited their teacher's calm and calculating demeanor. However, they both share a child-like innocence, even if Yorihime tries to hide hers.

  • Futsunushi & Takemikazuchi Sword
  • Umashimaji Sword
  • Yamato Takeru Sword
  • Takehaya Susanoo Sword
  • Takeminakata Sword
  • Ookuninushi Sword
Fan of Quantum Purging Waves

The Focus Shot of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Kaguya fires Toyohime's favorite fan with her bow. Toyohime is a Lunarian who wields a powerful purifying fan and a god-sealing cord. She and Kaguya are both students and admirers of Eirin Yagokoro. With her gentle personality, you may think Toyohime is a kindred spirit to the carefree Kaguya, but she differs in how actively she uses her ability and deals with problems.

  • Quantum Purging Fan
  • Charged Purging Fan
  • Neutron Purging Fan
  • Electromagnetic Purging Fan
  • Anti-Matter Purging Fan
  • Magic Purging Fan
Truly Impossible Request: Miraculous Earth Medicine

A Spell Card of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She replicates an Age of the Gods medicine from Tewi's memory. Kaguya refers to all rabbits as Inaba. However, she eventually started using Tewi and Reisen's names, probably to avoid any confusion.It's said that a panacea, or cure-all, cannot possibly exist in the real world. This is because every disease has different symptoms and causes that cannot be lumped together in a single category. Not to mention that in terms of being able to chemically alter one's health, there is no difference between medicine and poison. The Eastern medicinal practice of using raw, unrefined drugs makes a lot of sense because it focuses on limiting the variety, intensity, and accidental mutations produced by these chemical effects... Despite all that, perhaps a panacea could be manufactured through programmable nanomachine technology.

  • Memories of Oonamuji
  • Memories of Oonamuji's Bolus
  • Memories of Oonamuji's Powdered Medicine
  • Memories of Oonamuji's Tablet
  • Memories of Oonamuji's Syrup
  • Memories of Oonamuji's Capsule
Truly Impossible Request: Split Body of a Phoenix

A Spell Card of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She replicates a person of Hourai's body from Mokou's memory. The Hourai Elixir is a revolutionary medicine that completely reforms and restructures the body of whoever drinks it. In addition to making one immortal, this perfect drug eternally binds one's identity to a single body. Organisms that can survive after having their body split in two live on as two separate individuals. However, people of Hourai automatically regenerate a single body matched with their single soul.

  • Memories of the Phoenix's Sacrifice
  • Memories of the Phoenix's Charge
  • Memories of the Flaming Human's Sacrifice
  • Memories of the Flaming Human's Charge
  • Memories of the Fire Bird's Sacrifice
  • Memories of the Fire Bird's Charge
Lost Hourai Jar

The Last Word of Kaguya Houraisan, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls her time spent with Eirin in this attack. Their lives full of sin, love, boredom, and joy were undoubtedly that of Earth-dwelling humans. Eirin willingly descended to the Earth to make up for the wrong she did to Kaguya and live for her sake. At the end of Kaguya's pursuit of personal pleasure, she discovered the frailty of human life and how difficult it is to repay humans for their kindness. Sin isn't just the guilt you feel after committing a heinous act. Living and dying are sins in and of themselves, and they cannot be erased by distancing oneself from either concept. Running far away to hide on the Moon won't solve anything. So Kaguya decided to try living her life as she saw fit―to live forever and continue talking to the people around her. Luckily for her, she has some friends who are likewise cursed with immortality.

  • Miraculous Medicine - Hourai Elixir
  • Wonder Medicine - Hourai Elixir
  • Forbidden Medicine - Hourai Elixir
  • Greatest Treasure - Jeweled Branch of Hourai
  • Secret Treasure - Jeweled Branch of Hourai
  • Impure Treasure - Jeweled Branch of Hourai


Skill: Earth-Exiled Noble

The selfish princess broke a taboo. And for that, she was exiled and sentenced to be reborn on the filthy and impure Earth.

Skill: Bamboo Princess

Nayotake no Kaguyahime was loved by all for her beauty. But that never brought her peace or happiness.

Skill: Sinful & Impure Moon

Kaguya chose to run away with Eirin. Eirin's life is the only thing that can fully mitigate her sins.

Passive: History Eraser
Passive: History Registrant
Passive: Moonshot