Kanako Yasaka


Blue Goodbyes

The usual outfit of Kanako, who has almost reached the end. Her Weaponized Hall of Worship pairs with Suwako's.

Blue Goodbyes
Voice Lines
Temperament: Bora Phenomenon

Bora Phenomenon (a Touhou LW original) refers to the meteorological phenomenon where a heavy wind descends from the mountains cooling the lowlands. This is an apt temperament for this Kanako who has embarked on a long journey to end the Lost Word Incident. Kanako's temperament has been completely reconstructed. As a god who creates Qian, or heavenliness, she controls Metal Phase. As a wind god, she controls Wood Phase. And as a water god, she controls Water Phase. However, she has historically been in conflict with the lightning of Heaven (Fire Phase) and the frog of the sky (Moon Essence).

Ability: Capable of creating heavenliness (Lost)

The ability of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Kanako completely lost this ability due to a Lost Word. She is currently regaining it little by little, though not through restoring or replicating her old ability, but with a newly constructed original ability that formed a core to build upon. She has continued to travel across worlds to try and end the Lost Word Incident. This Kanako once lost everything to a Lost Word, which makes her one of the Restored. These girls may be called the Restored, but they themselves have been made anew. Their goal is to restore everything to what it once was, and they restore what was lost as they travel. You could liken their journey to one where you had to pave a path or build a bridge for each step forward you take, which you can imagine must be extremely arduous and time-consuming. How could a god cease to exist? Especially a mighty one like Kanako Yasaka? It's true that the omnipresent divine spirits and Yaoyorozu no Kami are not all worshipped together like a God in monotheistic religions, but they are not worshipped as solely independent gods either. They are all connected and change over time as they merge and separate from one another. They are like waves in the ocean that continue to swell and flatten out. Someone asked a question within the perfect darkness, ''Who is Kanako Yasaka?'' It could have been Kanako herself who asked this, or perhaps it was a different god, or maybe... it was both. There is no way to tell for sure. The only thing that is certain is that she is not a solitary god. Gods are history. They are beings built upon the past, and the past can be seen through them. They are an ancient social structure established to provide an outlet for humanity's desires. Faith is a wish for a better future, which is essentially an earnest desire to live. In the Eight Trigrams, Qian (heavenliness) refers to the sky. People reach out to the sky in search of hope. Weaponized Hall of Worship (Front Half of Moriya Shrine): Multiple divine spirits have come together and transformed into this hall of worship to assist Kanako. The world of gods is complicated, so it is normally impossible for all the gods to unite behind a single cause. The gods are categorized into the Amatsukami (gods who reside in or came from Takamagahara), the Kunitsukami (deities who originated on Earth), and the old native gods from a bygone age. They are also distinguished by the historical circumstances of the period and the place where they were worshipped. And sometimes, the details of their divinity and how they came into being are only passed down through oral tradition instead of written text. If you take all the different interpretations into account, it is impossible to draw a single ''true'' representation of any one god. Gods are infinitely diverse, meaning that no god is solitary or unchanging. The unification of the gods through the evolution of their diversity was an irregular miracle brought about by the shared experience of the Lost Word Incident. However, this isn't exactly a safe arrangement, as the gods will never fully agree on anything. Even now, they are still arguing among themselves about the design of the hall of worship they inhabit... But this is no different from the faith of humans. Kanako willingly carries this burden.


Onbashira Beam Cannons

The Spread Shot of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes the concentrated power of her onbashira in the form of laser beams. Moriya Shrine is technologically advanced, and they approach each new problem with an open mind without letting traditional shrine culture hold them back. Onbashira, the big wooden pillars, are shintai (vessels for spirits and gods) that mark the barrier around sacred land, but Kanako also uses them as weapons. These sacred wooden pillars harbor divinity, so it makes sense that they can focus the power of gods into laser beams.

  • Beam Cannon
  • Spring Court Onbashira 1 & 2
  • Autumn Court Onbashira 1 & 2
  • Super Beam Cannon
  • Spring Court Onbashira 3 & 4
  • Autumn Court Onbashira 3 & 4
Onbashira Laser Sword

The Focus Shot of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes the concentrated power of her onbashira in the form of a massive laser sword. The Onbashira Festival is an enormous festival where many courageous people cut down sacred fir trees, drag them down the mountain, and then erect them at the four corners of each shrine. This event is also incredibly dangerous, as people are known to have died when dragging the logs down the mountain. The onbashira are imbued with the strength and lives of all those people, so using this power to manifest a laser sword is a simple task.

  • Laser Sword
  • Laser Kamudo no Tsurugi
  • Laser Futsu no Mitama
  • Laser Ame no Habakiri
  • Laser Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi
  • Laser Ame no Ohabari
Moriya Shrine: Living God Loved Like a Daughter

A Spell Card of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls her time with Sanae. This attack is somewhat reminiscent of Sanae's ''Secretly Inherited Art of Bullets'' Spell Card. Sanae is a wind priestess, a type of shrine maiden. Kanako must have delivered her divine blessings through Sanae even before they came to Gensokyo, which is probably how Sanae came to be worshipped as a living god. You could say that she inherited her faith from Kanako.

  • Star Shrine Maiden Inheritance
  • Wind Priestess Inheritance
  • Great Star Shrine Maiden Inheritance
  • Great Wind Priestess Inheritance
  • Super Star Shrine Maiden Inheritance
  • Super Wind Priestess Inheritance
Moriya Shrine: My Native God Counterpart

A Spell Card of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls her time with Suwako. This attack is somewhat reminiscent of Suwako's ''The Mishaguji'' Spell Card. Kanako and Suwako are similar in that they are both gods who possess the body of a serpent. This cannot be a mere coincidence considering their long and complicated relationship with each other. In fact, the story about how they are gods with completely different origins who fought against each other in the past may not be entirely true.

  • Memories of Mishaguji
  • Memories of Mishaguchi
  • Memories of Mishaguji
  • Memories of Mishakuja
  • Memories of Shukujin
  • Memories of Mishakuji
Great Moriya Migration

The Last Word of Kanako Yasaka, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the time when she came to Gensokyo. Kanako is a god of the weather who controls the wind and rain, a god of flood control who manages the water level in rivers and lakes, a god of farming who bestows crops, a god of the mountains who is a literal mountain herself, and a god of war who brings victory in battle. She was worshipped for her power over all these domains, but everything came undone due to science and information. What was once divine and mysterious came to be understood as natural phenomena governed by the results of scientific research. Science and information are the mighty gods of the modern age that sustain, protect, and bring peace to the people. Even priests truly worship these gods above their own. That's why Kanako made Moriya Shrine a thing of fantasy to everyone in the outside world. She knew that would cause her to lose all her faith, but she bet on the possibility of a brighter future.

  • Faith in the Lost Pillars
  • Faith in the Lost Wind
  • Faith in the Lost Sky
  • Faith in the Lost War
  • Faith in the Lost River
  • Faith in the Lost Lake


Skill: Yasakatome

The syncretization of Shinto and Buddhism even affected the Lower Shrine of Suwa. Yasakatome was said to be a local manifestation of Sahasrabhuja.

Skill: Kongounyo no Miya

There is a theory that the gods of Suwa came from Tenjiku. Tenjiku, or Tianzhu as it is pronounced in China, is the historical name for India.

Skill: Takachio no Toyohime

It's said that when a certain empress went to war, she borrowed the jewels of high tide and low tide from the Dragon Palace.

Passive: Omiwatari Pathing
Passive: Memories of an Ice Sword Arm
Passive: Virtual Position: Moriya Shrine