Satori Komeiji



The usual outfit of Satori, who has almost reached the end. The Anima are the Palace of the Earth Spirits' accumulated history.

Voice Lines
Temperament: Koukan-ijou-genshou

Koukan-ijou-genshou (a Touhou LW original) refers to the movements of animals and changes in geological features or weather that prelude a major natural disaster. Geology and living organisms may seem unrelated at first glance, but they are connected through fossils and the history carved into strata... which this Satori's temperament seems to imply. Satori's temperament has been completely reconstructed. The Anima are not just imbued with the deceased animals' lingering grudges but also with the history of every instance of life or death that has occurred on planet Earth. She is strong against concepts that record history. The moon monitors history (Moon Essence), years are recorded in tree rings (Wood Phase), metal holds its shape for a long time (Metal Phase), earth preserves what is buried within it (Earth Phase), and stars are distant observers of history (Star Essence). Conversely, she is weak against concepts that erode history. The sun's heat and light destroy records (Sun Essence), fire burns books (Fire Phase), and water dissolves solid matter (Water Phase).

Ability: Capable of reading minds (Lost)

The ability of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Satori completely lost this ability due to a Lost Word. She is currently regaining it little by little, though not through restoring or replicating her old ability, but with a newly constructed original ability that formed a core to build upon. She has continued to travel across worlds to try and end the Lost Word Incident. What are minds? And why can satori youkai read them? No one knows for sure. One theory is that the mind is not an isolated domain cut off from the outside world but a place neighboring the outside world that can be accessed externally. Eyes are windows for the mind. And even distant nations beyond the sea can be accessed if you go through the Underworld. Satori is one of the Restored. It is not known how she previously read minds, but the current Satori Komeiji of this world reads minds by analyzing ''strata.'' This is truly remarkable. No one but Satori could notice the subtle differences between the structures of each stratum. Would you believe that the inner mind and the outer mind encompass all things? It's the outer space and the inner space. The macrocosm and the microcosm. This universe exists within one colossal neuron, and the brain contains multiple galaxies. Qualia, or subjective, conscious experiences, are like lenses that copy the universe and convert it into a virtual universe. These two universes are fundamentally identical, meaning neither can be defined as the original or the imitation... Unfortunately, they're both real. This is the reality that we all must face. Things that exist in the universe also exist in the mind, and vice versa. This provides hope that Gensokyo does exist in a mind somewhere, but also the despair that keeping anything secret is impossible. And if you follow this idea to its logical conclusion, it also means that the structure of the Earth and the brain are the same. The Earth is like a giant graveyard where the remains of ancient beings are buried, and the lower the stratum, the older it is. As for the brain's structure, the limbic system within the neocortex has remained unchanged since humans were still beasts. That's right. There is a distinct difference between Satori's newly constructed ability and her original one that lets her oppose the Lost Word Incident. If she recognizes something as a living creature, she can read a copy of its mind. If it's a creature of this Earth, she can look up its mind by accessing a server with over a thousand million years of data. As she widens her perception and refines her technique, she will be able to reference further back into the past. There is no limit. She can go back as far as she wishes as long as she manages the appropriate resources. And she will continue to go back in time until she reaches the point before the Lost Word Incident started. Anima (Manifestations of Animal Thoughts and Feelings): The animal forms that the conceptual Palace of the Earth Spirits has taken to assist Satori. This isn't the concept of the palace as a building but rather its location and its function. The Palace of the Earth Spirits stands at the center of the Underworld and acts as a lid to all the various Former Hells below it. It is also the location where the most hated of hated youkai reside - the satori youkai. The palace remembers Satori's pets and her little sister, as well as their connections with Satori. The Anima in the form of a black cat wearing a hat is special as it symbolizes the power and protection conferred to Satori by the palace. Satori also finds great comfort in its presence. This cannot be explained by the simple fact that older sisters care for their younger siblings. No... that is what older sisters do. And rightly so. The connections between animals are not limited to bonds between individuals. They are all connected via a grand network founded upon their shared desire to propagate their species dating back to the time when only single-celled organisms existed. This is fundamentally the same system as vengeful spirits and ancestral spirits. Vengeance can be a type of survival instinct, after all. In other words, this network, this system, is passed down through the generations by Earth Spirits. The Ruins of Memory are supposed to be too complicated to analyze and understand in any reasonable amount of time, but this network forms a ''rope of temperament'' that allows Satori to climb up and down the ruins as long as she has the necessary resources. This couldn't be the same as the multidimensional neural network... could it?


