Utsuho Reiuji


The Tiny Queen's Charcoal Maker

The usual outfit of Okuu from the buried city. She hyper-compresses corpses with the red eye on her chest to make charcoal.

The Tiny Queen's Charcoal Maker
Voice Lines
Temperament: Ijitsu

Ijitsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to an extremely hot summer day. This is an apt temperament for Okuu, who wields vast quantities of energy as a Hell raven that harbors Yatagarasu. Having lived in the Underworld for so long, her temperament has lost connection to the natural order of the Five Phases. Unlike the Okuu of our world, this Okuu has never had the chance to bathe in the sunlight of the surface. As a result, she rejects all of the sky's lights (Sun Essence, Moon Essence, and Star Essence). Furthermore, since part of her work in the Underworld involves managing its energy levels, she is weak against the low-temperature Water Phase.

Ability: Capable of manipulating nuclear fusion (Buried)

The ability of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city (a Touhou LW original). In a perfectly sealed-off world, where nothing but the Underworld exists, Okuu is a little different. She's a Hell raven, and the divine spirit Yatagarasu resides within her. As these youkai spend their lives in the sweltering heat of Hell, her mind and body are highly suited to housing Yatagarasu, a god of the sun. That's the type of youkai Utsuho Reiuji is. However, the Okuu of this world functions as a furnace responsible for the entire Underworld's energy. It's been a long time since she was aware of the divine spirit's presence, but it's not as if she forgot about it. Rather, the divine spirit has embedded itself deep in her consciousness and operates as a part of it. It has become a sort of spiritual organelle. As a result, Okuu tends to think of herself as a sun god and believes that she must light up, warm, and watch over the Underworld... That's right. It can be interpreted as both fatherly and motherly or something different altogether―the faint sense of duty felt by an energy provider. Neither the samsara nor the caverns of the Underworld could be maintained without energy. If Okuu still had her nuclear fusion powers, that may not be a problem, but even stars don't last forever (the smaller the star, the shorter the lifespan). Okuu's body adapted to protect Yatagarasu, whose temperature had begun to fall. But now, a new energy source is needed. No matter how much you dig, it seems there are always more remains of ancient animals and plants to be found. On a whim, Okuu tried exposing them to extreme heat and pressure... and they transformed into oil and coal. But it's strange. In this world, only the buried city exists. So where did all of those fossil-like things come from?


Shooting Star

The Spread Shot of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city. She attacks without meaning to simply by moving. That remains unchanged even though this Okuu barely remembers Yatagarasu's divine spirit. In fact, it's possible that she is less aware of her attacks. However, she knows when she is flying, so perhaps she's not as oblivious as she seems...

  • Star Strike
  • Impostor-Star Strike
  • Replacement-Star Strike
  • Fake-Star Strike
  • Imitation-Star Strike
  • Counterfeit-Star Strike
Shooting Sun

The Focus Shot of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city. She gathers energy into a ball and fires it at the ground. This attack is very much intentional. Okuu may not have a particularly good memory for a youkai, but she appears to possess a good intuition and excel at performing calculations thanks to the way she uses her powerful ability in her work. If you consider the divine spirit inside her as some sort of acquired genius, then it follows that she must be a suitable vessel. However, she has been known to forget the faces of those she knows (or, rather, mistake them for contaminants).

  • Sun Strike
  • Impostor-Sun Strike
  • Replacement-Sun Strike
  • Fake-Sun Strike
  • Imitation-Sun Strike
  • Counterfeit-Sun Strike
Subterranean Sun

A Spell Card of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city. She attacks by scorching her surroundings with a summoned sun. Okuu is capable of drawing out and gathering the Underworld's energy. For this world's Okuu, that has changed into her being able to create fossil fuels. Of course, the real sun contains far more energy than fossil fuels release. But remember, over half of the world's energy is created by burning fossil fuels. This widespread and stable method of generating energy shines like a ray of hope in this world's Underworld.

  • Underworld's New Sun
  • Underworld's Impostor Sun
  • Underworld's Replacement Sun
  • Underworld's Fake Sun
  • Underworld's Imitation Sun
  • Underworld's Counterfeit Sun
Abyss Nova

A Spell Card of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city. She attacks by turning herself into a burning sun. In order to release as much heat as the sun using fossil fuels, it's necessary for her to become a crucible, igniting ever fiercer reactions inside herself. As a Hell raven, her body can withstand the intense heat. She truly is a nova of the abyss.

  • Abyss's Impostor Nova
  • Abyss's Fake Nova
  • Abyss's Counterfeit Nova
  • Abyss's Nova
  • Abyss's Replacement Nova
  • Abyss's Imitation Nova
Central Binary Star

The Last Word of Utsuho Reiuji from the buried city (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by launching the binary star that resides in the heart of the Underworld at her opponents. It's relatively well known that the center of the Earth is hollow and that it contains a star. But not many know that the "star" is actually a pair of stars. But think about it―a binary star being inside the Earth's core elegantly explains the existence of Earth's magnetic field and why the North and South poles periodically switch places, right? It's a tale of romance, like that of Hades and Persephone. Plus, it's estimated that the center of the Earth is roughly the same temperature as the surface of the sun.

  • Underworld's Inner-Core Binary Star
  • Underworld's Small Inner-Core Binary Star
  • Underworld's Medium Inner-Core Binary Star
  • Underworld's Large Inner-Core Binary Star
  • Underworld's Massive Inner-Core Binary Star
  • Underworld's Supermassive Inner-Core Binary Star


Skill: Carbonized Rod

Utsuho's fully carbonized third leg. The thermal energy that passes through this rod reaches incredible temperatures.

Skill: Fission & Fusion

Originally a leg for fission and fusion. It also can be used to artificially create fossil fuels.

Skill: High-Pressure Redeye

A red eye of extreme pressure and temperature. Is this where the great Yatagarasu is?

Passive: Hell's Charcoal Furnace
Passive: Fire Gazer
Passive: Boiled Egg Bento