Youmu Konpaku



The usual outfit of Youmu, who has almost reached the end. The Matsuyoi Spirit Lantern's light guides her to Yuyuko.

Voice Lines
Temperament: Ungai-Souten

Ungai-Souten (a Touhou LW original) refers to how even on a cloudy day, there is a bright blue sky above the clouds. This is often used as a metaphor to mean that anyone can achieve their goals as long as they don't give up. This is an apt temperament for Youmu, who, when facing the end of all things, chose to keep on working hard to accomplish every little thing she could rather than try to wrack her brain for a solution. Youmu's temperament has been completely reconstructed. She utilizes her swords and her years of training (Metal Phase), her living half and the garden's plants (Wood Phase), and her dead half and the phantoms of the Netherworld (Water Phase). However, the transmigration of souls (Fire Phase) and the immutable samsara (Earth Phase) seem to reject her.

Ability: Capable of sword fighting (Lost)

The ability of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Youmu completely lost this ability due to a Lost Word. She is currently regaining it little by little, though not through restoring or replicating her old ability, but with a newly constructed original ability that formed a core to build upon. She has continued to travel across worlds to try and end the Lost Word Incident. Half-human half-phantoms are beings detached from the cycle of reincarnation. Even if they were sent to Hell, they would have to be treated as humans. It is a mystery how this species and the Konpaku family came into being, but there couldn't be more suitable servants for Yuyuko Saigyouji, who also stands on the border of life and death as a ghost. Youmu is alive yet not alive, dead yet not dead. This may be why her reaction to the end brought about by the Lost Word was so unique. You could say that this aspect, coupled with the fact she is still half-baked and inexperienced, has granted her the perfect state of constant limbo. Her unique view on life and death is somewhat similar to the old spirit of bushido, the moral code of samurai. She has transcended life and death and bears no attachment to either. Youmu Konpaku merely sprints to her beloved mistress's side. Matsuyoi Spirit Lantern: This item is an altered version of Yuyuko Saigyouji's Spirit Lantern (also known as the Soul Torch). It used to just be a tool that gathered phantoms with its light, but this ability has been altered and expanded upon so it could lead Youmu to her mistress. It can also be used to command various spirits... or, rather, ask for their assistance. This lantern is much more potent than the original Spirit Lantern, so something must have boosted its power. Perhaps it has been possessed by a mighty phantom, like some kind of cursed item...


Sword Soul - Spirit Medium

The Spread Shot of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Hakurouken's spirit assists Youmu in this attack. There is a belief that everything harbors a soul. This includes trees, stones, and even tools. Swords are often believed to harbor particularly potent souls, perhaps because they are tools that can be used for self-defense or to take the lives of others.

  • Hakurouken's Spirit Energy
  • Hakurouken's Sword Energy
  • Hakurouken's Youkai Energy
  • Hakurouken's Phantom Energy
  • Hakurouken's Anger
  • Hakurouken's Haki
Sword Soul - Spirit Possession

The Focus Shot of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Roukanken's spirit assists Youmu in this attack. When thinking of tools that harbor souls, the first thing that comes to mind is probably tsukumogami. However, tsukumogami are born from a grudge against the tool's owner, so sword spirits are not always tsukumogami. These spirits are sometimes considered divine spirits and are worshiped as gods with their own distinct personalities.

  • Roukanken's Spirit Energy
  • Roukanken's Sword Energy
  • Roukanken's Youkai Energy
  • Roukanken's Phantom Energy
  • Roukanken's Anger
  • Roukanken's Haki
Phantom: Daily Life in the Netherworld Slash

A Spell Card of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She uses her swords to paint a picture of her daily life in the Netherworld with all the phantoms. It is often assumed that Youmu is always busy running errands and the like for Hakugyokurou, but Youmu herself has said that the phantoms do the chores. The Netherworld is a place where phantoms gather to await transmigration or their judgment from the Yama, so most phantoms probably ''live'' there for quite a number of years. Entertainment is a valuable commodity in the Netherworld, where the long days blend into each other, so it is only natural that the phantoms are kicked into a jubilant frenzy whenever the cherry blossoms bloom.

  • Netherworld Phantoms' Awakening
  • Netherworld Phantoms' Breakfast
  • Netherworld Phantoms' Work
  • Netherworld Phantoms' Break
  • Netherworld Phantoms' Dinner
  • Netherworld Phantoms' Sleep
Poltergeist: Spirit Wheel Triple Slash

A Spell Card of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). She uses her swords to paint a picture of the poltergeist sisters' performance. The poltergeist sisters, who live by the Misty Lake in Gensokyo, are the usual guests of honor at any party hosted in Hakugyokurou. The mistress of Hakugyokurou, Yuyuko Saigyouji, loves having fun, so their diverse and quality performances must have held a special place in her heart. And Youmu probably enjoyed them too as she watched and listened by Yuyuko's side. Music truly is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

  • The Trio's Sound Bullets
  • The Trio's Loud Sound Bullets
  • Eldest Poltergeist's Violin
  • 2nd Eldest Poltergeist's Trumpet
  • 3rd Eldest Poltergeist's Keyboard
  • The Trio's Noisy Sound Bullets
Enlightenment - Saigyouji Parinirvana Slash

The Last Word of Youmu Konpaku, who has almost reached the end (a Touhou LW original). Youmu recalls the people dear to her in this attack. Youmu is half-baked, inexperienced, impressionable, and somewhat absent-minded, but she values two things above all else. The first is her swordsmanship - her livelihood that she inherited along with her position from her teacher and grandfather, Youki Konpaku. The other is her mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji. Their bond is thicker than blood. When Youmu lost everything, she did not feel despair, anger, or grief... but courage - the courage to rouse her spirits and strive to bring back the people dear to her.

  • Mistress of Hakugyokurou's Serenity Bullet
  • Previous Instructor's Supportive Bullet
  • Previous Instructor's Guiding Bullet
  • Mistress of Hakugyokurou's Tranquility Bullet
  • Mistress of Hakugyokurou's Peaceful Bullet
  • Previous Instructor's Guardian Bullet


Skill: Saigyouji Bodyguard

Youmu is also Yuyuko's bodyguard. Yuyuko's absence does not change that.

Skill: Envoy of Six Realms

Youmu also works as an envoy of the Netherworld. Be it Heaven, Hell, or the Animal Realm, she'll fly to wherever she is needed.

Skill: Netherworld Gardener

The gardens of Hakugyokurou are incredibly vast. Is it also Youmu's job to maintain the Saigyou Ayakashi?

Passive: Way of the Sword
Passive: Autosuggestion
Passive: Boundary of Measure