Renko / Shinki


Investigating a Makai God

A mysterious visitor and a forgotten Makai god. Fear breeds confusion and misunderstandings.

Investigating a Makai God
Voice Lines
Temperament: Mafuu

Mafuu (a Touhou LW original), also known as Makaze, refers to a wind blown by a devil that sends people into confusion. The following is an excerpt about the bearer of this temperament from R's report.''Makai is massive. If it really was made by a god, I bet they had the most trouble creating the sky. If you run a thought experiment about creating something from nothing... the height and breadth of the sky sure encapsulate its impossibility. Maybe the thrill of discovering an entirely new land could give you the inspiration you need to create a world yourself. After all, the place where devils and magic creatures live could just be an unknown land beyond the borders of the human world''Shinki rules over the sky and stars in Makai (strong against Metal Phase and Star Essence).

Ability: - Ability Unknown -

The ability of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). All information regarding her ability is shrouded in mystery. The following is an excerpt about the bearer of this ability from R's report.''The evening sun that won't fade and the morning sun that won't rise leave but a streak of faint, unfading light that separates this world, with its vast sky and expansive lands, from all else. Maybe the reason my eyes don't work isn't because the Moon and stars aren't visible but because the Moon and stars I know don't exist here. This could be some sort of spiritual world or simulation... I could even be trapped under a giant dome. That black cat is keeping its distance without going too far ahead as it guides me. Although, it doesn't seem like it knows the way either. All I can decipher is that this place is called Makai... Pretty ominous, huh? I wouldn't be surprised if we ran into devils or magical beings. Although, I suppose it'd be simpler to call them denizens of Makai. For now, I should try to prepare myself for whatever comes.I still can't figure out why there are so many travel guides around, though. Did they have a travel boom here in Makai? Hm, if they have their own civilization, maybe that wouldn't be so strange... If I could talk to the creatures that live here... No, I shouldn't get my hopes up. But if they travel around... does that mean there are train stations and airports somewhere? Well, if there's a god here, maybe they'll grant my wish... Hm, guess not.Hey, little black cat. Do you at least know where □□□ is''''..''''You don't have a clue, do ya?!''


Makai Fairies' Black Day

The Spread Shot of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). This attack was recorded in R's report.''A night that won't end, a sun that won't set... The lone streak of light on the horizon remains exactly in place. If it stays like this, I won't be able to see the Moon or stars. My eyes don't work so well. There's nothing to be done about that. I should keep moving forward.''

  • Makai Fairy's Black Day
  • Medium Makai Fairy's Black Day
  • Large Makai Fairy's Black Day
  • Makai Fairy's Dark Day
  • Medium Makai Fairy's Dark Day
  • Large Makai Fairy's Dark Day
Makai Fairies' White Night

The Focus Shot of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). This attack was recorded in R's report.''Everything looks pretty bleak, but I think I can still feel the breath of life around us''''That's probably just the wind. Warm wind, strong wind, wind that carries the scent of grass''''Maybe the never-ending flow of air represents life.''

  • Makai Fairy's White Night
  • Medium Makai Fairy's White Night
  • Large Makai Fairy's White Night
  • Makai Fairy's Bright Night
  • Medium Makai Fairy's Bright Night
  • Large Makai Fairy's Bright Night
Makai Records

A Spell Card of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). This attack was recorded in R's report.''Is this... an advert for a travel package? And this looks like a travel guide. It'll take some time, but I might be able to decipher what it says. This looks like a job for □□□. She always seems to figure stuff out before me.''

  • Makai Record - Page 2
  • Makai Record - Page 4
  • Makai Record - Page 8
  • Makai Record - Page 16
  • Makai Record - Page 32
  • Makai Record - Page 64
Makai God Recital

A Spell Card of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). This attack was recorded in R's report.''It's like the whole night sky is covered with shooting stars. Maybe two people are firing bullets of light at each other... But I can't see anyone. They must be too far away... or moving too fast... Whatever the case, they aren't humans. If I could get a good look at them, I might find some answers.''

  • Makai God's Recital No.1
  • Makai God's Recital No.2
  • Makai God's Recital No.3
  • Makai God's Recital No.4
  • Makai God's Recital No.5
  • Final Makai God's Recital
Beautiful Network of Divine Judgment

The Last Word of Shinki from the isolated world (a Touhou LW original). This attack was recorded in R's report.''The celestial bodies that float out in space aren't distributed uniformly. On a large enough scale, it's said they look like intertwining threads. I remember a while back, people were talking about how they also resembled a neural network. Oh, yeah... They said as the stars soar through space, the light particles they emit act as the neurotransmitters for a giant nervous system.''

  • Divine Network Trait Composition
  • Divine Network Vesicle Formation
  • Divine Network Axon Transmission
  • Divine Network Membrane Fusion
  • Divine Network Trait Expulsion
  • Divine Network Trait Reception


Skill: The Creator

The inhabitants of Makai were created using the god's power. The Theory of Evolution suddenly doesn't look so bulletproof...

Skill: Silent Observation

All's right with the world. Is that why the god doesn't intervene?

Skill: Makai Genesis

The god created an entire world... so does that mean she can instigate a big bang?

Passive: Fantasy Retiree
Passive: Deity Barrier
Passive: Creation God's Magic