Marisa Kirisame


Night-Splitting Light

The usual outfit of Marisa, who has almost reached the end. The Dark Flyer flies with the magic of memories.

Night-Splitting Light
Voice Lines
Temperament: Toori-Ame

Toori-Ame (a Touhou LW original) refers to a sudden shower that only lasts for a short period of time. This is an apt temperament for this Marisa, who continues to journey across parallel worlds, searching for the cause of the incident.Marisa's temperament hasn't changed at all, and she remains the same ordinary human as always. She can fit in anywhere and make anything her own (Water Phase) and fly wherever her heart takes her (Star Essence). Those are her most defining traits.The flexible and patient Water Phase resists Metal Phase, because metal collects water, but it is weak to Earth Phase, because earth directs water.The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of using magic (Lost)

The ability of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Marisa completely lost this ability due to a Lost Word. She is currently regaining it little by little, though not through restoring or replicating her old ability, but with a newly constructed original ability that formed a core to build upon. She has continued to travel across worlds to try and end the Lost Word Incident.Marisa is just an ordinary human, so the big incident that erases everything in its path should have spelled the literal end of her existence. She had no means of combating it on her own, but she did have magic items―the random Attribute Items and Regalia Items strewn about her room that she hoarded for no other reason but to have them.Attribute Items are what Marisa calls items that inherit traits from their wielders, for example, the Jeweled Pagoda and vajra wielded by Bishamonten. These items receive magic from their wielder while observing and recording their actions. They remember their wielders, and those memories determine their true value and nature.Regalia Items are what Marisa calls items that grant traits to their wielders, for example, the divine sword that bestows rightful sovereignty over a nation to its bearer. These items imbue their wielders with magic while shaping and influencing them. They transmit their own memories to their wielder, which determines their wielder's behavior and way of life.These classifications are a result of Marisa's long years of research and study as a magic item aficionado.Dark Flyer: This is the name of Marisa's broom overloaded with her magic item collection. It's like a mobile version of her Kirisame Magic Shop. It houses even more items than meets the eye, thanks to the power of magical storage items. Some items have also formed intricate connections to provide propulsion and various other functions that allow Marisa to control, steer, and monitor her Dark Flyer. Thanks to this, she has maintained really steady progress on her journey across parallel worlds. The Dark Flyer has been imbued with the virtual personality of the shooting star wishing party, and this connection with Kourindou and Rinnosuke Morichika seems to have imparted some of their characteristics onto it.Magus Express (or MX for short): This is one of the main components of the Dark Flyer. Apparently, it magically provides acceleration to the whole apparatus. It is composed of Alice's and Patchouli's magic books intricately linked together.Yearning Love Spark: This magical device built around the mini hakkero serves as the Dark Flyer's engine and compass. Once light escapes the Earth, it flies straight at full speed through a vacuum with nothing to distract it.


Amulet Missile

The Spread Shot of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the tools she's hoarded. Marisa regathers her lost magic items as she continues her journey. She also salvages items that belonged to other people. Marisa seems to have grown pretty accustomed to using Reimu's items. Reimu's ofuda make for pretty good missiles when folded.

  • Hakurei Ofuda Missile
  • Prayer Ofuda Missile
  • Safeguarding Ofuda Missile
  • Exorcising Ofuda Missile
  • Shrine Ofuda Missile
  • Sacred Ofuda Missile
Laser Needle

The Focus Shot of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the tools she's hoarded. When Marisa picked up one of Reimu's needles, she realized that getting stabbed by one of these would really hurt. There are treatments that use similar needles to stimulate pressure points, but they originate from Chinese Taoist philosophies, so why would Reimu, a Shinto shrine maiden, use these? Regardless, Marisa decided to use them to shoot lasers.

  • Faith Needle Laser
  • Sharp Faith Needle Laser
  • Anti-Misfortune Needle Laser
  • Safety Needle Laser
  • Disaster Prevention Needle Laser
  • Pious Faith Needle Laser
Spirit-Magic Sign: Sealed Reverie

A Spell Card of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a magical plea. Magic is born from fervent desires and wild emotions. Marisa continues to struggle and suffer because she has not been gifted with natural talent. But she hasn't given up.

  • Stardust Fantasy Seal Bullet
  • Asteroid Fantasy Seal Bullet
  • Planet Fantasy Seal Bullet
  • Star Fantasy Seal Bullet
  • Comet Fantasy Seal Bullet
  • Shooting Star Fantasy Seal Bullet
Love-Dream Sign: Square Spark

A Spell Card of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a magical yearning. You'll never get anywhere if all you do is complain about your lack of talent, experience, and confidence. The little girl kept quietly reminding herself of her ultimate goal as she continued to study in her room.

  • Stardust Spark Sigil
  • Asteroid Spark Sigil
  • Planet Spark Sigil
  • Star Spark Sigil
  • Comet Spark Sigil
  • Shooting Star Spark Sigil
Pray Upon a Blazing Star

The Last Word of Marisa Kirisame, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She reminisces about the shooting star wishing party in this attack. ''I wanna use stronger magic,'' wished the little girl long ago while looking up at the shooting stars. Did her wish come true, or was she merely spellbound by Tenryuu, the heavenly dragon, soaring across the night sky? That girl has now attained true freedom as a shining ray of starlight that disappears almost as soon as it is seen.

  • Shooting Star Prayer
  • Fantasy Nature Light
  • Shooting Star Wish
  • Fantasy Nature Sparkle
  • Shooting Star Hope
  • Fantasy Nature Radiance


Skill: Yearning Love Spark

This spark is a guiding light that pierces worlds and transcends dimensions.

Skill: Dark Flyer

She escapes from reality by soaring through the night on a broom.

Skill: Magus Express

It's made from magic books written by witches. The incantations contained within them are a form of energy.

Passive: Specialist Youkai Exterminator
Passive: Study Nerd
Passive: Weakest Magician