Shoebill Anima

The Spread Shot of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with The Palace of the Earth Spirits' memories of her pets. All sorts of animals lived in the palace as Satori's pets. Perhaps they were hated by everyone, just like Satori. At the very least, Satori seems to have found some comfort in their companionship. Animals don't mind if their mind is read... Well, that is the assumption anyway, since the Anima of Satori's pets - the manifestations of their thoughts and feelings - share Satori's fate and assist her on her journey.

  • Shoebill Memories
  • Memories of Their Favorite Lungfish
  • Memories of Freshwater Swamps
  • Memories of Bill-Clattering
  • Memories of Flood Plains
  • Memories of Papyrus Nests
Savage Anima

The Focus Shot of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with The Palace of the Earth Spirits' memories of her pets. Historically, ancestral spirits have been associated with animals. This is a concept known as totemism. However, over the years, it seems that gods with animal forms were gradually replaced by gods with human forms. The ancestral spirits ''evolved.''

  • Crocodile Memories
  • Alligator Memories
  • Gharial Memories
  • Black Leopard Memories
  • Black Amur Leopard Memories
  • Black Indian Leopard Memories
Palace of the Earth Spirits: Faint Memories of a Blazing Cat

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls memories of the Palace of the Earth Spirits' flaming cat - the kasha who procured fuel for the Remains of Blazing Hell and worked as Satori's assistant. Kasha youkai do not always look like cats. However, the name Kaenbyou, which means ''blazing cat,'' implies that this kasha is always a cat. Was Satori the one who named her?

  • Kasha Cat Memories
  • Mouryou Cat Memories
  • Raijuu Cat Memories
  • Cursed Sprite Memories
  • Vengeful Spirit Memories
  • Corpse Memories
Palace of the Earth Spirits: Vague Memories of a Hell Raven

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls memories of the Palace of the Earth Spirits' Hell raven - the Hell raven who stoked the fires in the Remains of Blazing Hell directly below the palace and provided energy to Former Hell. The divine spirit Yatagarasu planted inside the Hell raven is less apparent, but it still exists conceptually. Even now, Yatagarasu's divine nature, which once guided an Emperor, continues to try and guide Satori from within the noble bird.

  • Hell Raven Memories
  • Flaming Noble Bird Memories
  • Vague Yatagarasu Memories
  • Vague Petroleum Memories
  • Nuclear Fusion Memories
  • Control Rod Memories
Reunion of the Ego and the Id

The Last Word of Satori Komeiji, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She recalls memories of her little sister. No one but Satori could describe the extent of her feelings for her sister. And the same could be said for the sister's feelings toward Satori. However, since this Last Word consists of Satori's memories of her little sister, it must also contain her true feelings. The story of the mind-reading youkai who dreams of being reunited with her sister, who cannot read minds, is played out in this attack.

  • Ego Older Sister Memories
  • Controlling Older Sister Memories
  • Passive Older Sister Memories
  • Wild Younger Sister Memories
  • Libido Younger Sister Memories
  • Roaming Younger Sister Memories


Skill: Naraenten's Projectile

The throwing weapon created by the great gods of Tenjiku sank to the depths of the earth as a divine red bird.

Skill: Trauma Strata

''Have your emotional scars healed? ...Good. That means you can stand on your own now.''

Skill: Anima Materialization

Apparently, humans used to be ordinary animals. That history is recorded within the layers of their brains.

Passive: Animalize
Passive: Psycho-Geometry
Passive: Memory to Magic Conversion Theory