Nitori Kawashiro


Pseudo-Shikigami: Myoudouki Giken

The usual outfit of Nitori from the world reborn. It features a blue Taoist dress, representing Goki, the shikigami.

Pseudo-Shikigami: Myoudouki Giken
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tani-Kaze

Tani-Kaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to wind that blows through a valley or an eastern wind. This is an apt temperament for this Nitori since she is the host of the shikigami known as Goki, an oni familiar with water.Nitori's temperament (Moon Essence and Water Phase) has combined with Goki's temperament (Water Phase and Metal Phase).

Ability: Capable of manipulating water?

The ability of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). This Nitori's ability remains essentially unchanged, but when she's activated as a shikigami, Goki's power envelops almost her entire body, which seemingly causes her to act like a completely different person.Yukari Yakumo claims to be recruiting shikigami monitors, but she's really searching for live youkai to conduct experiments on. She also claims she's only trying to have fun... but that too may be a lie to hide her true intentions. After all, she's the Youkai Sage. Using the method that allows a shikigami to control another shikigami (i.e., Chen) as a reference, she's created special shikigami magic. That magic has now blurred the lines between different types of youkai. If it hadn't, there'd be no reason for Yukari to have a kappa fulfill an oni's role.The definitions of different sub-species of youkai are vague, and even those within the same sub-species are not always alike. On the other hand, members of different subspecies often have strong connections and many things in common. You could say that it was humans who began naming different types of youkai and that before that, there were no subspecies of youkai. Taking the broadest definition of youkai as ''anything non-human,'' even gods would become youkai. Mysterious flooding or drownings can be attributed to water youkai. If these youkai are revered, they would be water gods, if feared, water oni, and if distrusted, kappa. They could be said to look like anything from humans who lost their lives by the waterside to dangerous animals who live near water, embodiments of water-related disasters, or optical illusions born out of suspicion. They can also be seen as curses, blessings, revelations, or ill omens. It falls to humans to decide how they interpret phenomena, including their causes and effects. Whether Yukari Yakumo knows that or not (although, she almost certainly does), she has the ability to influence their decision-making.Kappa excel at developing advanced technology. Doing so requires access to an abundance of clean water. While developing new tech, everything from gathering wood and minerals to refining metals and cleaning precision equipment necessitates water. The gods that once ruled over iron manufacturing and forging devolved into youkai when their technology was revealed to the world. Once the technology was revealed, it became known that it was comprised of human techniques, and the sense of mystery surrounding it was lost. Nitori was aware that she and her fellow kappa may have once been gods, but also thought that it didn't really matter. However, she had a keen interest in researching technology. She believed if she got lucky, she might be able to glimpse Yukari Yakumo's confounding techniques and replicate them, but things didn't work out as she'd hoped.The memories of shikigami are stored in their tails, which they ordinarily hide. However, kappa and their associated ancestors don't typically have tails, so Nitori was given one made of mino, a type of green algae, not to be confused with the traditional Japanese raincoats also known as ''mino.'' Kappa aren't turtles, but apparently, there's a turtle with mino attached to its shell that lives in the Hakurei Shrine pond. Come to think of it, Japanese ''kappa'' raincoats and mino raincoats aren't related... are they?


Crazed Party Sound System

The Spread Shot of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). She pulls speakers out from her trunk and uses them to fire unearthly sound waves in an attack that strongly resembles the move ''Q-Cumber Sound System.'' The trunk on her back may look ordinary enough, but it's full of surprising items.

  • Oni's Crazed Party
  • Small Oni's Crazed Party
  • Blue Oni's Crazed Party
  • Water Oni's Crazed Party
  • Mouryou's Crazed Party
  • Hebo's Crazed Party
Reforged Iron Club

The Focus Shot of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). She swings at her foes with a uniquely shaped iron club in an attack that strongly resembles the move ''Water Driller.'' The club may look like a drill, but we know that precision machinery and purified water are closely related.

  • Oni's Iron Club
  • Big Oni's Iron Club
  • Oni God's Iron Club
  • Water Oni's Iron Club
  • Big Water Oni's Iron Club
  • Big Water Oni God's Iron Club
Shiki-Oni: Bottomless Risui Bottle

A Spell Card of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). She attacks using risui, a special spirit water. The blue oni known as Goki is said to have guarded her master's rear or left side and possessed a bottle that overflowed with spirit water. Goki defended her master from harm while hiding in their shadow.

  • Blue Oni's Risui Bottle
  • Goki's Risui Bottle
  • Yin Oni's Risui Bottle
  • Close-Mouthed Oni's Risui Bottle
  • Left-Side Oni's Risui Bottle
  • Shikigami Kishin's Risui Bottle
Shiki-Oni: Callus Culture Trainee Trunk

A Spell Card of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). She attacks using special seeds she takes out from her trunk. Practitioners of Shugendou all carry trunks on their backs, something that Goki also does. In other words, despite being an oni, Goki must've practiced Shugendou too.

  • Blue Oni's Trunk
  • Goki's Risui Trunk
  • Yin Oni's Risui Trunk
  • Close-Mouthed Oni's Trunk
  • Left-Side Oni's Trunk
  • Shikigami Kishin's Trunk
Mount Omine Cave - Pseudo-Goki

The Last Word of Nitori Kawashiro from the world reborn (a Touhou LW original). She replicates the legendary blue oni shikigami's power. The blue oni, Goki, is shrouded in mystery and is said to be either Zenki's partner or wife, depending on the tale. This is exactly like Ibaraki-Douji's relationship with Shuten-Douji. The oni, tengu, and kappa are said to be the largest three subspecies of youkai, but distinguishing between them has always been a challenge. There are many definitions and origins of oni, with the broadest definition labeling them as any being that lives on after death and that wields mysterious magic or overwhelming power. As it happens, such a definition would include all youkai. In particular, tengu, who are the mysterious nature of the mountains given form, and kappa, who loosely represent death near water, are both youkai who could easily be classified as oni. In essence, the lines between the subspecies of oni, tengu, and kappa were all drawn using the later-devised fields of semiotics and biology, and have no connection to the youkai themselves.Hebo is said to be the progenitor of kappa, and far from being a kishin from the Taoist viewpoint, he's a literal god who accumulates a great deal of faith. These connections are very old, but they were enough for the two-stage shikigami summoning process to succeed.

  • Blue Oni's Protection
  • Goki's Risui Protection
  • Yin Oni's Risui Protection
  • Close-Mouthed Oni's Protection
  • Left-Side Oni's Protection
  • Shikigami Kishin's Protection


Skill: Village's Blue Oni

Oni under the control of others are depicted as small. That's one form of representing a lack of power in a visual way.

Skill: Closed-Mouth Kishin

Blue represents Yin and a close-mouthed pose. Yin and Yang must always be in balance, but what happens when Yin dominates?

Skill: Goki the Shikigami

Goki supported Shugendou's founder. She was less of a shikigami, and more of a disciple.

Passive: Fetching Water
Passive: Surprise Attack Water Oni
Passive: Yakumo-Style Spiritual Pathway Perforation