Byakuren Hijiri


Wheel of Dharma Diva

The usual outfit of Byakuren, the racer. Who wouldn't want a doggo in their sidecar?

Wheel of Dharma Diva
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tsurushi Gumo

Tsurushi Gumo(a Touhou LW original) refers to lenticular clouds that form high in the sky. This is an apt temperament for this Byakuren, who kindly teaches and leads youkai.Her temperament has changed in order for her to survive in the Crazed World. She has developed resistance to Water Phase to combat drought and resistance to Earth Phase to combat the barren nature of the land.

Ability: Capable of using magic (specializing in increasing physical ability) (Crazed)

The ability of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer (a Touhou LW original). In the world brimming with heat and madness, its denizens use ultra-long-distance races to determine the outcome of battles. Byakuren's ability doesn't appear to have changed much, but the way in which she conducts battles of bullets has changed drastically.This world's Byakuren participates in races on a motorcycle. You may not think racing suits a monk like her, but virtuous priests have been embarking on dangerous, long-distance journeys since long ago. They travel to learn the newest teachings and scriptures, to spread Buddhism, and to train. That was the case for Xuanzang, Kuukai, and Saicho, and it is now the case for Byakuren. She wants to win races to create a place where the youkai can live in peace.This world's Gensokyo is as large as a continent and is mainly comprised of barren wasteland. While it does contain some wetlands and snow-covered regions, the land on which you can live comfortably is limited, and the natural resources are spread far apart. The state of this world's Gensokyo implies that something truly terrible must have happened in the outside world. It would be nice to learn the truth of the matter, but the inhabitants of this Gensokyo don't seem all that interested.This world's Byakuren rides a motorcycle called Vimana Gear-Up, or Vimana for short. It has a retro design with a sidecar whose wheel also spins, making the motorcycle two-wheel drive. It's powered by a Prayer Wheel Engine, which originally accumulated merit whenever it span thanks to the sutra scroll inside. Now, however, it does the opposite: feeding it merit makes it spin. It's thought that the engine houses her Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll. Since the engine, which has a capacity of around 750cc, runs on Byakuren's own merit, she has to replenish her merit by performing good deeds and praying. The motorcycle was named after Vimana, a flying palace that appears in a handful of epic poems written in Sanskrit. The palace once became the property of Kubera, the god of wealth. Byakuren's motorcycle was likely named Vimana as a result of the syncretization of the flying palace, Prabhutaratna's flying pagoda, and the Flying Storehouse that appears in the Shigisan Engi Emaki. Considering the background of Shou Toramaru (one of Byakuren's disciples), it's even possible that some of the treasures from the palace were used to build the motorcycle.This world's Byakuren has a golden retriever named Shiun. When Byakuren found him, he was inches from death, but she nursed him back to health, and now, he's her full-fledged race partner. He's friendly and loves humans but can be a little persistent. He seems to possess some kind of mysterious sixth sense, and his favorite food is sweet potatoes. The Myouren Temple girls suggested calling him Joon, but that idea was rejected since Shiun's a boy.


Indra's Thunder

The Spread Shot of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer. She shoots magic lightning in this attack. Indra, also known as Sakra, is a protector of Buddhism. Often depicted as heroic, he's believed to be a god of heaven, thunder, and war. Gods that protect Buddhism do so by defending its teachings and enforcing its laws. They also watch over those who walk the path of Buddhism. Buddhism is often thought of as calm and peaceful, but its history is rife with trouble and war. This is one of the religions whose followers fight bravely to defend their beliefs. This explains why some Buddhist monks are skilled in martial arts and the use of non-bladed weapons.

  • Indra's Thunder
  • Indra's Lightning
  • Indra's Thunderbolt
  • Indra's Lightning Strike
  • Indra's Thunderclap
  • Indra's Thunderous Roar
Silver Skyway

The Focus Shot of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer. She drives around on her motorcycle in this attack. Considering her connection to the Flying Storehouse, Byakuren is no stranger to flying vehicles. Flying vehicles commonly appear in Buddhist legends in response to people's prayers, just as they do in legends from all religions. Flying pagodas are one example of such a ''vehicle,'' with the story of Prabhutaratna, in particular, strongly resembling an encounter with a UFO.

  • Turbo Drive
  • Low-Pressure Turbo Drive
  • Twin Turbo Drive
  • VG Turbo Drive
  • EA Turbo Drive
  • TW Turbo Drive
Off-Road Turbo Air Turn

A Spell Card of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer (a Touhou LW original). She speeds down an off-road path. Paths are not necessarily pre-determined. Wherever you walk, the ground behind you becomes the path you've taken. What's important is that you keep moving forward, free from doubt. Perhaps this Spell Card is known as Highway Turbo Air Turn in another world.

  • Rough Terrain Turbo Air Turn
  • Swampland Turbo Air Turn
  • Marshland Turbo Air Turn
  • Wasteland Turbo Air Turn
  • Desert Turbo Air Turn
  • Rocky Terrain Turbo Air Turn
Byakuren Hijiri - Death Road to Enlightenment

A Spell Card of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer (a Touhou LW original). She speeds down an off-road path. After a certain event, Byakuren began to fear death and so became an immortal magician. Specializing in magic that increases her physical abilities, Byakuren's strengthened body is now somewhat resistant to death. She should perhaps be known as the macho magician, but her followers see her as a young, kind, and beautiful nun. Being a magician sure has its perks, doesn't it? Perhaps this Spell Card is known as Turbo Granny Rides for Her Life in another world.

  • Journey Down the Evil Path
  • Journey Down the Unholy Path
  • Journey Down the Reverse Path
  • Journey Down the Heretical Path
  • Journey Down the Blasphemous Path
  • Journey Down the Empty Path
Sky-Cruising Vimana

The Last Word of Byakuren Hijiri, the racer (a Touhou LW original). She delivers a decisive blow together with her beloved motorcycle, Vimana. All that is sacred and holy flies high in the sky. This includes Byakuren and Vimana. In order to guide those that follow, you need to be able to make yourself visible from up high. This goes for military expeditions, religions, and the lives of all living creatures. Buddha-nature resides in every being, and even youkai will one day attain Buddhahood. This is why so many of them take the appearance of young Buddhist monks (kozou) and Buddhist priests (nyuudou), such as the hitotsume-kozou or the mikoshi nyuudou.

  • Flying Motorcycle Laser
  • Flying Saucer Laser
  • Flying Ship Laser
  • Flying House Laser
  • Flying Pagoda Laser
  • Flying Palace Laser


Skill: Full Throttle

Slam the pedal, and overtake 'em all! Calculated driving is the key to victory.

Skill: Burnout

The tires are smoking! Apparently, the more the tires melt, the more grip they provide.

Skill: Drifting

Drifting with a sidecar attached is tough, but not for a superhuman.

Passive: Prayer Wheel Engine
Passive: Buddhist Heat Resistant Design
Passive: Armored Exterior